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Hi Everyone!

First I gotta tell you that my little bro has a girlfriend! (Yeah, it was bound to happen and you should see the look on his face just cause I’m putting it in here. LOL!) They were so cute walking home from school together Friday and I think they were holding hands at one point. So cute! (He’s gonna hate me…) Anyway…

After calling him and telling him to read last month’s letters, I spent the weekend at Trevor’s house for the first time in like a million years. He is still so cute and so into girls… What’s wrong with all the guys around me anyway? <giggle> He absolutely knows that if he didn’t have a new girlfriend I’d be on him like velcro! She’s really cute though and I think they are awesome together already. (I told you he’d call, Cathy :P) Before you ask, I did tell him that I was leaving IM in July and asked if he wanted to take over. I think he’s getting like me though, sick of being in front of a camera. He actually is working in an automotive shop that does cool upgrades and stuff now. Real “Pimp my Ride” kind of stuff. I don’t own a car yet but he says he’ll work with me on whatever I get to trick it out so, I better pick something really cool. I can’t wait. He did ask me to say hi to you all so… um… HI!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Preston Writes: i was not holding her hand

Matt’s Reply: Sure you weren’t. Let me guess, her hand was cold and you were worried about her getting frostbite. Face it little man, you fool no one! LOL!


Minky08 Writes: Has your little brother ever considered taking over as the mascot for the magazine?

Matt’s Reply: Actually, we all had discussed that here in the office. Then we asked him and he just shook his head no. I really can’t blame him because it does take up a ton of my time. Not that I regret any of it. He just enjoys his sports and friends too much to cut in on any of the time he spends on them. I can support that decision. Besides, IM doesn’t need a Mascot, it has Jeff! (I am so dead…)


꧁༒Tony☠Mann18༒꧂ Writes: I would like to request less blah blah and more rawr!

Matt’s Reply: OMG! Good idea, let’s start right now!

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