I, honestly, think that there needs to be scientific studies dedicated to the beautiful boy gene pool in Australia…because sometimes this kind of thing just gets to be friggin’ ridiculous! Hehehe! I often wonder…how do gay teens in Australia not fall in love several times a day? And even if you find other gay boys in your area…how the hell do you choose one??? The very concept is simply mind-blowing to me!

Ahem! Sorry…I got lost there for a second! 😛

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sebastien Skubala, ladies and gentlemen! A well known and highly skilled screen actor, stage actor, boy model, singer, songwriter, online influencer, dancer, and photographer! I’m much older than him and I can’t even do half of that shit that I just mentioned! So kudos to Sebastien for being so damn ambitious, as well as incredibly awesome! Wow, dude! I’m amazed!

Coming to you guys from Brisbane, Australia…Sebastien already has a long resume of successes under his belt, and he’s racking up more and more all the time. Especially when it comes to short films, which is something that he’s really known for where he’s from.

From independent shorts like “The Monster Ate My Homework”, “Bianca”, “We Need To Talk”, “Fish Out Of Water”,”Down To Earth”, “Old Saint Nick”, “Today”, “One Eyed Girl”,and more. Including the short film, “Janos”, that he starred in when he was only nine years old.

These films have been very popular online, and have also been sent to Cannes Film Festival a number of times as well. His current project, “The Last Meal”, won the Audience Award at the 48 Hour Film Project festival. Proving, hands down, that Sebastien definitely has what it takes to make it to the big leagues without a doubt. In fact, he’s pretty much there already.

Here’s just a taste of what he’s got to give you! Awwww…and why are Aussie accents so damn cute?

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And one of the things that I really love about Sebastien is that he is just as dedicated to his real life as he is to his professional pursuits. I mean, he’s got a LOT on his plate…but he works all of the proper angles like a pro and still remains sane.

He’s leaps and bounds above me on that one! Hehehe!

“I’m very accustomed to juggling school with acting and singing because I’ve had to do it for so many years! I usually manage by completing as much work as I can in school hours and working hard in class. The work I don’t finish at school I do in the car on the way home. My time after school is then free for me to work on my creative stuff. I expect it’ll get a bit harder to do that when the workload increases as I enter my senior school years, but I’ll worry about that when the time comes!” He says in an interview.

And this is something that he’s certainly sticking to, as he has been on many auditions for movies and TV series in the past few years. Including audition tapes of him trying out for such coveted roles as ‘Mike’ in the first season of “Stranger Things”, “Wolf Creek”, “The Conjuring 2”, “Lemony Snickett And A Series Of Unfortunate Events” Netflix series, “Pirates Of The Caribbean 5”, “The Dark Tower”, and more!

It’s crazy…but I could clearly see him in any ONE of those roles…if not all of them! Hehehe!

On top of all of these other triumphs, Sebastien also has a number of prestigious stage credits attached to his name as well. Including, “The Secret River”, “Macbeth”, “Les Miserable”, and “Aladdin”! In fact, he was still a tiny tyke when he nabbed his very first role. Prince Charming in a young musical version of “Cinderella”. And then he’s got a ton of commercials and ads to be proud of as well! I’m telling you…he’s done a LOT in the few years he’s been on this Earth! Hehehe!

When asked about his career as bot an actor and a singer/songwriter, Sebastien said, “I enjoy the magic of connecting with another actor. The feeling of truly being in the moment, letting go and surrendering yourself to the character is unparalleled. When I’m recording I love coming up with riffs and harmonies on the spot. The creative process is definitely the best part.”

Oh yes…he has been quite successful with his music as well! He has the voice, the look, and more charm than you could ever imagine. How could he not excel at this passion as much as he does the others? His big single, “Hide Yourself”, was a very catchy hit and he has a smooth and unique voice that could easily carry him wherever he wants to go with it. When asked about filming the video, he says, “The cast are actually my friends in real life, so we basically just chatted and laughed and ran amok in the streets and were filmed having fun for hours. It was the best. So there was no acting there, that was all real.” Which, I mean…how cool is that? Hehehe!

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Sebastien Skubala is still singing, still modeling, and still acting…taking classes in improv as well as getting more vocal coaching and learning a variety of different accents. So if he keeps this energy going, I’m pretty sure that he’s going to break through eventually! Which will be awesome for all of us! So keep going strong, you beautiful Aussie babe! We’re waiting to see more! Hehehe!
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