Mike Reviews: The Memory Wood by Sam Lloyd

Theme: Psychological Thriller

Twelve year old Elijah has lived in the Memory Wood for as long as he can remember.

It’s the only home he’s ever known. He has been isolated his whole life far away from civilization, with his parents, and older brother, taking care of the land of an important aristocrat (a Lord), in the UK.

When Elijah stumbles across a thirteen year old named Elissa, chained up in the cellar (basement) of a cottage (cabin), inside the woods, where her abductor is hiding her, he refuses to alert the police, though, because in his twelve years, Elijah has never had a friend before. And he doesn’t want his new friend Elissa to leave him so soon.

She begs him to help her escape, but Elijah is too scared, as Elissa isn’t the first girl he’s found in the woods, and none of them lived to tell about it, because they didn’t “follow the rules”. And he doesn’t want to lose his new friend, either. But he does promise Ellisa that he’ll come back and visit her.

Meanwhile, we also follow the detective who’s in charge of solving her disappearance.

As Elissa abductor’s behaviour grows ever more erratic, she realises that outwitting the strange and lonely Elijah is her only hope of survival. Their cat-and-mouse game of deception and betrayal will determine both their fates, and whether Elissa or Elijah will ever leave the Memory Wood alive .

I especially liked the chilling twists. It’s one twist after another. Just when I thought I had the gist of it figured out, haha, here’s another twist!

If you want a story that will keep you on your toes and guessing to the very end, this is your book.

Reader be warned though, part of the plot involves the kidnapping of a minor, and while the details aren’t particularly grueling, they aren’t pretty, either.

Goodreads rating: 4.2

Mike’s rating: 3.9

Page count: 375

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