Mike Reviews: Only Mostly Devastated By Sophie Gonzales

Themes: LGBT/Romance/Drama/YA

Olie and Will meet during summer vacation and have a summer romance, with promises to stay in touch after the summer’s over.

Olie, A Californian native is on vacation in North Carolina because his aunt is sick and they need help taking care of Olie’s cousins. Once the summer is over, it’s Olie’s understanding that his family will be returning to Calfornia.

However, due to a family emergency, Ollie, along with his family, is uprooted from his home in San Diego, California, and enrolled at a new school across the country, in North Carolina.

Olie mind’s the big move a little less when he finds out he’ll be attending the same school as Will.

However, not for lack of trying, Olie cannot seem to get in touch with Will. Will’s returning none of his calls or text messages.

When Olie starts his new school he soon comes to discover that this Will isn’t the same sweet, confident, queer Will that Olie met over the summer. This Will is still in the closet and a bit of a class clown.

We follow Olie as he struggles with what to do about Will, who can’t seem to make his mind up about the type of life he wants. We meet some of Olie’s new friends, who bring them their own issues and dilemmas, along the way.

I enjoyed this one. Nothing amazing, but it was quite a fun read. I like that the characters have their flaws, but nothing too serious. And I think it might have sugar coated some of the hostility LGBT teens have to deal with in North Carolina high schools. At least from what I have learned. Maybe I’m mistaken, and perhaps an NC native could paint me a better picture of what life is like for NC students, today. But I just felt that there was no real hostility or bullying present in the story. Perhaps I’ve just been reading too much drama recently.

You’ll find nothing unique about this story. It’s not breaking any boundaries or coming up with new concepts. But I had fun reading it anyway. If you’re looking for something sweet, simple and engaging, check it out.

Goodreads rating: 4.03

Mike’s rating: 3.7

Page count: 288

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