Disclaimer: Jingle bells, Santa smells, Easter is on the way. The Easter Bunny looks so funny, throwing eggs away. Hey! Obviously the preceding words aren’t true, and neither are the words assigned to the celebrity above. Now if they had Candy Cane coloured and flavoured Com-Doms, they might be on to something. Everyone should ask Santa for a variety of Com-Doms in their stocking. Hmm is Santa real, because if he is than the words above might be true as well. Of course, none of these words are probably true, but you never know. Hmm, I can just see it now a Christmas Tree covered in Com-Doms instead of ornaments. What a wonderful site to see! Make sure that your joy stick is covered before you dip it! Eggnog topped with Brandy and Rum, lip smackin!
Disclaimer Courtesy of: The Story lover
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