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Hi Everyone!

This month I got a question from a reader that is going to take more than just me to answer. I tried to get everyone on staff to respond but, that isn’t always possible. I tried Trevor, I swear 😉 So without any other distractions and stuff, I’m just gonna jump right into it…


Trevor D. Writes: Hi Matt! Imagine Magazine has some really cool covers. I mean they look like stuff you would expect to see in print. I’d like to know what your favourite cover is. If it would be ok, I’d actually like to ask everyone on staff, even the guys who make them. I guess for them it would be what their favourite one they did and what their favorite from someone else is. For me, I like the Halloween covers. My favourite is issue 53 but, I really do like issue 14 cause it ties to Gone From Daylight which is the best vampire story ever written IMO.


Matt’s Reply: Oh man, I totally agree. I mean of course I love issue 44 because it’s all ME! <giggle> But I do have an actual favorite. Actually, it’s one that I uncontrollably drool over and have to stare at every time I see it. Issue 67 from last Christmas. I mean the photoshoot for that was nuts and Jeff had to replace absolutely everything in it to make it as awesome as it is but, OMG that dude in the folding chair with the winter hat, without his shirt and those jeans… OMG those jeans and what secrets they keep! He’s got his arms out like he wants to hug me, hehehe! That’s how I imagine it. Don’t judge, he’s HOT! I’m such a perv, hehehe!


The Story Lover’s Reply: Greetings Matt,

Before I get into which cover(s) is my favourite, I am going to give a short lesson on how the covers are put together.

Usually, a character image is chosen, resized to fit, any necessary modifications made, missing limbs, hair/eye colour whatever is needed. These modifications are normally done by Jeff P. and Myke D.

Then a background image is chosen to fit the character image and the month’s theme.

Next, the character image is carefully placed on the background in just the right place; leaving room for the authors, stories, and other info.

Now we are on to the heavy lifting part, and that is theming the Imagine Logo. The special effects, the text colours, and sometimes even the placement. Not to forget the placing of Matt Imagines mascot.

The fun part is next, choosing the font, the colours, and the placement for all of the necessary info.

Once that is all done, then the cover gets sent to Comsie for his final approval.

Now, you are asking how is it that TSL knows all this, simple really, Jeff and Myke let me watch most of the covers being created. That is a lot of fun, and it is amazing at times. Jeff P. and Myke D. are astonishingly good Graphics artistes!

Drumroll please, my favourite cover has to be Volume 64, overall the entirety of the cover is simply astounding! It is a perfect example of the whole being better than the sum of its parts. Everything and nothing stands out by itself, everything is absolutely perfect. Of course, I have to be honest, the cover model has gorgeous eyes that seem to be looking into your eyes.

My second choice is Volume 68, again everything flows together perfectly, especially the eyes. I also got a big kick out of Matt starting a snowball fight!

That brings us to the awesome tongue-in-cheek cover for Volume 69, perfectly apropos for that volume number.

My rambling is over,

The Story Lover


JeffsFort’s Reply: Hi Matt! Hi Trevor! To be honest, I can’t answer this one as just a “One of mine and one of someone else’s” and be fair. There have been four people to actually create covers from start to finish for Imagine Magazine to the best of my knowledge. Myself, Turtleboy, ACFan, and of course Myke D. Each person has brought something to the overall character of what the magazine is today and I have favorites from each.

Turtleboy: Of all the people who have created covers, I think his captured the “Tabloid” style that IM was originally intended to portray the best. (Which makes sense since he spearheaded the project.) His captions look like something you would see on the cover of a real “in print” magazine which is something I just have not been able to recapture with any of my covers. I want to say that my favorite of his covers is issue 25 as it is simple yet creative but, my overall favorite is issue 19. It incorporates a little extra attention to the Logo and to me is just cool looking, which I’m all about 🙂

ACFan: AC has a real unique take on how to put together the graphics for a cover. He’s done a couple and they are both great. My favorite would have to be Issue 44 with the only cover to feature Matt as the primary model. It bridges reality with the fantasy that is IM in a bright and fun way.

Myke D.: I’m not going to lie, I love his covers. Partly because I was happy to share in creating them to keep them from getting “stale” but also because his covers have so many layers that if you know what you are looking at, and what it takes to accomplish what he has done, you know how much creativity he put into it. So far issue 76 is my favorite for overall look. He keeps trying to give me credit for work on that one but, he did the lion’s share.

Of mine, it’s hard to pick because each of them was a milestone for me and most had something about them that made them special. Learning to do something new, surprising myself with something I wasn’t sure I could accomplish… there is so much that goes into a cover normally but most of it will go unnoticed, which is what you hope for if it is going to be successful. But for overall look considering the amount of manipulation that was required to create it, I am happiest with issue 59. (72 is a close runner-up just because. LOL!)

Oh, almost forgot issue 51 which was all Comsie so… that one for him 😀


Myke’s Reply: That is a very tough question! Trevor wants us to pick favorites? Crap. . .

ACFan: I’m going to have to say #44. No reason, I just like it alot!

Turtleboy: Volume #3 pants down! I mean. . . errrr hands down!

Jeff: For Jeff, my favorite is #63. It was an awesome challenge for Jeff to make that cover. He took a model’s picture where the hands were cropped out and not only drew the hands in, but also added the model holding a magazine issue. I can only hope to ever be that good!

Jeff and Myke: #76 I’m throwing this one in here because it is one that Jeff and myself worked on together to complete and the final version turned out much better than I had expected. I had even considered scrapping the idea for the background at one point just because it was a ton of work! I’m very happy with the way it turned out!

As for my own favorite cover? That would have to be #68, my first cover for the magazine! I feel like it will always be one of my best works and none of my others can compare to it! I worked on it for hours, just to get it right!


Comicality’s Reply: “Hiya, Matt! So good to see that you’re still having fun with us here at Imagine! You’ve been a treasure to have around! And my goodness…you’re getting tall these days! ::Ruffles Hair::

Geez, you know…going all the way back to the very beginning, it’s extremely hard for me to pic my favorite covers out of sooooo many good ones! Every last one of them has their own particular charm, you know? So I’m going to try to narrow my selections down to my top five! Hmmmm…let’s see here…

I’d say…Issue #65 (Being the big Halloween freak that I am…that one was perfect!), Issue #50 with all of the previous covers in the background…which was a brilliant idea in itself! What else? Issue #39, our big reboot cover, and return to online! Issue #27…because, Levi Miller! Ugh, my heart! And Issue #61 for the sake of a lazy Summer! Hehehe, not that I don’t enjoy seeing you get chased around the office by a mad turkey!

That was harder than I thought it would be! Great job on the covers you guys! For a non-commercial, absolutely FREE, magazine…I think we look pretty damn good! So thanks for all of your hard work and tireless dedication! You make this place shine, and I love ya for it!”


There you go Trevor, I actually learned that each of these guys has a different view when it comes to what makes each cover special. Comsie is totally right, it’s extra special because so many of these guys put a ton of work into it, just for us and for no other reason! I mean, they have been for many years in most cases, which is so cool… and a little bit crazy! <giggle> Thanks for a very cool email and a sweet personal letter too 😉 Thanks to all of the staff for taking a few minutes to pick out their favs and even explain why, That was really sweet. We need more staff interaction I think.

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

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