Hehehe, you know, there a lot of things that I have a huge weakness for when it comes to really cute boys! I love shy guys. I love funny guys. I love bright eyes and a really inviting and playful smile. But something that I have always been a MAJOR sucker ever since my journey through puberty even started for the first time…it’s been braces!

I mean, it’s weird, considering that I had braces myself for about two years, and I HATED them! Hahaha! It’s true! I mean the awkwardness, and the headache inducing pain, and just…the whole process of going to the Orthodontist to waste my Saturday with rubber bands and that horrible ‘clicking’ and tightening…ugh! Not to mention that I can remember being soooo ashamed to even smile in front of my friends and family. Oh God, I’d hide my face or cover my mouth as often as possible. And yet, I’ve developed this weird fetish for cute boys with braces who just look like they’re so much happier dealing with them than I ever was. Go figure, right?

And this is where we bring in this month’s super cute centerfold for Imagine Magazine, Caleb Coffee!!! 🙂

Born in California, but now living in the US paradise that is Hawaii these days, Caleb has become one of the most popular and recognizable Influencers, Youtube stars, and TikTok celebrities, in the game today. It just seems like his fans can’t seem to get enough of his charming personality and his contagiously charismatic flair for having fun and engaging with his fans as often as possible. And with a rabid fanbase of over ten million followers and his gorgeous smile being posted all over the place, from one end of the internet to the other…there’s no way that he could not be popular! You know?

I mean…ten MILLION people??? That is like a significant amount of the population of the planet! Just think about that for a moment! Aliens could land on Earth tomorrow…and chances are, they’d probably come across him at some point during their search for the human experience! Hehehe! That’s so crazy to me!

Between all of that, and his shiny smile, braces and all (Driving me CRAZY! They’re so adorable!!!), this beauty is also a relentless self promoter, often getting his fans to go wild for new pics and online streaming events…just to get a chance to talk to them. He’s definitely a lesson in how to make yourself a true idol to your fans.

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“Personally, I started it, ummm, because my dad did. I was ten at the time so I didn’t really have a motivation. Just to have fun really.” Caleb says about his early beginnings on TikTok (Back then, still known as ‘Musical.ly’). Since he was still a youngster, Caleb has been a part of making videos with his family. His father, mother, and older sister Peyton. But since then, I think Caleb has come to stand out as the biggest social media celebrity so far. And yet, they still remain a close knit family, and still do videos with one another all the time. Which is so cool. I LOVE that!

This teen prankster started out with short sketches, prank videos, a little comedy, and a few rehearsed dances, online…as well as taking on a few challenges for good measure. And I think moving to Hawaii gave some of his outdoor videos a bit of an edge over the rest of us living here on the mainland. Hehehe!

“I like Hawaii, personally, because I get to surf, I like my friends.” Caleb says. But alsåço adds, “If I could live anywhere in the world, I would probably pick to live in the Bahamas.” No explanation given, but…I wouldn’t mind living in the Bahama either. So is there really an explanation needed? Especially if I was trapped there with Caleb! Hehehe, just saying! 😛

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You’re a welcome, and an overdue, addition to the Imagine centerfold boys section, Caleb! Love you lots! Keep smiling, and I’ll keep swooning with infatuation each and every time! Hehehe, you can count on it! Best of luck with everything you want to do in the future! Show ’em what you’re made of, dude! We’ll cheer you on the whole way!

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