I mean…it’s pretty safe, I think to say that skater boys are just pretty damn beautiful by default! Hehehe, any arguments?

But…as if he didn’t already have that going for him, Colby Edner is also a professional model, an actor, and a skilled soccer player. So he definitely gets points right off the bat for being a multi-dimensional cutie! Hehehe!

Signed by his first agent at the age of nine, Colby began a rather lucrative modeling career almost right away. What the hell is it with kids having an entire money making, professional, pursuit at nine years old these days? What ever happened to a two dollar allowance for washing the dishes and vacuuming the carpet every once in a while? Hehehe! FIVE dollars if I got the hose and washed the car! All I wanted was a Transformer toy and a few He-Man figures…

So unfair…

Already, Colby has done fashion shoots for such companies as Old Navy, Landway, and LL Bean. And he doesn’t look like he has any intention of slowing down in the near future.

“Modeling isn’t something I always knew I would do, unlike some other child models. I knew that I liked to take pictures and that when my family took our holiday photos, I always joked around in front of the camera. It was fun for me to see what those pictures ended up looking like in real life when I was just being myself and having fun.” Colby says, giving details on his experience with the craft of being able to do it right.

“What I didn’t know was that modelling would be such hard work. It’s often times long rides in the car to strange places where I don’t know anyone. That can be scary.”

Born in the Northern California, Bay Area, Colby Ebner spent a lot of his time just having fun an being a happy, well-adjusted, teenage boy. But he definitely loved being able to do the other stuff on top of that. And he’s still doing it to this day.

Unfortunately, as with everything else, the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 hit him and his Junior Style Team pretty hard, as there weren’t as many jobs available, or shows to get involved in. But it looks as though he’s bouncing back just fine now! And despite the long hiatus, he is back to making us all happy as his adorability factor flies right off the charts with every picture they take of him! Woo hoo! Congrats, dude! Way to dive right back in where you left off!

However…the real question is…does Colby really want to keep acting and modeling in the future? In a recent interview, he says, “My goal is to be a professional skateboarder. I think itโ€™s a place where I can make a difference and teach young people how to do what they love but still stay kind to other people and not act like a show off. I want to prove people wrong who think that skateboarders are all uneducated or bad people who do bad things. I want to do good things for other people and for the sport.” Something that he seems to really enjoy with his whole heart, and put it to good use as he wet out skating for the ‘Pushing For Pink’ project, which is support of breast cancer. Awww….which is soooooo super noble and sweet!

But, most of all, Colby seems to keep a really positive outlook and a diehard mentality to go after what he wants in life! No matter what it is! And I highly respect that! Reach for the stars, dude! You deserve it!

Welcome to the Imagine Magazine centerfold boys section!

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Whatever you choose to do in the future, Colby, just make sure that you’re a total ROCK STAR at it! When I first started writing, I said to myself that I wanted to be the ‘Michael Jackson’ of this shit, and you should never expect any less! Heehe…ummm…you might have to Google Michael Jackson! God, I’m old! ๐Ÿ˜›

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