Hehehe…ok, seriously…shameless confession here! I LOVE “The Matrix”! And I’m not really sure what everybody is so aggressive and upset about! I mean, I really liked it a lot, and I loved seeing how the Matrix had evolved to put people into a much deeper level of ‘sleep’, while the humans are actually evolving to work with the machines. It was a different approach to the whole mythology. But…I don’t know…some people ‘HATE’ different! And then they whine and complain. And other people HATE familiarity and the same ideas…and then they whine and complain. You can’t win. I think its sad that there are so many people who can’t just…enjoy stuff. That kind of life has just gotta SUCK! Hehehe! No thank you! I like to like stuff. Sorry.

However, that’s not the shameless confession here! Hehehe! Because there are like, two moments when two VERY cute boys show up in the movie, and they raised my eyebrows a little bit. Like, “Oh…HI, cutie! And who might YOU be?” LOL!

Not trying to be a total perv…I’m just letting you know that I noticed!

I looked one of the actors up, not expecting to find much. But, DAMN, was I ever wrong! No way! Ok…there has GOT to be two more sequels coming for “Matrix: Resurrections”! There just has to be! They did NOT just cast this random boy for a “Matrix” movie for a few brief ‘actionless’ cameos! No! That’s not how Hollywood works with these things. I mean, they had to cast him, specifically, for a reason right?

Just LOOK at this shit!!! He can do, like…everything! He’s an acrobat, he’s a martial artist, he’s good with swords, he can work a bo staff, he climbs, he skateboards, he runs, he swims, he can shoot guns, he can friggin’ snowboard….WTF? He can do his own stunts, he’s trained in complex wire work, he’s an archer, he’s…what in the actual FUCK?!?!?!

No way! They did not cast this youngster just because he was insanely cute! I mean, yeah…that’s a huge bonus…but he is not just a random cameo in a big blockbuster movie like this. They’ve obviously got plans for him in the future! Right? I refuse to believe otherwise! He’s fucking amazing!!! Wow!

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A first degree XMA black belt, Gaige Chat (Born Gaige Chaturantabut) comes to us from Los Angeles, California! And while he’s only 13 right now, that hasn’t stopped him from being a total powerhouse from the very beginning of his blossoming career. While there have been very quick glimpses of him in big movies such as “The Matrix: Resurrections” and “Captain Marvel” so far, as well as a role on the SEAL Team series.

How is there not more about him online so far? He’s been doing this professionally since he was about eight or nine years old, and it looks like he’s just now hitting his stride, I guess. Either way, it looks as though he’s making a lot of these videos and training side by side with his big brother, and it appears that he vanished for a year or two (as most child actors did during the big hit of Covid-19 in 2020), but it’s cool to see him getting back in step with everything this year.

A little older, a little wiser, a little stronger…but still ‘little’, hehehe…it would be awesome to see where Gaige goes from here. Because with so many die hard talents, accompanied with a smile that could give sight to the blind if he flashed it in your direction he’s well on his way to being an action star in his own right.

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I’m sending my best wishes and will wait with baited breath to see what’s coming next for you Gaige in the near future! Dude! You are WAY too incredible to just be a pretty face during a few minutes of screen time! I need a lot more! And if there aren’t any more “Matrix” sequels coming our way, be sure to keep up that same energy! Because if I ever get to make a “Gone From Daylight” movie…you’re going to be one of the FIRST boys that I call for it! 😛
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