San Francisco to Helsinki:  Colder


Mason – San Francisco

We’ve been riveted to the TV all night!  Ya know, it is so-o unbelievable seeing this!  Jimmy has been cuddled up to me so tight through this whole thing that I think he’s leaving a red mark all the way up my left side! I hold him close, though, because he’s scared. To be honest, I am too.  I haven’t known them as long as Jimmy has, but I’ve grown very attached to Snowflake and Brian.  They are the first Gay couple I’ve ever really looked up to and they are the model Jimmy and I try to follow in our relationship.  We have the love, that’s for sure, but what I look to in SnowBri (my nickname for them, hehehe) is their tremendous strength!  Together they seem to make this one superhuman being! Sort of like Voltron or something.  Me and my brother, Dixon, used to sit like, Jimmy and I are doing right now, watching Voltron together under one blanket while eating popcorn. I know there doesn’t seem to be a connection, but there is, really.  I sit now watching this TV with Jimmy like I used to watch Voltron with Dixon. The thing I always loved about Voltron was that the five lion-riders had to come together and work together like a team to make Voltron come alive.  The strength of Voltron was the sum of its parts with five heroic souls piloting him.

Jimmy and I are watching Snowflake and Brian being interviewed and we see Brian in his wheelchair and we know what’s happened to him, but I’m hoping, together with Snowflake, they can make a more powerful whole from their heroic parts.  I hope this because the reports are saying that the Russians want them extradited to Russia to stand trial in some kangaroo-court on the charge of homicide!  I looked it up and the Russians have restarted executions of foreigners convicted of crimes against the NUSSR! So far, the US and Chinese officials have not given in to these demands, but the Russian Premier, Putonovitch, wants a high profile example made of our beloved couple! Not just because they ‘murdered’ a Russian citizen, but because they’re also Gay!  It boggles my mind that such a thing could even be possible in this day and age!  I thought we were all beyond that, but no . . . not so much, I guess.

“Oh, Jesus on a Sunday, Mazzie!  I should be ovah theyah tryin’ to hep’em out!  They’s all gonna get done snatched up and away!  ~sob~ Wh-what cannah do-o!”  Jimmy starts up the water-works again and I tilt his baby-soft dark silky head of hair on my shoulder and try to hold him tighter if that’s even possible.  I immediately feel the instant fatigue in my poor shoulder the minute he lays his head there, but I bear it with all the might I can muster!  If I can’t do anything else, at least let me comfort my sweet baby and help get him through this.  Give me strength for that, at least.

Jimmy’s heart is bigger than all outdoors, but it breaks easily and this situation doesn’t sound very good to me.  I tell him the comforting words like ‘they’ll be alright,’ etc., but the truth is, I can’t know that.  This has become a world tensing international incident.  It’s a powder keg over there in Northeastern Europe and the Russians are sparring for a fight.  This SnowBri craziness could actually set off that bomb and start something big.  Would the US not prevent that if it meant only giving one American and one Finn on a work visa up to the Russians?  In the math, it really doesn’t make for a good result for my two heroes, does it?

“I don’t think us going over there would be much help, Sweetheart. Besides, they’re pretty well guarded against what Brian said in his last Skype to us.  I think we’d just complicate things, especially, um ~cough cough~, uh . . .” I’m starting to cough again. I start that when I get nervous these days. This cough has hung on longer than some of the others, but it’s been colder this winter and I always get a touch of the sniffles in cold weather, even in San Francisco.

“You want summa you’re all cough medicine, Shugah?” Jimmy slowly glides his hands up and down my back to ease my breathing.  I’m wheezing again! When will this ever give up, I swear?

“No, Jimmy. I’ll be ~grunt~ ok in a few. Just have to calm down a bit. All this talk about flying over to Finland to somehow help Brian and Snowflake is making me a bit nervous. I . . . don’t think I can make it, you know?” I look up into Jimmy’s eyes and see the renewed concern there. It’s only a sniffle, but I don’t want it to get worse. I don’t want to end up in the hospital again like last time.

“Shugah, you worryin’ me, Baby! This thing keeps going on and on and don’t look like it’s slowin’ down none!” Goddammit, I don’t want this! Jimmy’s got enough on his plate worrying about those two! He shouldn’t have to worry about me too! For God’s sake!

“~sigh~ I’ll be fine when it warms up, Sweetie! You know how I get. We probably should go down to Mexico rather than to freaking Finland! It’s at least warm down there, heh.” I smile at my sweet, sweet boy and he rolls his eyes, laughs, and kisses me on the cheek. I love him. God, how I love him! I love him SO much it hurts!

Jimmy is everything to me! I’d suggest he leave me here with Vic and Kris and go off after SnowBri himself, but I know he wouldn’t dare leave my side. Since that day we met in Las Vegas we’ve been practically inseparable and, you know, I haven’t regretted a SINGLE moment of it! How on earth did I land this treasure on my VERY FIRST TRY? The odds were absolutely astronomical! Dixon is, like, tired of hearing me thank him over and over for bringing me to that weird sideshow of a gay Vegas nightclub. It would have been the very last place on earth I would have ever found myself. I’ve known about my orientation since I was eleven years old, but I really had no intention of doing anything about it. The faith forbade such things. It wasn’t until Dixon came out, and braved the ire of our family to do it, that I had the courage to even think about coming out.  With two sons hanging that way my parents had to rethink a thing or two. They knew that they’d done everything ‘right,’ according to the LDS playbook, but still, we were what we were. All they knew was that they weren’t going to do what some extremist LDS parents and community members had done in the past: they weren’t going to abandon us and cast us out. They had faith in God that this was the way He wanted things and NO amount of church pressure was going to change that. They caught a lot of flack from our local branch church for their decision, but it quickly changed its tune as many other young people stopped coming to church in protest of how our family was being treated. It was causing too much of a stink and stinks scare away new missions and thus new money. Our church branch quieted down, just like the rest of the Church. Dixon and I come back to Ogden as freaking heroes most the time and there’s always a pool party when we come into town! You should have seen how they took to Jimmy! Jimmy could have had all the sex he wanted . . . If I hadn’t been there to thwart their plans for him! Hehehehe!

Anyway, my parents are saints! I love them to death! I love to the death those that love me. I would give up my life for them! That includes Jimmy too, but I won’t do it this way. I won’t try to make a flight to a very cold place and end up adding to Jimmy’s misery by being in the hospital over there while he’s trying to see SnowBri.

“Have some faith, Sweetness.  Things always work out for those two.  They’re like magic, you know that.”  Jimmy’s tears dry and I crane over to kiss him gently on the lips.  He returns my kiss with that sweetness of his and we do that for a long time, I suppose.  The next thing I remember is waking up in his arms with him doing that cute little purring snore he does when he sleeps.  That sound usually puts me right back out, but it doesn’t have that effect on me at the moment.  Cuddled up to me like he is, I can feel that he’s hard and then I realize, again, that it’s been a while.  I figure it might be just the thing to cheer my horny honey up waking him up this way.

Jimmy tends to wear loose sweats when we’re lounging and they are unusual in that they have a zipper fly along with a draw-string.  I slowly undo his draw-string which loosens the sizable tent he is making in his sweats.  I then slowly unzip him and that is all that is needed to set him springing free! Out in the relatively cooler air of the room, with nothing but the bluish light of the glaring LCD flatscreen shining on it, Jimmy’s gorgeously sculpted, circumcised penis throbs a bit and the succulent mushroom cap swells and gets a little pinker.  Oh, his member is SO cute, just like the rest of Jimmy!  His was my first and, hopefully, will be my last if we spend our lives together like I hope we will.

Ever so gently, I take a grip of the base of his sex and feel its throbbing warmth.  Jimmy gets so hard! I suppose I do too, but, for some reason feeling another boy’s is different.  His seems to get so much harder than mine does!  I suppose feeling someone else up will always be fascinating to me.  Never having done it before Jimmy, I had no idea what I was missing. I couldn’t do it with my brother, naturally. That would have been even weirder for us than just coming out to one another (which we did eventually).  I slowly stroke Jimmy up and down his shaft a couple of times.  He rewards me with a sleepy moan and a subtle pump from his hips.  Now, I can no longer wait.

Feeling him in my hand for the first time was one thing, but the taste of him, when I first had that honor, brought me to some new level of pleasure I’d never expected.  It is a pleasure I savor as many times as I possibly can.  So, I do so now and bend down and begin slowing licking the side of his member up and then down tasting every inch.  He is sweet and he is salty and he is musky and he is Jimmy and he tastes of the one I love most in the world.  Tasting him I feel myself prove myself wrong about my own body.  I get painfully hard and feel the need to pull myself out so that I can be free too.

Jimmy, still in his sleep, whimpers, and shifts under me obviously feeling my tongue’s warm rasping touch.  His sexy fussing gets a little more intense as I stop with his shaft and begin the licking of his beautiful pink mushroom.  He flinches a bit in his sleep and then I feel his love pulse once and reward me with a dewdrop of precum.  His mushroom swells a bit more and I know it’s time!

Slowly I engulf him with my mouth and suck him in softly.  I feel his throbbing intensify as I feel his heartbeat in my mouth.  I pull up slowly as I suck being sure to keep my tongue planted firmly under the base of his manhood.  Jimmy groans loud in his sleep and rolls his hips sexually as I begin my bobbing and sucking.  I taste his sweet and bitter juices leak onto my tongue as I pull and push him in and out of my mouth.

“Mmmm-muh! Oh yeaaah.  Oh ffff . . .” Jimmy starts moaning things and mumbling sexy sounds that nearly set me off and I’m not even touching myself!  He tastes so good and I can feel my saliva increase and drool down his shaft and around his cute little nuts!

I feel fingers gently feather through my hair and tousle it in slow swirls.  My hair will be even more of a wreck after this than it is already!  I might just gel it in place like this to remember tonight for a while!

“Ooooo, Mazzie! Shugah! Whatchy’all doin’! Oh my Gawwwd! ”  Jimmy awakes just in the way I’d hoped he would and by his pants, whimpers, and sighs I know I did it just right!  He sounds so cute and hazy when he first wakes up.  It just makes me pump faster!

“UNGH! Jezzus on a cracker, boy! W-wait! Sl-slow down! Oh FUCK!”  Jimmy sits up and tries to hold my head still because I can taste and feel how close he is.  Unfortunately, I get a little too excited and I go down on him a bit too far.  I start to cough and choke. Oh, please no! Not right now!

I have to break off as I start to hack up my stupid lungs! I wish this stuff would just GET OUT of me! Why do I always get like this when it gets colder? It’s just not FAIR!

“Mason, hunny!  Slow down, take deep breaths!  Y’all are turnin’ purple! I’m so sorry!”  Jimmy gets on the floor with me and hugs me close trying to somehow calm my hacking with his hug.  Strangely enough, it works as the gag reflex settles down and I finally stop coughing to the point of wanting to throw up.

He holds me still for a few minutes until my breath comes back.  He releases me and quickly goes into the kitchen medicine cabinet and gets my inhaler.  How mortifying!  I’m trying to give Jimmy the blowjob wakeup call of his life and I end up on the floor drowning in my own phlegm.  Real romantic, Mason!

I reluctantly take a puff on the damned inhaler and everything finally settles back down, though the medicine has started my heart racing.  Just shoot me now! I wanted my heart to race for completely different reasons!

But, Jimmy wraps himself around me on the floor, arms and legs and all, and just starts rocking me back and forth.  He starts humming some song that sounds very Southern, but oh so beautiful.  A lot of soul is in it and while my breathing and heart slow, it’s like I can see Spanish moss-laden trees and tall grass and big magnolia flowers.  Jimmy’s soul comes out in that little bit of a song and for a moment I sit there completely hypnotized feeling the vibration in his chest as he hums. He rests his chin on my head as he finishes.  At the moment, the feeling of love in me is so strong I’m fit to burst!  Instead, I start to cry.

“Oh, Heavens on Fire! Whattsa’ mattah now?”  Jimmy gently turns me around to face him.  For some reason, I can’t bear to look up into his bright green eyes.  I feel that if I do, I’ll fall into them and drown.  But, he lifts my chin and fixes me with them anyway. Jimmy’s eyes are the most beautiful things in the world!  They look lit by the soft light in the room like two green jewels with a little sunlight coming through them.  A color like the sun through new spring leaves on an apple tree!  I barely notice that I’ve gasped and that I am holding my breath.

“What’s up? Whatcha’ lookin’ at, Baby?”  Jimmy’s questioning face shows the natural innocence and openness there.  Doesn’t he know how mesmerizing he is?  He has no idea, does he?

I look into his eyes and I see the truth of our love there. Something I’d never felt before.  A feeling like I could never make a fool of myself in front of him no matter how hard I try.  Tonight, I’ve got nothing to lose being honest with him. Even if this were my last night on earth, I’d want him to know how much he means to me!

“Y-you are so-o beautiful, James McVee.  You’ll never know how much until you’ve seen you through my eyes!”  With that, I reach behind his head and kiss him hard on those beautifully full, pink, succulent lips.  At that moment, I feel weightless and no ill can touch me.  I’m light as a feather and I’m so in love!  In our kiss, we lay down on the floor, him on top of me, and we find ourselves grinding our bare sexes together, both of us still pretty much in our jammies.

He sits up and slides my bottoms off making me naked and exposed to him in such a lovely, naughty way.  He pulls his t-shirt off and I see his pretty pert pink little nipples on his well-defined chest.  Brian isn’t wrong, Jimmy has earned his nickname ‘Muscles’.  His tummy has gotten a gentle six-pack. Not a bulging yucky one, but a gorgeous gently sculpted one!  He stands up, making me feel a little lonely suddenly as he smiles at me, wiggles his eyebrows, but then walks away into the back room.  I know why he’s going, but . . . I miss him anyway.

Silly as he is he peels himself out of his sweats as he’s walking away with a sexy pull over his spectacular butt and then twerks a shimmy so they’ll fall off. He turns and gives me a ‘Coppertone girl’ pose. The one with the little dog pulling the little girl’s bathing suit off just enough so you can see her tan lines. I giggle at him because he just tickles me with every cute, sweet, sexy thing he does. Seeing my look of what must be total love on my face he winks and smiles at me. In my mind, I take a picture of that look. It will be with me for my whole life! It is so completely ‘Jimmy’ and so completely why I am so hopelessly in love with him.

He actually jogs into the back room and prances back out, naked as a blue jay, with his stiffy bobbing around goofily. He COLLAPSES on top of me (gently) and I’m treated to the full hot crush of his sexed-up body rubbing and grinding me into oblivion.  That beautifully sculpted chest presses silkily next to mine, though I’m still in a shirt.  Quickly, he reaches down, pulls it smoothly over my head, and throws it across the room.

“A-HA! Gottcha naked now din’t I, Shugah Smacks!” He grins at me like a wolf.

“You goofball!” I say while smacking him lightly on one of his juicy, pink, pearly butt cheeks.

His answer is to lean in and engage me in a kiss that causes my head to spin, my eyes to close, and my whole body to go limp. Everything goes limp except my hardness, which does everything but go limp. Jimmy manages to slide up on me a little, spread his legs and then settle himself back down on my rock hard member, capturing it between his muscular thighs and his velvety nuts. The constriction nearly sends me right over the edge, but he manages to loosen himself and lessen his movements to keep me from reaching my limit far too soon.

I’m glad of that for more reasons than just having our little ‘session’ end too soon. The excitement has started to make me pant and get a little breathless and I feel that fatigue again. I forget I’m not in tip top shape and Jimmy is the Energizer Bunny when it comes to sex. But, despite that, he seems to have learned my rhythms well enough to know how to ease off and let me catch a break. I think, tonight, I’d prefer to bottom. I might have energy enough for that and I love to milk Jimmy for everything he’s worthwhile still being the ‘relaxed’ one.

“You want in, or do you want me to come’a-knockin’, shugah pie, hunny smack?” Jimmy breathes seductively into my ear causing my whole body to catch a case of the shivers, but good ones, not bad ones.

“Knock me up, Sweet Baby. I’d like to just lay back and enjoy tonight.” I sigh and blow right back into his ear which causes him to tense and shiver a bit too. I guess we have the same effect on one another. Hehehe!

“Your wish . . . is my command!” With that, he slips down, leans in, and starts using his tongue on me in there.  I SO love getting this done to me!  It’s a bit selfish, but I only feel a momentary pang of guilt that I might not be, well, as ‘fresh’ as I should be in that general area, but that doesn’t seem to discourage Jimmy at all. If anything, he seems to be liking what he’s tasting, I guess.  I’ve done him before during a 69, as Jimmy calls it, but he’s always kind of fresh and ready down there. I don’t know how he does it really.  It amazes me!

But, soon, all self-conscious thought is driven from me as I feel his strong and persistent tongue work me down there sending me to feel shivers run up from there through my spine and back down to twitch my diamond hardness! Oh my dear God, how good it feels! How very, unequally good! His hot strong tongue works its way inside as he spreads me open and I know my moans must be becoming obscene, but I can’t help it!  I’m glad that Vic and Kris are out clubbing because I’m sure they’d either be worried about me or setting up to film us as a gay porn movie.  I wouldn’t really care if they did!  There’s really only one reality for me right now . . . and that’s Jimmy’s long, hot, red tongue!

“MmmmMmmmm . . .”  Jimmy hums into my body like I’m his musical instrument and I find that I’m getting too close again.  Jimmy has me so hot I’m about ready to release without even being touched!

“OH! Ohh, Mmm! Jimmy! No! Please! Stop! I’m getting too close!”  But Jimmy only stops to raise himself up and bury my boyhood down his throat in one swallow!  It is, unfortunately, the very last straw.

“AHHHHHH! UNGH! URRRRRngh!”  I raise off the floor with myself still buried deep in Jimmy’s throat!  I don’t know how he keeps from gagging up his insides!  The orgasm is so intense I can’t breathe for a second, then the rhythmic throbbing inside his mouth practically makes snapping noises as it goes and causes me to hump poor Jimmy right in his sweet mouth while I grunt spastically. But he doesn’t seem to care. What’s more, he seems not just to like it . . . but LOVE it!  I try to grab on to the carpet to save my life because I feel I might just pass out.

Actually, that must be what happens, because the next thing I remember is Jimmy slapping me in the face and calling out my name frantically.  I feel the blows, but can’t ‘feel’ them like pain. It’s like I’m not here and someone else is feeling them.

“MASON! MASON! OH SWEET JESUS!! WAKE UP! WAKE THE ~sob~ FUCK UP!” My eyes come into focus and I feel the air rush into my lungs in a long ragged painful gasp.  Swimming before my blurred eyes is a frantic red-faced Jimmy with tears running down his cheeks. Finally, I feel the sting of him hitting me and my hand reflexively grabs his wrist to stop him from hitting me anymore.  But then, a terrible wash of fear rushes through me and I feel myself whimper.

“What? Where? How?”  I hear my voice and it’s shaking and sounds weird in my ears.

“I couldn’t wake ya’ll up, Mazzie! Why the fuck you go scarin’ me like that for? Oh my God! Is you ok? I called 911 already!”  He did what?

There is a loud knock on the door and a loud voice announcing EMTs and the Fire Department.

Why are they here? What’s going on? Why am I panting and can’t seem to catch my breath? Why does it hurt so much to breathe?

Jimmy rushes to the door to let in big men with uniforms and equipment. Suddenly, I’m surrounded by strangers!

“Jimmy? What’s going on? Who are these guys? I’m scared!”  I feel panic and start to cry.

“It’ll be ok, Sir! We’re here to help your breathing. Can you understand me? ”  A handsome blond man says to me with his big blue eyes filled with . . . concern. Oh no! What’s wrong with me now? I nod that I can, but find I’m having trouble speaking.

He says something to someone behind and then asks me to try to take slow deep breaths. I try to do what he says but find it’s hard to do as my lungs feel hard.  I feel panic again.

“It’s ok, Sir. You’ll be ok.  This should help your breathing.”  An oxygen mask is placed over my face and the stale smell of oxygen actually does feel cooler and a little better. My breathing relaxes a bit, but not much.


“Sir, this is something to relax you and help you breathe. You are hyperventilating a bit.” The blond medic tells me. Quickly, someone stabs some kind of drug into me and I immediately feel myself relax and then . . .


“Mr. Montgomery? Mason? Can you hear me?”  I hear someone distant call my name. I can’t quite make out what they are saying. They don’t sound familiar.  I try to open my eyes, but nothing happens.  I try to speak, but only a mumble comes out. Its like I can hardly work any part of my body at all!  Then I notice something in my mouth and that’s why I can’t talk. My throat is sore. Really sore!

“Gurrrrgh?”  I whimper from the pain and confusion.  Other pains come to me like a deep soreness in the side of my chest and an ache as something pushes me from the inside at the sound of something that sounds suspiciously like Darth Vader’s breathing.

“RRRRRR! RRRRmmmm!  AHrr!”  I don’t know how or why but I start to move as fear builds in me.  Movement hurts more as things tug and pull at me from everywhere!  I feel like I’m trapped in a web! I have to get out! I have to get free!

“Mr. Montgomery!  Please be calm. Everything is going to be ok. I know it hurts, hun, but it’s helping you. Ok?”  A female voice tries to console me, but I’m too far gone for that.

“1 CC Ketamine, Jessica.  We need to keep him out until he’s a bit more stable.” A male voice says. No! I don’t want ‘out’! I want OUT out! I need to get free . . . I’m dying! Where’s Jimmy! No! Noooo . . .


I feel something squeeze my hand gently.  I feel myself squeeze back which gets me a stronger squeeze.  I try to open my eyes, but it takes me a minute to remember how.  It’s weird!  When I finally do get my eyes open things look very blurry and my eyes feel sticky like they have glue on them. Yuck.  I have this pleasant feeling like I’m floating while not moving.

“Baby! Oh, Baby! You awake! Oh, Mazzie!”  I see a blurry shadow and then feel hair under my neck and arms gently hold my head a bit.  I can’t see him, and with this stuff in my nose, I can’t smell him. But, the voice is so-o perfectly sweetly familiar.  He’s Jimmy. He’s with me! He’s here!

“J-jjkkk. Jimmy.”  The ragged voice that comes out of my sore throat barely sounds like me. It’s a weird lower slowed down version of my voice with crackles in it.  What happened to me? Where am I?

“W-where?”  Is all I managed to get out as my eyes clear a bit more.  Thankfully, the first thing I see are two spectacular green eyes staring back into mine.  But they are red ringed from crying. What’s wrong Jimmy? Why have you been crying?

“You’re in the hospital, Mason.  You’ve had a rough few days.  You had us going there for a bit, Kid.”  Another familiar voice comes from further away but my eyes still aren’t good enough to see that far and with Jimmy, sweetheart that he is, blocking most of my vision with his worried face.

“F-few, DAYs?”  I manage to groan and probably with less volume than I mean to. A few days? What on earth has happened to me?

“What . . .?” It is then that the doctor walks in. He looks like a nice enough guy of Indian extraction with really white teeth.

“Ah. Very good!  He has revived.  I should be able to reduce his breathing treatments in time, but the lung must heal first.” The doctor says to everyone in the room expecting they know what he’s talking about. For some reason, they do. I wish I did!

“WHAT is . . .” but I lose my breath and start to feel faint.  I hear an alarm go off and the doctor adjusts something and I feel something poof in my nose.  I instantly feel better and feel more awake.

“I will have to spike his oxygen if he talks too much.  He needs to conserve his strength for breathing, yes?”  The doctor says, his weird smile never leaving his face.

“I think he’s a’wantin’ to know what happened since he’s been out and all, Doc.”  Jimmy, my soulmate reads my needs better than any book.  God bless my love!  I do, indeed, need to know what’s wrong. I’m terrified!

“Ah, yes. Well, I suppose it would be ok if he is capable of asking then he is capable of understanding.  Mr. Montgomery, you suffered what we call a pneumothorax.  That is a fancy word for a perforated lung which caused your lung to collapse.  It was very sudden so it is why you had such a quick onset of your trauma.  We are still running tests, but we feel it may have been caused by a lingering infection in your lung that has been troubling you for some time.  It is a pity it did not get diagnosed sooner. We may have been able to prevent its occurrence if that had been the case.  In all, we have been able to repair the damage. You will see you have some stitches in your side where we laparoscopically went in and repaired the hole in your lung.  It will take a few weeks for you to heal, but once done, you should be right as rain! That is good news!”  The doctor’s smile brightens, but I wish that made me feel better.

How could I have been harboring this inside of me all this time and not notice?  Not notice.  Am I kidding?  I’ve been suffering from one lung ailment after another for the past year or so.  I . . . don’t understand!

“Where … did I get . . . an infection.  How come . . . so long?”  I ask, between breaths as I still am getting winded pretty fast.

“Ah, infection is a very insidious thing, Mr. Montgomery.  It can come on mildly but last a while.  It is at this time that the bacteria have an opportunity to hide out in your body if your immune system is not doing very well.  Then it will strike when you least expect it or when you are weak for some reason. Cold weather, hot weather, too much exercise, any stress upon the body at all can set it off.  These things can linger in people like a time bomb and then hit them when they least expect it.  This is why we counsel people with known lung issues to have a check-up every six months.  You might consider it now that you know you are prone to these things.  Best to catch these things earlier in life rather than later when things are harder to diagnose and control.  In any case, do not worry! Rest, take your meds, work with your pulmonary therapist, and you will be out of here within a week, I should think!”  The doctor actually reaches for my hand and squeezes it.  He is quite a charming man!  But, then I look to the splendid worried beauty of my Jimmy and I see the one I’ve let down.  My ‘sniffles’ have been anything but!  How could this have happened?  I’ve always had a slight proneness to the flu since I was a kid, but that was normal.  Why am I sickening now?

“Before you go, Doc, should I . . . checked . . . for anything?  I’ve, um, never . . . had trouble . . . like, you know?”  I ask, a bit scared of what he’ll tell me.

“Perhaps a thorough blood workup might be useful. Would you like a panel done, just in case?”  The doctor is asking me?

“Yeah . . . I guess. Insurance?”  That is my big concern, my insurance isn’t the best in the world.  I guess I should be lucky to have any at all at my age.

“Do not worry about that.  Things can be covered.  I believe you are prudent and show good initiative in having us be as thorough as possible while you are here.  It is unusual for someone of your age to suffer a pneumothorax from a disease related issue, but . . . not unheard of.  Whatever the case, I do not want you to worry! Whatever may be the case, we can work with it! Ok? You should rest, and your family, if I may ask, should perhaps allow this after their visit.  Rest is the best medicine of all!  Let me know if the nurses’ schedule messes with this.  I can arrange things differently.”  The doctor says. What a great doctor!

“Ok.”  I consent and the doctor nods smiles toothily again and is gone.  Later, all but Jimmy leave. Jimmy won’t leave and the nurses finally get a sleeping chair for him to rest in so as not to upset me.  About all the blood in my body is extracted from my arm in the span of about four hours, I swear.  They must have filled twelve whole vials of my blood!  Fortunately, none of them hurt me much being such great ‘bloodsuckers’ as they are here.  Everyone is being very nice to me here in the hospital.

I just wish I didn’t have to be here and to cause Jimmy this kind of distress.  The last thing I ever wanted to be to him was a burden.  Why were we lead together if I was just going to tank out on him this way?  Jimmy should have a fun boyfriend, not a sick mess like me.  Ah . . . well.  Looking at him asleep in his chair . . . God how I love him. He’s SO beautiful!  I hope I can stick around long enough to love him as much as he deserves.

Jimmy deserves so much better than the life he’s had to live.

The world is a colder place without him in it.  Thank God he’s here to warm my winter now!


Brian – Helsinki

Um, this has got to be the most fucked-up weird-ass ‘vacation’ I’ve ever experienced.

Snowflake and I agree on this completely. Never in a million years did either of us think we’d end up in the middle of a fucking ‘James Bond’ movie! Let me tell you, I have a LOT more respect for 007 now than I used to. I wish I didn’t, being that he’s a fictional character, but, I do. I do because, basically, we have been living in a ‘fictional’ universe ever since we left Beijing a couple of months ago.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for Snowflake to represent the ‘US and A’  for the 4 x 10 KM Relay. He won the gold, of course, and the Finns were happy about this because they got to share the gold with us. However, after the ‘murder’ of my almost murderer, the Russians were ‘insulted’ not only because they were disqualified from the rest of the Beijing Olympics, but because the ‘murderer’ in question was honored with the medal that was ‘rightfully theirs’ in Russian eyes.  The Russian Government saw this as a complete loss of face and a total disrespect for their ‘standing in the world!’

So, it started with the assassins/law enforcement from Russia hounding us to either detain or, preferably, to kill both Snowflake and me. Yeah . . . I’m serious. That’s what it’s been like since Beijing. A race for our very lives!  There were only three events like that, fortunately, but that’s three too many; especially the one where they tried to drive us off the road into a ravine!  So, um . . . that happened!

We’re in a luxury hotel in Helsinki, at the moment. A number of fur-capped hotties are camped out at our front door and in strategic spots around the hotel to protect us. I feel like the fucking President of said ‘US and A’ over here! I know, I keep using Borat references, but Russian assholes will do that to a person. How in the actual fuck did this happen? I still don’t get it. They tried to kill ME first, for Christ’s sake!

Snowflake’s gone ‘taciturn’ again, meaning, he’s become the king of monosyllabics and I can’t get much more out of him than ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and a whole phrase, sometimes, like: ‘not tonight.’ We need to do something pretty soon. This Snowflake freeze is even colder than the winter outside (and that’s really impossible because it’s been, like, -1000 outside since we got here)!

My leg hasn’t been getting in my way too much, thankfully. Being that it was just a flesh wound, my leg’s pretty much back to normal. It is just a little sore and I still get cramps if I move wrong, but not too bad. Certainly, I don’t need the fucking wheelchair anymore.  It took my physical therapist AND my doctors to persuade Snowflake to let me out of the thing when it came time for me to hobble around on my own.  But, hobbling around my nice, luxurious room isn’t doing it for me anymore. We might have a whole five rooms in this suite, but five rooms get kind of small after a couple weeks.  The US Embassy and the Finnish Government both have said we need to remain in the room and only around the hotel with an armed escort.  They really aren’t taking any chances with us.  There’s SO much hoopla (yes I just used a word my Dad used to say – that’s how fucked I’m feeling right now) going around about this whole thing that I have a feeling we’re, like, political pawns in some kind of game here. I, in fact, know we are pawns with what our American liaison with the Embassy has been saying.  Russia is using us as a cold and calculated red herring to deflect interest off of their aggressive military build-up along the Finnish border around Lake Lagoda.

Snowflake keeps mumbling things in Finnish and then punctuating that with ‘Fucking Russian Games,’ whatever that means and then stands by the window only to remember he can’t be doing that and sulks away into the bedroom and closes the door.  We need to know what’s going to happen here. I’m afraid Snowflake’s going to crack and go totally cuckoo on me if something doesn’t break here soon.  Are they going to turn us over or aren’t they?  One of our few visitors that will even talk to us is Micha Sommardahl. He has been our dogged ally through all of this.  That big-assed Finn is the closest thing to a guardian angel as I’ve ever had, to be honest!  What he did for us on that road with the Russians trying to run us off the road . . . that was the stuff of Hollywood legends!

All this said I regret the whole Olympic deal now. We worked so hard to get there and things were going, basically, miraculously until that Russian dirty trick.  I still don’t understand why they felt it necessary to do that to me.  Nothing like that has ever happened before in an Olympics that I can remember.  The closest I can come to this is that whole Munich thing in the 1970s!  It’s getting to be a colder world out there!  The Olympics shouldn’t happen if they’re going to cause this kind of strife.  No sport is worth getting shot at. I don’t care how ‘honorable’ it might be to be able to compete in it.  The Olympics are entertainment. No one should have to die for entertainment. I didn’t sign on to ‘break a leg’ for the show! But, that is exactly what almost happened.  I’m fortunate the bullet didn’t break my leg.  Any hope of ever doing cross-country again would have pretty much died if that had happened. Now, despite the minimal nerve damage I’ve suffered in my leg, it is quite possible that I’ll be up and skiing within a year.  But, that said, I don’t ever want to ski again if this is what it means to compete now.  I’m a good Texan and I appreciate and respect guns and gun ownership (up to a point), but . . . they have no place in games meant to bring nations together in peace.  Violence didn’t even happen in the Olympics Berlin put on under Hitler just before World War II.  This thing with me and the Russians is a true new low in Olympic history. Again, how in the FUCK did I end up here as another unfortunate anecdote in frigging World History?

The door opens and Snowplow and I immediately snap to attention.  It’s Micha and he is smiling for once (a rare thing).

“Mitä tapahtuu?” Snowflake blurts forgetting I’m in the room.

“What is happening, you ask? I believe you two are finally free!  It did cost, but not much.  Unfortunately, Finland had to give up the gold for the last Cross-Country race you were in, Snowflake, but they capitulated on the terms of your surrender.  In light of . . . new developments . . . the NUSSR has accepted responsibility for the ‘rogue actions’ of the two ‘overzealous members of their contingent to the Olympics.’  They did not accept blame, but they didn’t deny malfeasance on the part of ‘private parties.’  Putonovitch even congratulated Snowflake for his quick thinking and his amazing feat of heroism.  I, honestly, do not know what the UN and NATO said to the General Secretary, but whatever it was, it made him go completely about-face in his attitude about this stupid reindeer shit.  Perhaps, it is that new class of destroyer the Swedes have come up with to patrol the many fjords of the Baltic. The new ones with the barely above surface missiles that are almost like torpedos, but fly through the air instead and can get under Russian radar.  I do not particularly like to give Swedes credit for anything, but they are still master shipwrights,”  Micha rattles on.

Free? We’re FREE! Are you kidding me?

Snowflake jumps up, runs over, throws his arms around me and picks me up bodily from the chair I’d been sitting in.  I get the feeling he’s happy about all this.  At last, it’s just great to see my White Knight smile again! God how I’ve missed that! He’s been so GLUM!  I can totally see Finland doing that to a person, but Snowflake was being depressing in the extreme!  He was even blaming himself for all this shit going on thinking if he’d done things differently none of this would have happened.

I’m, like, ‘HELLO-O!’  That ‘rogue Russian contingent’ fucking shot me without any provocation at all!  Sometimes it is like my Dad used to say: “Sometimes folks needs killin’.”  The motherfuckers that did that to me, especially the one who apparently came in to finish the job the first one started, got what they needed.  I owe my life to Snowflake again!  Not that I’m keeping count, but he’s definitely been my real White Knight ever since I met him all that while ago.

Even when things get colder, he keeps me from freezing to death.  He . . . put his very life on the line in the most heroic way possible . . . just to save me!  Do you have any idea what that means?  I mean, I love and have loved Snowflake to the point of illness, but this . . . this act of his really proves that he’s in it with me for the long-haul.  He has proven that he would kill for me and that leads me to believe that he would die for me too.  Such a love . . . there are no words for it!  It is precious beyond any price. What’s cooler is that I’d do the very same thing for him without question or hesitation.

It goes beyond everything I’ve ever experienced because it is something I’ve never known before true, selfless, unconditional love.  The treasure beyond price. The stuff of dreams that makes this life worth living and a prize worth waiting forever for, if you have to.

I didn’t have to. I found it on that cold day at Auburn Ski Club.  I found the ‘more’ I was looking for and I found the reason for me.

I found the Snowflake to my Ember and now nothing will ever be colder again.


Snowflake – Club DTM, Helsinki, A few days later

The music throbs as it has always done here.

Of all the discotheques of Finland, Club DTM, or ‘Mummola’ as it is more affectionately known here, is the closest I could think of to the kind of club that Brian would be used to.

Filled with ‘twinks,’ as Americans might call them, and thrumming with Euro-Techno-BizzarroEDM, DTM is a bedazzling display of European Gay culture as can only exist in Nordica.  I would put DTM next to anything in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, or even Amsterdam.  It writhes with glistening pale bodies and blitzes with all the colours normally unseen in Helsinki’s rather grey streets.  People and things writhe equally at DTM. Upon entering the club one is greeted with two nude Greco-Roman wrestlers positioned most suggestively as they strive against each other.  This, I assure my Brian, symbolises, perfectly, Gay Life in Finland:  sex, strength, and competition. Finns love their sex to be a struggle and the jostling sexualised air wrestles with the swelling music with one trying to overcome the other to dominate the senses.

Although, not my favourite club in this city, DTM still ensures a good time and Brian is quite impressed!  Having been with him now for all this time, I know it is hard to impress Brian with nightclubs as he has been to them all over, but he is taken with this place. It makes me strangely proud!

“I have the weirdest boner right now, ‘Snuffy.’ It’s like I’m surrounded by an entire population of ‘yous’ in here.  If I didn’t have the original to play with, I might exhaust myself playing with all of your relatives in here.  I’ve never seen so many pretty boys in one place all at once!”  Brian’s mouth is hanging open catching flies.  It is true, DTM seems to attract the prettiest of the pretty boys in Helsinki and beyond.  My practiced eye, though, sees that Finns are not as well represented in here as Brian might think.  For the most part, I am seeing Dutch, Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and a lot of Germans.  All are blond to blondish and blue-eyed with untanned, hairless skin, etc.  A smörgåsbord of Nordic species mixed with a few Teutons who would look very much the same to someone unused to the differences.  The age range goes from probably-not-legal-in-most-places to youngish (like me and Brian, I suppose).  I believe I may be the oldest person in here at thirty-one.  Despite that, the Golden Horde is already circling, like the pretty little wolves they are, to make a kill.  Taking two or so home might be fun.  Perhaps Micha would flex himself a bit to enjoy one.

I am terrible, truly, thinking of these silly children as party favours, but, in some ways, that is how they act and, strangely, how they want to be treated.  ‘Trick’ is another American term I have learned, meaning: a person you go home with to have sex and then cause to leave your home once you are done with them.  I rarely like one-night stands so this sort of thing does not appeal to me, generally.  However, we are supposed to be out here to have fun and, after the hell, we have been through together lately, Brian and I could very much use a hefty dose of fun.

Brian will not be dancing much tonight, sadly.  His leg has been hurting a bit more from his injury.  I suspect the deep healing of the muscle is starting to cause the ache.  He says it feels like when he’s done a powerful leg workout except this happens when he just walks a bit.   My poor, beloved Ember!  That this should have happened to him at the hour of his greatest achievement fills me with the deepest sadness and the most powerful hatred for the Russians.  A colder thing I cannot think of them doing, save one: trying to murder us after committing such an atrocity while accusing us of murder in turn!  That is a cold, coldness I didn’t even think the Russians capable of!  Clearly, I was wrong.


But, then there . . . there . . .

I must not dwell upon these things anymore.  For whatever reasons, the Russians have called off their dogs (I hope) and so our caretakers have allowed us to be free again.  Hopefully, this is not just because funds have run out on trying to protect two little athletes in a world of looming wars and politics.  Whatever the case, we shall not be staying in Helsinki for long.  My family calls me North and they long to meet Brian so there we shall go after a week.

One more club, I think, and then we will have ‘done’ Helsinki sufficiently to quench Brian’s curiosities.  We have already toured the Olympic Stadium which Brian thought was amusing because it was for the only Olympics Finland ever hosted which was the 1952 Summer Olympics.   Brian was understandably confused by that and frankly, I am too since there has always been a perfectly wonderful ski park nearby that hosts all manner of skiing and other related winter sports.  Finland rarely even has anyone of significance in the Summer Olympiad.  So, there Brian got a taste of Finnish madness right there.  He has already been introduced to the fuel for this madness in the Finns unparalleled ability to take in and metabolise vast amounts of vodka.

Speaking of which, a large round of shots hits the table at which we have stationed ourselves.  Along with the shots come five blondes with blue elfin eyes to surround us.  I should be terrified except for the fact that they are all so cute and utterly non-threatening.  Two of the five look barely able to drink, not just for their youth, but for their slightness.

Brian leans into me and whispers his question regarding the five: “What’s with the Legend Of Zelda Link Team?”  I just turn and stare at him completely confused! What is a ‘Zelda’ and why does he have links to a team? Is this an American Football reference?  I suppose he understands that I do not understand because he rolls his eyes at me. Hehehe!

“Halo!  Olympics, Ja?”  The tallest one (about 5’6″ if my reckoning is correct) addresses us.  He must be the ‘leader’ or at least the boldest.  The other four seem to hide behind him to some extent.  His voice is musical and very Danish.  This would explain the incredible ‘blondness’ of him and his little friends.  I suspect they are all from Denmark and possibly from the same village if not the same family!  Except for different haircuts, they all look disturbingly similar.

“Jö, I know of the Olympics.  Do you like the Olympics?” I play stupid to see what they will do.

They all look at each other confused and the darker blond shrugs his shoulders and says something in Danish.  I am not very good with Danish so I cannot understand very well.  They return to staring at us with their ridiculously pretty eyes.

“Oh, I believe you misunderstand. I am very sorry. I meant to say that you both are from the Olympics.  My pardon for not being very clear. My English is only so-so.”  The tall one says with a politeness that is rather humous to me.  A Finn cannot be so polite. It is a true impossibility. Also, only a Dane would think his rather perfect and precise English is only ‘so-so’ and find the need to apologise for it.

“Ding-Ding! Link #1 wins the Pearl Necklace!” Brian announces with mock triumph.  It is now my turn to roll my eyes. However, the ‘Links,’ as Brian continues to call them, all begin busting out in peels of musical laughter.  It is a beautiful sight to see and a beautiful sound to hear all these elvish boys laugh and turn rosy in their cheeks with smiles parting their perfect lips as they get the ‘pearl necklace’ joke.  ‘Cute’ does not seem a sufficient word to describe them.

While they ‘cut-up,’ as Jimmy would say, I lean over to Brian asking: “Why do you keep calling them ‘Links?’ ”  Anticipating my question, Brian merely flashes up his smartphone were I am presented with the 3D game character of an elvish youth with a green Robin Hood costume, long blond hair, a cute little nose, pointy ears and . . . the slightly slanted big blue eyes that look exactly like those of our five entertainers.  The resemblance is uncanny!

Brian then catches me completely off-guard as he switches displays to show an animation of this Link character giving a perfect POV blowjob complete with rolling eyes and delighted licking.  I cannot help myself and bark out a laugh which gets the attention of our ‘Link’ team.  They quickly gather around, see the animation, and all of their pretty little mouths fall open in astonishment.

“Se, Noah? Han sutter ligesom dig!”  Link #2 says to Link #3 making Link #3 (Noah, I am guessing) giggle, blush, and spare Link #4 a sideways glance that then looks up and finds my steady gaze.  This causes Noah’s beautiful eyes to blink slowly as he returns my stare and then makes him descend into more giggling as he tries to look away with bewitching bashfulness.  Interestingly, of all the ‘Links,’ Noah seems to look most the part as he has kept his hair long and favours a loose braid of it down his back.

“Kay, did you just tell Noah that he sucks dick like Link here?” Brian astounds me!  I am usually the multi-linguist here, as being European makes such things common, but not so with Americans always.  Here Brian just translated Danish with ridiculous ease!

“Hehehehe! Ja! He looks JUST like that when he does that!”  Link #2 says, his rosy cheeks blooming with an adorable blush.  The red in Link #2’s cheeks does not match Noah’s, however.  Noah is fit to hide under the table soon by the looks of his reaction.

“I can do so much better! My name is Felix, by the way.”  Says Link #1, staring Brian down with disturbing intensity.

“Here we have Noah, Carl, Maggs, and Alexander!” Felix says pointing to each of the beautiful elvish creatures, with his slightly slanted blue eyes sparkling like sapphires.  They are all so adorable!  I want to put them in a box and eat them like Belgian Chocolate!

Each reaches out and shakes our hands. The softness of their touches delights me.  I doubt any of them have done much more in the way of physical labour than riding bikes in all of their lives.  A vision enters my mind of the five riding single-file wearing their tight biking shorts showing the world what perfect asses are supposed to look like!  I am suddenly hard in places thinking of these things.

“Let me guess! You are Brryyann and you are . . . Snewflek, Ja?” Alexander, whose platinum hair mirrors my own flawlessly, smiles at both of us showing all of his perfect teeth.  Could these guys be any more perfect in looks?  His twinkling elvish eyes are a shade lighter than his compatriots as well. I believe this owes more to the stylised colour of his hair than the colour of his eyes, but the effect is the same. He also has the thickest of the accents and obviously has the greatest sense of humour of all of them.

“Jö, that is correct. He is Brian and I am Snowflake.” I confirm, pronouncing our names with very good English if I do say so myself. Alexander, then, proceeds to swat Maggs on his rather tiny backside and blurt something triumphant at his friend. Maggs responds by pushing Alexander a bit and obviously protesting about being spanked in public as he rubs his behind.

“You kids settle down there or I’ll have to spank all of you which, by the looks of things, would be something of a treat for you guys.”  Brian drawls out with an extra thick helping of ‘Texan’ in his rich voice. Each Link seems to have their ears perk up as they all look expectantly at Brian in unison. I dissolve into my stupid titters which gets them to do their bell like laughter.  Brian merely smirks wolfishly. He is SO-O bad!

“This is vodka! We LOVE vodka and we know you would like vodka, Snowflake! You have sold more vodka in Denmark with that Finlandia advertisement than has ever been sold in the whole history of Denmark!” Carl says. He is the most ‘clean-cut’ of the Links. His hair is a perfect sideways part with his part down the left side. His bangs are clipped with excessive neatness right above his arching eyebrows and the back and sides fade into razor-sharp sideburns and neckline. Why their hair fascinates me I cannot say, but, it is perhaps the only thing that I can use to separate each one. I do believe they might be quintuplets!

“We hope you like vodka too, Brian. We know you are American and are from Texas and that you might like whiskey better.” Felix offers as he sits next to Brian on the semicircular booth we are sitting upon.

“If it has alcohol I do it, Frodo. Thanks for getting some for us. How much do I owe you?” Brian asks in a way that I think is meant to depersonalise the gesture for my benefit particularly since bold Felix has taken the liberty of sitting very close to Brian and has not unlocked his eyes from Brian’s since sitting down. The action of their leader invites the rest of the boys to follow suit and soon we are both sandwiched into our booth between them with no hope of escape.

“Hehehehe! I like the ‘Frodo’ reference. I suppose we are rather hobbit-like, though all of us are naturally, um, hairless, I guess you might say.” Noah says with a charming, overdone wink. He sits right next to me where he has placed himself strategically, I would assume. Noah sips his vodka and rolls his eyes at me imitating the animation from earlier as he drinks. Despite myself, it gets me throbbing and giggling.

“You owe us nothing, my friend! We’d love it if you would allow yourselves to be our guests for the evening. We know Helsinki fairly well and we have plenty of money since we are in the cannabis business.” Carl pitches in from between Noah next to me and Maggs and Alexander sulking on the far end of the booth.

“Elves with weed? Will wonders never cease! Yes, Virginia, there must be a real Santa Claus.” Brian babbles. Of course, there is a Santa Claus. I’ve met him! He lives just up the road from where I grew up. Everyone knows Santa is a Finn!

“Yes, sir! We have very good weed. It is The Chronic actually. After drinks, let us go to our flat. We have some nice samples. We can have a ‘Ganja Tasting’ if you would like.” Felix offers, grinning with his pink cheeks glowing with the vodka.

Brian looks to me and shrugs in way of saying ‘Why not?’ I have no reticence on the issue. Many places in Europe now allow cannabis recreationally, including Finland. I find of all the intoxicants that it is the one that leaves me feeling most clean. I, however, do not care to smoke it but either vape it or eat it. Smoking and I do not mix which is very unusual for a Finn.

“Do you have any way of delivering it other than smoking?” I ask.

“Oh, well, that is actually the best way to sample it, but, I understand the health considerations being that you are both athletes. We have refined it to make various teas, tinctures, additives, and THC/CBD mixes that we can use for vaping. We do encourage smoking, however.” Maggs pipes in. He talks about his weed as one might a fine wine or as a pharmacist might a prescription drug. I suspect he is the main ‘scientist’ in the group for their business. Scientist or not, he is the elf that looks the most like a ‘stoner’ with long straight hair and a scant amount of facial hair, probably the most he can possibly grow upon himself other than on top of his fair little head.

“Well, I don’t care what Snuffy does, but I’m down for tokin’ it. Drink up! I’m excited about the prospects. I could use a good dose of The Chronic with this leg and all.”  The elves giggle at Brian’s use of Jimmy’s absurd nickname for me and then shoot down their vodka like they’ve been doing it all their lives. None of them even wince!

Before long the seven of us are off to a new adventure.


The following morning I awaken naked in a nest of arms and legs and things equally as naked as mine. To my relief, the one most entangled with me is Brian who has become a human blanket.  But, other bodies press into mine also.  Smaller ones and slightly younger ones who are silky smooth and who all seem to buzz with the same kind of light kittenish snores.

Our rather large suite smells rather ‘lockeroomish’ if that makes sense.  It also smells a bit rank of various varieties of cannabis. I can only guess that the air recirculators in our room do not function well enough to clear the room or that the sex and drugs that we had in here were so hot and heavy that they burned out the air system completely. I am vouching for the latter of these two arguments.

I have not enjoyed a good orgy like that in quite a while. It is wonderful that Brian and I have a relationship so strong that we can enjoy and endure such a thing without even the tiniest touch of jealousy. Not now, not after what we established at Passo Levaze in what seems a lifetime ago.

It helped that our little clutch of new friends was attentive to our special relationship and worked as satellites to our lovemaking. They mostly kept to each other which added a touch of spice to the experience as I think it was completely incestuous among them. They are all too identical not to be related if not quintupletted. Even their movements are synchronised perfectly like they share one sick, perverse mind.

My slight movements of being awake arouse Brian, in more ways than one. He cranes his neck and kisses me long and succulently. A good morning kiss to beat all other good morning kisses. He shifts his weight and mounts me so that his body lies right on top of me as opposed to just off to my side. He focuses his weight on his hips and groin so that his gentle gyrating can trigger my own grind against him. After a bit of this, which does not seem to awaken our elves at all, Brian stops kissing me long enough to raise himself up on his hands so he can stare right into my eyes. I’m lost in that blue gaze for several hours, it seems, though I’m sure it is only a few seconds before he speaks.

“Well, that was fun. What’s next, Helsinki Hero In A Sandwich?” Brian teases as our companions last evening had made up this name for me as I was, indeed, made a sandwich of by them.

“Hmmm, are you ready to leave this fair city, eh? I know it might be . . . hard . . .” I tease back and deeply grind up hard into Brian’s sex with my own to make my point. ” . . . to do so with the fine friends we have made. But, I have a surprise for you and I cannot give it to you here.” I wink and grind again which causes Brian to roll his eyes with pleasure and sink back down on top of me.

“What’s wrong with giving it to me again here? I’m sure Santa’s Freaky Helpers wouldn’t mind helping out one last time before breakfast, or whatever you guys do over here.” Brian breaths into my ear which causes me, then, to shiver with sexual delight.

“Wrong . . . Ungh . . . ” I try to suppress an all-out moan as Brian begins to stroke me into bone hardness. It is hard to concentrate on words when you are getting such an expert handjob from the one you love most in the world.

“Ung . . . wrong surprise . . . Ooo . . . Brian.” I groan.  Thinking and making intelligent conversation become more difficult as my smaller head takes over for my bigger head.

“Yeah . . . I’d have to say that what we do every morning isn’t . . . uhhhhh . . . much . . . of a surprise. OH Fuck, YES!” Brian blurts way too loud as he impales himself on my bone hardness. Apparently, there is enough lubrication left over from earlier this morning to make the passage of myself into his passage possible. As his tightness grips me, I completely forget what I was going to say.

“Ohhhh, dear God! How is it . . . ahh . . . that every time you do that it feels like the very first time!” I pant as the pulling suction of his kneading insides strikes the fire-hot sparks of my penis’s pleasure centres. How he can be so tight after the abuse from last night is almost unnatural.

“Likewise, I’m sure! UNGH! UNGH! UNNNGH!” Brian babbles senselessly as his own leaking bone hardness spanks itself on my belly repeatedly as he completely bounces most of our elves off the bed with his exuberance!

Noah is the first to make known his displeasure at this: “What is happening? How could you two start without us? It is not fair! We were still asleep!” He pouts for effect most adorably. The others make Danish noises that seem to agree with Noah.

“Hey . . . Oof . . . you guys . . . uuuh . . . gotta get up early . . . oh fuuck . . . if you wanna play with . . . oh, gawd . . . US!” I screw up Brian’s speech pattern by screwing him up with powerful return thrusts into his body to match his vicious ‘cowboy riding,’ as Brian calls it.

“OH SHIT . . . Dammit, Snowplow! You’re gonna make me NUT already! Oh my GOD!” Indeed, this will have to be a ‘quicky’. The passion is too intense, per usual, and the fact that we now have a rapt and masturbating audience seems to make our sex even hotter than usual.

“WAIT! Do not cum yet! I need some . . .!” Noah leaps at us startling us both and then latches onto Brian’s bone hardness with his mouth. Noah sucks Brian in deeply all the way back to the throat without so much as a gag and, naturally, that is far too much stimulation for Brian, even as practised and controlled as he is with fucking.

“OOOOHHRRRRrrr gaaaWWWD!” Brian clenches and thrusts forward into Noah’s mouth and I feel the intense contractions of his orgasm ripple about me inside of him. My own climax is there on the edge and with two powerful pumps I, too, am over the edge.

“UNNGH UNGGH UNNNNGH!” My back arches lifting both Brian and Noah off the bed. Noah has straddled me to hold on so he isn’t flung off from his blowjob. Brian is still cumming and I cannot seem to stop either.  Noah pulls off of Brian as he slides his little bum toward my face and then sinks his own bone hardness into my mouth.

Instinctively, I suck down on his sweet toy and allow him to pump with a few ragged pumps against my tongue before his youthful body tenses into iron all over. I feel him grip my sides almost painfully as he ejaculates copious amounts of his remarkably salty-sweetness into my palpating mouth.

“AIIIEEEEEE! AIIIIEE! AIIUUUGH! UGGGGH! Uggg unnnn nnnn.” Noah shivers as he peaks and descends from the height of what must have been a mountainous climax to make such noises come out of his tightened larynx.

Around us, similar noises of sexual distress follow and I loll my head over to see a foursome on the floor doing things only pretzels can do. The 69s with 99s seem to be the configurations of the day.  More appropriately, 6699, since all four seem to be embedded in each other in one way or another. It is like watching a perverse circus act.

“Oh. . . oh my god. I . . . didn’t think I had that much left . . . uhm . . . In me!” Brian moans on top of me with me still inside him slowly deflating. Brian seems to wilt with the same speed as my not-so-bone hardness does.

“Oh, but you say that every time, Bri-Bri.” I tease a bit, breathlessly.

“Åh Gud! Åh Gud!”  Noah murmurs as he drapes entirely over my belly behaving much as melted cheese does. He is light for a guy, oddly, and equally as warm as melted cheese.

Noah’s warmth is welcome, as is Brian’s since he still rests solidly on my lap.  It has, indeed, been colder of late, even for Helsinki. We are all spent, though, and finally, I think we can say we finished off our fun here in Helsinki with a ‘bang’ (in more ways than one).  But, I am finished here and I believe Brian is also.  We have to get moving if I am too give Brian his surprise.  So I lightly spank Noah on his precious little bum and signal him to get off of me.  He does so, but with a whine of reluctance.

“Oh, but I was so-o comfortable there! Why must I move? Where are we going?”  He asks with playful disappointment.

“Alas, ‘we’ are not going anywhere, but Brian and I have a date to keep elsewhere,”  I tell Noah and his attentive doppelgängers.  Brian, who has yet to let me up from my reclining position, cocks his head and looks at me with confusion.

“Where, exactly, are you dragging my ass off to this time?  I was just getting used to this place and having a bunch of Santa’s elves as fuck-buddies.”  Brian wiggles his beautiful ass for effect, but I fear he has drained me to the point of erectile dysfunction, for the moment.

“Have you ever seen The Northern Lights, Bri-Bri?”  I ask him, looking deep into his sky-blue eyes.

“Uh, only on TV and a little bit last night outside before I froze my ass off,”  Brian says this, but does so in a mesmerised way as he touches something in my eyes that says this is very important.

“Woooow! You are going North, aren’t you?  Oh, I wish we could come with you!”  Maggs calls from the floor with uncharacteristic excitement. I ignore the attempt to wedge himself into something that can only be most private between Brian and me.

“Then, no . . . you have never seen them, not really.  I must show them to you.  I must take you home to do so.  You need to come home with me, Brian.  It is time!”  I say this with great seriousness as I sit up to take Brian by both sides of his precious face.

“Um, ~gulp~, Ok. Um, sure, if it means that much to you.”  Brian tries to be nonchalant, but cannot quite pull it off.  The intensity of my gaze is matching the swell of feelings inside me.

I must take Brian home with me to the Forever White under the Phosphorescent Sky.

I must take him to the land of reindeer and to a land of Christmas wonder.  A place where many legends were born. The place where I was born: the Lapland.

I must do this so that I can properly propose to Brian there.

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