Coming right out of Houston, Texas…our lovely Imagine centerfold boy for this month has more incredible talents than you can shake a stick at! Jesus, he’s been a busy kid…that’s for sure!

Modeling, acting, dancing, skateboarding, comedy, swimming, horseback riding, music…and he’s pretty good with a fencing sword as well! Also plays baseball, tennis, soccer, does some mountain bike riding, and is bilingual in both English and Spanish! And then he still has school work and drama camp to deal with! To say that Lucas Negron is a jack of all trades would be a severe understatement!

While it looks like a great deal of his film acting career has either been in commercial ads or short films so far, he has a rather extensive resume concerning his work on stage. This beauty has been in a number of theater presentations, like “It’s Summer Play”, “Camp”, and “Lucy Dao”. And there’s something called “The Further Adventures Of Young Sherlock Holmes And Watson”…which already sounds awesome from the title alone! Hehehe!

“Washington’s Armor” was a TV show that he was a big part of, and was able to grab lead roles in short films like “Make Yourself At Home”, “Wonder London”, “Sneak Snuck Snack”, “Hunger For Knowledge”, “These Hands Were Made For Knocking”…and now will be playing the lead in the movie “Country Boys At Summer’s End” in the near future! A feature film, that I’m sure he’ll be great in from what little I’ve seen from him so far.

Who knows? He might end up being one of the next great child actors of our time. It would be interesting to see.

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I would like to see Lucas get bigger roles in future films in the future. There’s a certain ‘natural’ quality to him that sort of shines when you see him on screen. It’s hard to explain. I guess it’s just a certain ‘X-factor’…and he can definitely use that to his advantage.

That, along with his myriad of varied other talents, can take him a long way both on film and on stage if given the chance. Not to mention the fact that he has ‘teen heartthrob’ written all over him! LOL! The second the young girls (and guys) get a good look at those bright blue eyes and pretty face…there will be harsh crushes and infatuations all around! Hehehe!

Like I always say…where were these boys when I was in high school? I was already boy crazy at that age, but I swear that the angels above are making them more and more beautiful by the day! It’s almost like they’re wrecking the beauty curve for everybody else! It’s just not fair, I tell you! >:O

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Wishing you all the best on a blossoming and promising career, Lucas! Show them what you’re made of! And maybe we’ll be hearing more about your successes in the future! I look forward to it, dude! And I’m sure you are too! 🙂 Stay beautiful!

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