You know…there are three types of magic when you see it being performed right in front of your face…

There’s good magic tricks…there’s great magic tricks…and then there’s “WTF?!?! OMIGOD!!! What did I just watch???” Jaw dropping, heart stopping, can’t even figure out how he did it, kind of magic! And I think that super cute Jasper Cherry definitely falls into that last category!

Jasper Cherry was only 14 years old when he first wowed the judges on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ for the first time a little over a year ago, and their minds were collectively blown by what he was able to do in just under a minute or two, with all of the charm and humor of a well trained professional.

Seriously…there’s always some kind of smoke and mirrors going on with magic, a bit of distraction, and maybe a couple of nimble fingers that just move too fast for you to catch on to what they’re doing. But I really can’t watch and keep up with Jasper enough to actually figure out the trick. It’s crazy, some of the things he’s able to pull off. And it’s all at normal speed.

And you want to know what’s even MORE frustrating, hehehe? Even when he comes right out and shows you how the trick is done…there’s an even more incredible trick hidden underneath it. Which is doubly insane! Check this out…

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Coming in to compete from Lancaster in the UK, this amazing young teen made it through to being one of the final five contestants on the show, losing out to the show’s number one comedian. However, seeing his talent and interactions with a cheering audience, that comedian decided to take him on the road with him and make him a part of the show. Which was super cool for him to do.

Every single one of his performances has been hailed as being well executed due to his contagious charm and undeniable charisma on stage. And having him be so incredibly adorable didn’t hurt him either. Awwww! ::Smooches::

“I feel with magic, that you always have to try and be one step ahead of everybody, so you have to think, in a very weird way, that you’re doing something…but you also have to present it in a way that is completely different and obviously doesn’t ruin what you’re actually doing.” Jasper says.

While always having an interest in magic, it was the isolation of the recent Covid-19 pandemic that really made him step up and truly embrace his craft, improving his skills more and more with each growing day.

Apparently, there has been a huge growth of interest in magic among young people during that particular time, which is something that I never really thought about before. It has been credited with building confidence and encouraging social skills among teenagers. Not to mention that it inspires imagination and increases communication while they were all at home instead of being at school with their friends. Magic has become both an outlet and an escape for them, and that really does make a lot of sense. Even though…hehehe, I’m sure that teens aren’t all as good as HE is at doing it! But maybe he’ll take on a young apprentice someday.

His family and friends have all described Jasper as being a very quiet boy…but admit that he comes alive on stage, as magic performances bring out an entirely different side of him to the surface. “Yeah, I was very nervous, but…you know…it’s just, when I’m on stage, it’s just so much easier and I can almost interact with the audience, so that really helps my confidence.” And now he’s performing on tour, bringing joy and wonder to tons of different audiences with every tilted grin and wave of his hand. Along with thousands of devoted subscribers on all of his social media outlets, and videos of some of his newest tricks…there’s no way that he can’t push forward and become one of the next greats in the business! How cool would that be? 🙂

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The WORST magic trick that you could ever pull on the rest of us, Jasper, would be for you to suddenly disappear on us! I’m a big fan! And you’ve got what it takes to truly be something special, dude! So keep going! And I hope to see you at the top of your game someday! Now THAT would be a show worth buying tickets to! 😛

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