Mike Reviews: Broadcast By Liam Brown

Themes: Sci-Fi/Horror

Format: Audiobook (also available on Kindle, and paperback).

Well this one was a bit of a surprise. It just kept getting better and better as I listened through the book. It started out a little slow, as it set the story up, but by the first couple of chapters in, I was intrigued. By the last third, I was hooked and listened to it to completion because I didn’t want to pause the book.

There were some familiar sci-fi elements in the story, I got some Matrix, Black Mirror and Twilight Zone vibes. But it was cleverly melded together to make something new and entertaining.

The plot unfolds as follows; a popular Youtube video blogger, David Callow is offered the chance, by a company called MindCast, to be the first person in the world to try out a new piece of technology.

The technology enables the wearer to share their very own thoughts and feelings to the whole world. Giving viewers an unparralleled look into their own lives. Forget books, photos and videos, sharing your own mind is the “next big thing”, at least if the owner of this company has his way.

David agrees to try out this new device and immediately becomes a huge viral sensation. People all around the world know his name and face. Half a billion people tune in at any given time, to watch him.

But soon enough David becomes aware of the downside of sharing his every thought with the world.

Eventually David changes his mind about being a tech guinea pig and tries to have the technology removed from him, but he finds this to be much more challenging tas to do than he could have imagined.

If you enjoy dark twisty sci-fi stories that also delve into horror themes, then you’ll probably really enjoy this one.

Personally, I’ve long been a fan of sci-fi shows like Black Mirror and Twilight Zone, etc, so this one was right up my alley.

My only real critique is the length of the story. I really like long reads, but this one was a 6 hour listen. Although probably just the right length for this.

Page count: 288

Goodreads rating: 3.5

Mike’s rating: 4.2

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