Disclaimer: Just a quick clarification Multi-Flavoured Com-Doms are available in a multitude of sizes from Mini-Me© to Gargantuan Godzilla© Sized Behemoths. There are even Empire State Building sized ones, just in case, you would want to cover that building. Why, who knows. Now, if any of the preceding statements bear any relation to “Truth, Justice and the American Way©.” Then just maybe, and I do mean just maybe the words supposedly said by the adorably cute as a button Luke Roessler may resemble the truth. However, the odds of that being so is slimmer than slim to none! But he does have a point wearing a Johhny, Raincoat or French Letter is always the way to go. Always cover your wick before dipping! While “Brown Sugar Blastgasms” are awesome White Chocolate Dipped Dark Chocolate Multi-Blastgasms are wayyyyy wayyyyy better! We now return you to your private version of reality.
Disclaimer Courtesy of: The Story Lover
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