Now, as much as I wanted to see the new “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” movie on opening night…I did not get the chance! But I’ve always been a huge Ghostbusters fan since I was a kid, and this just looks like it recaptures bits and pieces of that good ol’ 80’s magic! And that is EXACTLY what I was looking for!

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I’m a big fan of Paul Rudd, and a big fan of Finn Wolfhard as well…but I’m hearing that one of the big stand outs in the film was actually a young actor by the name of Logan Kim! Who is apparently just beginning his acting career, but is sure to take off soon if he keeps nabbing roles like this one.

While no exact location has been made public as of yet, Logan Kim (Born Logan Kimchi), is from the US, and was lucky enough to snag his role in the major movie as the character ‘Podcast’…which he calls himself because…of his podcast. Hehehe! What can I say? It makes perfect sense to me.

When asked how he felt when he first found out that he got the part, Logan says, “Well…I remember being in my living room…and my parents were getting called by my manager…” Logan says. “And we screamed and ran around the whole house. My dad was having the most fun with it. We just had a lot of fun screaming for like, I’d say, about five minutes, I’d say?”

Already, Logan is becoming a popular actor to look out for, with thousands of fans flocking to his social media sites in droves. And thousands more signing up all the time. While he’s been rather low key on social sites so far, mostly because he was focused on the post production of the movie and the following promotion tour…it’s pretty certain that he will be getting back to reaching out to his fans and connecting with them as often as possible in the new year between projects. Something I’m sure that all of them will be waiting for with baited breath.

He’s already grown up quite a bit since filming the Ghostbusters flick back in 2019, but delayed a number of times due to the pandemic and studio red tape, I’m sure. And the growth spurt looks good on him! No doubt the girls will be chasing him around soon…with a few choice boys peeking out of the corner of their eyes too. I know that I would. Hehehe!

Charismatic AND cute? Where do I sign up? 😛

Logan seems to be really impressed with the director using a lot of practical effects in the movie. A huge honor since he was such a huge fan of the very first movie. He appreciated the refreshing change in a current world of movie CGI and digital tricks. Plus he seemed to be super happy that on his very first day of shooting, despite the flurry of butterflies in his stomach, he got to ride around and blow stuff up! Hehehe, which…I mean, who wouldn’t love that? Not just teenagers either!

If I thought I could get away with riding around town and blowing shit up right NOW, I’d already be reaching for my car keys! Maybe that’s not a good thing. 😛

Either way…cheers to a brand new cutie on the rise! If this is how his acting career STARTS…just imagine what it’ll be a few years down the road! Keep your head up, stay beautiful, and avoid the bad stuff, Logan Kimchi! Great rewards are waiting for you at the end of the rainbow! “Ghostbusters” sequel maybe??? Hehehe, just throwing that out there! 🙂
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