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#1 – The name for the month of January actually comes from the Roman god, ‘Janus’, who is always depicted with two heads. He uses one head to look backwards on the year before, and the other head to look forwards to the New Year!

#2 – Believe it or not…you can fit ALL of the planets in our solar system in the space between the Earth and the Moon! :O

#3 – Science has determined that sexual orientation is actually discovered as early as THREE years old! (Jesus!) But while it isn’t explored until years later for heterosexual males and females…those who are gay, lesbian, or transgender, understand their sexual identity as young as 6 or 7 years old. So technically…if you’re gay…you were way ahead of the curve.

#4 – 80% of gay and lesbian youth report severe social isolation. But not here, though! Come visit! The Shack would be happy to accept you into the family! 🙂

#5 – January, coming from early Anglo-Saxons, used to be called ‘Wulfmonath’! Which basically describes the month when hungry wolves would become extremely dangerous, and would come closer to the outskirts of town to scavenge for victims! Nice! Hehehe!

#6 – Black crows are intelligent and perceptive enough to easily recognize human faces. So if you piss one off…and it sees you again, it knows who you are! And it wants payback!

#7 – In the UK, there’s a month long holiday called ‘Dry January’ that is only celebrated by certain people. It means no drinking alcohol for 31 days in order to promote public health. Hehehe! ::Takes a shot of whiskey:: Well, I just fucked that up, didn’t I? God luck, ‘dry guys’! LOL!

#8 – In the 1800’s…dentures were actually made from real human teeth! So…where did they get real human teeth, you might ask? Where else? From the DEAD! Ewwww!

#9 – While the character of ‘Ariel’ doesn’t appear in the “New Kid In School” series on this site until almost halfway through the available chapters…he does make a cameo appearance in the story, “Ryan’s Heart”, which is a re-telling of the first “New Kid” chapter from his point of view. It’s brief, but it has an impact! Hehehe! Check it out some time!

#10 – It would only cost the United States $140​ billion per year to make changes to adapt to our warming climate. Just as a comparison, the U.S. spent $718.69 billion on its military in 2019 alone.

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