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#1 – December 16th, 1965…James Lord Pierpoint’s holiday song, “Jingle Bells”, became the very first song ever played in outer space! Even though, the original song was written to celebrate Thanksgiving…it has become one of the quintessential Christmas songs all over the globe.

#2 – At a whopping 285.8 MILLION dollars…the movie, “Home Alone”, still remains the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time! Followed by “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Polar Express”! (Also awesome movies, if you’ve never seen them! Hehehe!)

#3 – In the Ukraine, many Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments that look like giant SPIDERS in the center of a web! Gah! ::Shivers:: It’s to represent an old mythical tale where spiders used their webs to decorate the tree of the poor and unfortunate family, consisting of a young widow and her children.

#4 – The very first Christmas story that I ever wrote, “2 Below”, probably brought more devoted, long time, Shackers to the website than any other at that time. My second Christmas story, “Holiday Rush”, had a very similar effect. I guess the holidays put us all in a good mood! 🙂

#5 – Using ‘tinsel’ to decorate your tree used to be an extremely expensive activity, and was seen as a status symbol in Germany during the 1600’s. The strands were made of real silver, and were used to reflect the light of actual candles. Not something that you can necessarily expect to find at your local Walmart! 😛

#6 – If you have a real Christmas tree…instead of throwing it in the trash after the holidays, you can actually donate it to a nearby zoo to feed the elephants! They actually enjoy feasting on evergreen trees as a snack. So it can be a merry Christmas for them too…instead of just extra work for the garbage man!

#7 – If you gave ALL of the presents that are listed in the “12 Days Of Christmas” song…they would add up to 364 presents in total! EVERY year! That sounds…ummmm…expensive! Hehehe!

#8 – What was the largest Christmas present ever given in recorded history? It’s the Statue Of Liberty! Given to the United States by France in 1886, it weight 225 tons, and stands 150 feet tall…it is regarded as the biggest holiday gift that has ever been given. THANKS, France! 😀

#9 – Christmas trees were actually NOT accepted in America originally! :O The tradition was brought to the states by German settlers, and it was viewed as a Pagan ritual that was a blasphemy against the Christian religion. Sighhhh….so stupid.

#10 – Most of the big traditions and characters that we normally celebrate for the Christmas holiday? They were created by a man named Washington Irving. Who is that? It’s the guy who wrote “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow”! Yes, the Halloween horror story with the headless horseman! So…just remember that your warm and fuzzy Christmas feelings come with a touch of horror when you’re sitting by the fireplace! Hehehe!

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