It was every parent’s nightmare about a decade ago…hearing that their son had been seriously injured and needed to be rushed to the hospital. Traumatic in ways that I can’t even fathom.

But the tragic events of that day haven’t stopped actor/model/influencer, Knox Gibson one bit! In fact, he’s only gotten bigger, better, and CUTER than ever before, and is now a popular model that is highly sought after by brands ranging from Tommy Hilfiger, to LaBelle Kids Magazine, to shows like Katwalk For Kids, and the International Kids Fashion Parade! He’s definitely making moves these days, and it’s pretty damn cool to see him doing so well for himself.

Born in New South Wales, Australia, this fourteen year old cutie has enough energy and talents for any three or four kids out there! Hehehe! His interests including Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, and playing Cricket. (A game that, God help me, I just don’t understand at all! Hehehe! Give me a break! I’m American!) Not only that, but Knox is apparently really talented at playing the drums in a band with his two older siblings, Hamish and Arabella, as well. I haven’t heard any of their music, but I’m already exhausted by a bunch of the other stuff that he’s been excelling at already. So I’m sure they’re awesome. 😛

Now…you may be asking yourselves, ‘How he can do all of these amazing things when he’s obviously missing half of his right arm?’ And the answer is, simply…he’s just a fuckin’ STUD, that’s how! Hehehe! I mean, there’s really nothing else to say about it. He’s happy, he’s confident, he’s talented, and of course…he’s undeniably beautiful!

So what does he really have working against him? Nothing, to be honest.

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Being an advocate for diversity and disability in the modeling world and beyond, Knox Gibson’s accident may have been a catalyst for the many rewards that he is reaping in multiple different industries today. It’s simply something that he’s very passionate about.

Knox was only four years old when the traumatic accident took place. Being watched by his grandparents at the time, he unfortunately walked too close behind a riding lawnmower and found himself quickly being sucked underneath and trapped there…his right arm suffering major injuries and lacerations that sent him and his family rushing to the emergency room.

Both of Knox’s parents said that it was no one’s fault that it happened, but it was a nerve-wracking time regardless. Well, I mean, obviously. Knox had to be air lifted to the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney in order for some their top doctors to move him in for immediate surgery. And it was then that his mother was taken into a private room with a doctor for a serious talk.

She was only given one of two, very unfortunate, choices. Knox could either go through hours and hours of extensive surgery to have a ‘non-functioning’ arm in its entirety, that might have lingering postoperative effects that could turn out to be dangerous or even fatal in the long run…

…Or they could amputate the arms just below the elbow.

Not an easy decision to make, but she was instructed that amputation was the way to go. And the rest, as they say, is history. Or, more appropriately…history in the making! Because Knox hasn’t missed a single step since! And by the time he was eight years old, he was already one of the biggest buzzes in the modeling industry. And he’s only going to get better from here.

He does have a variety of prosthetics that he uses for certain tasks when needed, but isn’t at all worried about not wearing anything at all. His family champions him from not letting it change who he is inside, and that is so inspiring, you know?

However, hehehe…they have also claimed that Knox has gone through a number of prosthetics over the years. Partially, because he’s growing up, and they need to be resized and re-fitted from time to time. But also because…boys will be boys. And that leads to stuff getting cracked and broken sometimes. Which is cute! Boys being boys are just plain precious!

Now moving more towards his acting career, Gibson has been featured in quite a number of short films, including “Midnight Zero” and the Netflix hosted, “Forgive Our Trespasses”, and music videos like “Handyman” by the group Triple One. Which I would love to see what his acting talent is like. Let’s see him in more! And he’s doing all of this while still going to regular school, spending time with his family, and modeling gigs like going to New York for the ‘Runway of Dreams’ show or the Melbourne Fashion Week event (Which highlights the need for inclusion of people with disability in fashion). So, he is definitely a busy bee, in every sense of the word.

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So CHEERS, mate! Hehehe! Knox Gibson has everything that it takes to be a superstar, and I wish him all the best in the near future! From tragedy to triumph in such a short time, this young man is out there showing the world that nothing is going to slow him down or hold him back! And I respect that! Kudos!

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