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Hi Everyone!

So I need to start out thanking more people than I can name for remembering that my birthday is this month. You guys are so sweet, except for one of you who is getting the eraser where it counts. If you understand that, it’s probably you, LOL! We’ll let it slide this time because still, you remembered!

I think the most common question is how old I am now. When not on the cover, as of tomorrow (I’m typing this on the 14th) I will be 18. When on the cover, perpetually 15. So weird! It also marks the second anniversary of becoming the Mascott of probably one of the coolest things I have ever been involved in. It’s the biggest real(fake) magazine I have ever seen and one that really shows how many people are just willing to share a piece of themselves and just not expect anything in return. That still amazes me, even if I do contribute a little bit of me as well.

The second common question is, how long am I sticking around… Sigh… Some of you have amazing memories… I hate that about some of you. <giggle> So, this year I will be graduating High School. Yup, even though COVID tried its hardest, my grades stayed high enough for them to need to serve me eviction papers (or a diploma, whatever) this year. I plan to take the summer to get everything at home settled out and spend time with my friends and family. Then as many of you remembered, I’m really doing it! I’ve already been to the recruitment office and plan to have everything finalized to become an Enlisted Sailor. US Navy… Here I come. I know I have lots of friends and family who will be watching over me. I’m nervous, but really excited too!

So, unless things change, I plan to stay on with IM until the July issue. Then I’m going to have to retire as the mascot. Jeff says that I’ll always be the mascot because it wasn’t something that was planned and actually, if ACFan decides he wants to put my face on the cover, he knows he always has that permission because as I said earlier, in the magazine, I’m always the 15 year old kid that first signed on.

A special message to someone I kinda fell out of contact with for no good reason other than life has just been one big tornado… Big Hug to “Who4m1”, hope you got to go to Spain as planned and I’m sorry I’ve been MIA! Life has been nuts and it keeps getting nutsee-er… um… yeah. Muah <3

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

prtblchr Writes: Is it true that Comicality actually goes into the office? If so, doesn’t that mean that lots of people see him enter the building?

Matt’s Reply: It is true that he comes in when we start preparing the new issues but, as for people seeing him enter the building; I dare you to find one person that has actually seen him come or go. Seriously, it’s like he just seeps into the building as a mist to become solid only when he’s in his office. It’s weird. I’ve gotten there before him and left after he’s already gone for the day but not once have I seen him actually get here or leave. Jeff on the other hand, you may find asleep in his car in the parking lot sometimes… This place can be pretty strange. LOL!


Cathy H. Writes: Have you heard from Trevor lately? I was hoping he would be around a little more than the one time he was on the cover. He was really cute!

Matt’s Reply: I am totally sharing this letter with him. Yeah, I get to see him fairly often. He’s doing great and unfortunately just like me, it looks like modeling is sortof in the rearview mirror so, we don’t work together all that often. He did just break up with his most recent girlfriend so he’s had some free time and we try to hang when we can. You want me to pass your contact info to him? 😉


Jigar Patel Writes: Dearest one, I know you may have been contacted in the past and your help solicited concerning an inheritance and may be it turned out to be a scam. I was a servant at the presidential palace in Burkina Faso until when the president was overthrown. Presently we are in Cote d’Ivoire and the president is in hiding here. He asked me to seek your assistance to help us move some money abroad. If you feel you can help us, kindly reply. If however you are not willing to help us, please do not expose what I have revealed to you.

I look forward to your quick response.

Matt’s Reply: OMG! How could I refuse such a well written plea for help?!? Puh-lease!

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