Mentoring Brandon

“Where the fuck is Tom?” Jon asked in a very stern tone.

I really didn’t know how to answer so I told him that Tom and Dave had spent the night in our room so that they wouldn’t bother him. He seemed to accept that for which I was very grateful.

I stepped up to the urinal and went about my business. I really had to pee and I wasn’t really concerned about what Jon was feeling at that moment. As I started to pee, I felt that there were eyes on me and sure enough, when I looked over, I saw Jon ‘sneaking a peak’ at me. It didn’t bother me, as that happened many times in the dorms. Most guys are curious about others, I think.

When I finished, I went to wash my hands. Jon followed me to the sinks to do the same.

“So, all you guys slept together in just two bed?” he asked.

“Well, we slept in the same room, Jon, if that is what you mean,” I responded. I wasn’t about to let anything else, out, obviously.

“There are only two beds, Bob. I’m not stupid,” he continued. “I know that you and Brandon have your beds, but where did Tom and Dave sleep?”

“Hell, Jon, talk to Tom about that, will ya!” I said with some disgust in my voice.

“Ok, Bob, I’m sorry. I’m just a bit hung-over.”

I had figured as much when I walked in, because his eyes were really red, and he was standing with his head up against the wall as he was relieving himself — that was between the peeks he was stealing looking at my hard cock.

As I left the washroom, Jon followed closely. He was nearly walking up my back as we made our way back to the room. Jon made his way to the room and I passed him continuing to Brandon’s. He opened the door, walked in and I was just glad that he didn’t follow me.

As I opened the door, I could see the other three were still asleep. Tom was lying there with his arm wrapped around Dave. It was an amazing site to me, as these two JOCKS that I had spent the last 3 months with weren’t exactly the typical queer stereotype. Well, neither were Brandon and I either, which I’m sure helped our acceptance at CBS.

I was standing there looking at Tom and Dave and wondering if they had engaged in anything while I was not in the room. I wondered how long that this relationship had actually been going on, if at all. There was never any hint of them being sexually interested in each other. As a matter of fact, it was always the opposite. Every time that they were fooling around wrestling and things like that (which roommates do on occasion), I always felt that they were doing just that. I know when I was involved there was no physical attraction on their part, from what I could tell at least.

My eyes slowly made their way to the other bed. There was Brandon, on his back, the sheet still draped over his chest sporting his normal morning hard on. He was so gorgeous, with his arm bent behind his head, eyes shut tight, and other hand … oops…other hand? Well, the movement that I saw told me what the other hand was doing.

I couldn’t let him have all the fun, I thought to myself. He was playing with that big hard cock unconsciously, I am sure, as he was in a deep sleep. I stood there for a second knowing what I wanted to do, but didn’t want to disturb the other couple. The more I thought of it, though, the more I wanted my love.

I walked over to Brandon’s side of the bed and slowly began to lower the sheet. It was caught under him, as he had a habit of engulfing himself like a caterpillar in a cocoon after I left the bed. I slowly untucked the sheet from under his gorgeous bubble butt and made my way under with my hand. I placed my hand on top of his and just let him continue to play with his cock. It was very sensuous, knowing that I was helping him feel good in his deep sleep.

After about 2 minutes, I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled the sheet over my head. I watched closely for a few seconds as our hands moved in unison over the long shaft of his penis. He was super-hard and I hoped he was dreaming of what I was about to engage in with him. And, I also hoped it was with ME that he was dreaming about.

I slowly moved close to the head of his cut cock. The mushroom head was right there for me to lick. I flicked my tongue slowly and his hand stopped moving. He thrust his hips slightly allowing me to take most of the head into my mouth. I could sense what he wanted as it was the same as I did.

I began to lick up and down the shaft from the head to the balls. His cock was becoming wet and I could feel the warmth of him on my tongue. I managed to get my hand off of his, now, and cupped his balls ever so lightly. My tongue was moving faster. With his cock plastered to his belly, it was difficult to take him deep in my mouth from the position I was kneeling next to him. I scooted up closer to his chest with my knees so that I could angle down and take his cock deep in my throat.

As I began to slowly lower my mouth down the shaft of his big dick I had a warm feeling at the opening of my underwear, I didn’t have to think too much as to what it was as very soon, my cock was out of my shorts and in Brandon’s mouth. We lay there in a very slow 69, each working to make sure that the other was enjoying the experience. His hand moved from his stomach to my balls as he cupped them gently in his palm.

I was still under the sheet as I began to thrust my cock deep in his mouth. I could feel Brandon’s balls tightening and I knew that it was going to be very soon when he rewarded me with his sweet cum. I also knew that I wasn’t going to make him wait too long for his treasure either. Usually it took us both a very long time to reach a climax, but this morning for some reason, it was going to be a very quick release of pent up semen.

I reached my arm around his ass and pulled him close to me. I wanted him to shoot deep into my mouth so that I could swallow all of him. One last thrust and I had my lover’s juices. His first two spurts hit hard on the back of my throat and I could feel 4 – 5 more spasms to complete his orgasm.

As he finished his last plunge, I pushed my cock deeper into his mouth as I was building to that ultimate moment. I could hear Brandon moaning both in what I believe were pleasure with his own orgasm as his anticipation for mine. However, as I listened more closely, I could hear more than one moan. Being under the covers, I couldn’t tell what was happening, so I pushed the sheet off of me as I exploded into Brandon’s mouth.

Over on the other bed, I could see that both Dave and Tom had woken up. Dave was straddling Tom with his head thrown back and his cock plunging in and out of his mouth. I could see Tom had his hand on his cock, feverishly stroking it in time with Dave’s thrusts. My cock, still in Brandon’s mouth, was beginning to again get hard, as was the one that was in front of me. I looked up and saw Brandon watching the same show that I was at that very moment.

Suddenly, a stream of cum shot from the head of Tom’s cock. His hand, still moving quickly up and down his shaft was beginning to squeeze every drop of his orgasm. Dave, still thrusting at a very rapid pace, was apparently very close to his own eruption. His arms straightened as they pushed on each side of the bed and he threw his head back and let out a very loud yell. It was obvious to Brandon and I at that moment, that Tom and Dave had no shyness. All they wanted was to enjoy each other, knowing that the couple next to them wouldn’t care in the least bit.

As Dave exploded deep into Tom’s mouth, the sexual tension that filled the room moments earlier had totally subsided. The four boys had released with the help of their own lover, the juices of life that were so common at our ages. As the four of us lay there content with what had happened, I couldn’t help but think about all the times that I wanted Dave and Tom to play before I met Brandon. I wondered if Brandon and I would have even gotten together if that had happened. All I knew was that I was with the boy that I loved and also, to my surprise, was in love with my two best friends. That love, being totally different, was pleasing and satisfying for me. I felt extremely lucky at that very moment that I had come to CBS that fall. If I had fought my dad about enrolling, I would never have met three wonderful guys.

For the next ten minutes, we all lay there. Brandon was in my arms and Dave in Tom’s. A knock on the door interrupted a very calm and relaxing moment. I also was very glad that I had double-checked if I had locked the door, because the voice that came from the other side was Jon’s.

“Hey you guys, time to get up!” came the muffled voice from the hallway side of the door.

“Ok! Ok!” I yelled back as I got up from bed and pulled on my underwear. I looked at Tom and saw a bit of panic on his face. “Tom, get to the floor and take a blanket. You, too, Dave, cause that is supposed to be my bed,” I said with a wide smile on my face. They both moved quickly, Dave with the sheet to the floor next to the wall by my bed and Tom with the blanket in between Brandon’s and mine.

I opened the door and saw Jon standing there, in his underwear. “Come on in before you wake everyone,” I said sternly.

“Hey guys, the victory breakfast is in a half hour. Time for you guys to get ready. After all, you are the team.” Jon said with a laugh.

“Oh, Shit!” is all I heard from Brandon as I saw him pop up out of bed.

All of a sudden, Jon stopped in his tracks and was staring at something. I turned to see Brandon as he got out of bed, his hard cock waving in the breeze. He had forgotten as he jumped out of bed that he was naked and the sheet fell to the ground exposing that lovely aspect of his being.

Dave and Tom had sat up from their spot on the floor and I could see out of the corner of my eye that they were holding back their laughter. Jon on the other hand was showing his interest in what he saw as his cock began to rise very rapidly in his jockey shorts.

“Ah, hum!” I muttered. “Did you forget something last night, Brandon?” I questioned half-heartedly.

“Damn, it happened again!” Brandon began. “I can’t train this thing to do anything.”

We all laughed, including Jon, as Brandon grabbed the sheet and put it around himself.

“That’s alright,” Jon said. “Not a bad site to walk into actually!”

That was a surprise, not only to me, but I could see the look on Tom’s face. It appeared he was questioning whether or not that was his brother saying that or someone else.

After my experience in the washroom earlier and this comment, I was wondering, myself, about Jon and his own sexuality. Was he as straight as he appeared, or was he like the four of us? Queer?

“So I see you don’t sleep with any sheets or blanket Bob,” Jon stated. “Must get cold at night.”

I could see that no one was fooling Jon at all at this point. He knew about Brandon and I and I assumed that he also had a pretty good idea about Tom and Dave. My thoughts I could see from Tom’s expression were on his mind as well. Jon was looking directly at Tom and the two of them, I believe were about to learn more about their brother.

“Nope, mine is over there, actually, Jon,” I said pointing to the blanket lying by the doorway. “I had to get up fast when you knocked so that you didn’t wake up everyone in the dorm with your yelling.”

Jon looked near the door and saw the blanket that I noticed that Dave had just thrown over there. The look on Jon’s face was of panic at that moment.

“I’m sorry guys,” he said. “It just looked rather unusual. Guess that I got a bit drunk last night.”

“Not a problem,” I replied. “Just remember we’re here because we knew what you would be like after the victory.”

With that, Jon turned and as he exited said, “I’ll see ya at the breakfast.” I closed the door behind him.

“Quick thinking there, Dave,” I said as I turned back into the room. Tom was smiling too, as he realized that his older brother had almost caught him, in a secret he really didn’t want him to know. “I think we better get dressed and get to that breakfast.”

The four of us quickly threw on some clothes and headed down to the dorm cafeteria. All the coaches, parents, and guests were there to celebrate our victory over Oskie. At the head table were the coaches and the schools administration, of course. The team had its own area away from all the adults.

This was a big deal from what I had heard. This “Homecoming” breakfast was more for the alumni and parents than the team. It was the school’s way of getting money looking back, but at that time all I though was that it was a big farce and that there were better things to do on a Sunday morning.

After all had eaten, Coach Bazarak got up to give his annual speech about the season. Our season, as you already know, wasn’t the best, but the victory against Oskie was the key and everyone was happy that it was a success, at least in that area. He gave congratulations to all the team, told a bit about all the seniors and wished them luck.

He then turned to the underclassman and began to encourage all of us about next year. He recapped the previous day’s victory and said that it was a sophomore and a new student at CBS that brought victory for our school. He asked Brandon to stand up and presented him with the game ball. This, he said, was the first time that a sophomore ever received the Oskie Victory Ball. Applause was everywhere. I gazed into Brandon’s eyes as he took the ball and was thankful for him being my love. I just wished I could tell everyone there, but knew that it would never happen.

Coach Bazarak continued to recap the game. He then turned to me and asked me to stand.

“In August,” he began, “this young man came to our school. He was a rookie to our program, but we knew that he was going to add another dimension to our team. All the coaching staff knew of his success, in the Chicago school that he attended last year. We knew that he would be a key to our rebuilding, and that he has been. The game ball went to Brandon, that is true. But it was under Bob’s tutelage and encouragement that allowed that to happen. These two boys have spent a lot of time together preparing for what we saw yesterday. They work as a team and they will be the foundation of next years championship season.”

I was turning red as a beet. I didn’t like much attention drawn to me and here he was making me stand in front of all these people listening to all of this. If only he really knew HOW close that Brandon and I worked together, I don’t think he would have been saying all of this.

Coach Bazarak continued. “And, because of this, I would like to announce that he, along with Tom Marshall will be the co-captains of the CBS Indians.”

With this, again there was a round of applause. Tom stood up next to me. We shook hands (obviously we both wanted to hug, but the macho football players wouldn’t do that) and turned to everyone in attendance. I was shocked to say the least. And, if it weren’t for Brandon, I wouldn’t even be thinking about attending CBS the next year. Now, though, I had a reason to stay.

“Now,” Coach continued, ” we have never had this situation, but all of the coaches agree that the time has come. We are adding a third captain for next year. The reason is continuity. We feel that leadership is earned and experience is necessary for a successful program. So, our third captain is Brandon Sickema.”

My jaw dropped and so did Tom’s. This was unheard of at any school, having a junior as a captain. But, for one, I had no problem with this at all. Brandon had shown his ability and leadership. I quickly looked around the room. There wasn’t one person that I could tell that had a problem with this. The sophomore and juniors we all applauding loudly, knowing that Brandon was indeed the best of their classes. Brandon stood up to accept the assignment. He extended his hand to Tom and me. I couldn’t take just a handshake and pulled him close and hugged him tight. To my surprise, Tom wrapped his arms around both of us and pulled us close. The applause got louder with acceptance of this emotion.

Coaches Marsh, Kistner, and Gallo walked over and congratulated all of us. Coach Bazarak was smiling up on the podium with pride. This indeed was a great day and I think we all looked forward to next season at this point.

It was unfortunate that my parents or Brandon’s parents couldn’t be at this event. Being so far from our homes and the size of our families didn’t allow that to happen. I knew that I would be calling home, as would Brandon. But for the moment, we were just getting a number of people coming up to us and giving us encouragement for next season. I could see Jon was smiling, as well, since he, too, had been a captain when he was at CBS. Now, his brother was named captain, which, I am sure made him proud.

The breakfast lasted way to long as far as I was concerned, but by 11:00, we were able to head back to the dorm. Dave and Tom came into the room and picked up their things and went back to “our” room. Before they left, we all gave each other a hug AND a kiss. My first kiss to my former roommates. That was an experience I have always treasured. I have always felt that it was too bad that it couldn’t have happened at the breakfast, but the times weren’t right.

Brandon and I were in a deep embrace as Tom and Dave left. “I’ll make sure I lock it,” Dave said with a smile as he closed the door.

“So, what should we do with the rest of the day,” Brandon half-heartedly questioned.

I drew him even closer and placed my lips on his. We kissed for a long time. Our tongues ravaging in each other’s mouth. Our hands were all over each other as we fell back onto the bed. We just lay there intensely involved in each other.

As I lay there with the most important person in my life at that moment, I couldn’t help but begin to think about what lay ahead of us. Being queer wasn’t easy in the 60’s, or in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or even now. But life was ahead of Brandon and me and I wanted it to be together.

My parents would be very upset, as they were very religious and being homosexual was a sin. I had the standard parental talks with my parents about sex, but it never went in the direction that I was currently heading. Oh, my dad told me about the going blind and hairy hands thing with masturbation, although I believe at this time it was only because my mother made him. I had caught him a few times in the shower playing with himself, so I knew, even then, that was a scare tactic.

I knew I wanted to bring Brandon home and let my parents meet him, as a friend. My brothers (I had two younger brothers) would like him, I was sure. I thought about asking him to come home during Thanksgiving break, but then I realized that he had a family, too. We lived about 150 miles from each other. I knew I had the use of the family car when I went home, but wasn’t sure my parents would let me take it to see him. Maybe I could pick him up one day, bring him home and he could stay overnight as I would bring him back the next day.

As I thought about all this, I realized that Brandon had fallen asleep in my arms. We were both half on the bed, with our feet on the floor. His head resting on my chest was the most wonderful feeling that there was. I didn’t want to wake him, but I also felt my legs falling asleep. I scooted up laying his head on the bed. I took his legs and placed them up on the bed so that he was comfortable. I then had the urge to pee, so I knew it was time to head for the washrooms.

Ironically, when I got into the bathroom, there was —- guess who? You got it! Jon!

As I entered, he turned his head and said hello. I responded in kind and went to the farthest urinal I could from him. As I began to use the washroom, he again finished his business, stepped back and shook his cock vigorously. It was almost a show, I thought to myself, as it appeared he wanted me to look at what he was doing. Out of the corner of my eye I caught him checking to see if I was looking. It took all I could muster NOT to turn my head, that I wanted to look, but the invitation was very apparent.

“So, congrats Captain,” Jon said. “I know you and my bro will take this team to the championship, for sure.”

“Thanks, Jon,” I said as I turned to look at him. Fortunately, he had zipped up and was just standing there talking.

As I finished, I pulled up my zipper and headed for the sink to wash my hands. Jon stood next to me and just smiled. I was feeling a bit self-conscious at the moment and I didn’t know why.

“Bob, I have a question for you?”

“Ok, shoot, Jon,” I said as I finished washing my hands.

“Tom seems a bit strange,” Jon started. “Is there something going on with him and Dave?”

Wow! How did he know? Was he searching or did he really have an idea that his brother and his roommate were playing around?

“What?” I asked with a very loud voice.

“Well, Bob, I know that there is something with you and Brandon and just wonder about Tom and Dave.”

“Something with me and Brandon? What are you talking about?”

“Two beds and only one slept in tells me a lot, Robert!”

“Jon, something you need to know. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Brandon and I are good friends, pure and simple,” I said trying to be as convincing as I could.

“Okay! Okay!” Jon exclaimed. “But I see the way you two act around each other and also the looks that you both give one another. It’s fine with me, because I know how things can get around here without any girls around.”

“Oh, there are plenty in town, Jon. You know that!”

“Well, then, maybe the lakeside activities that you two were involved in yesterday were just a way of passing the time, huh?”

Oh, boy! I guess there was more to his inquiry than speculation from that statement. I really didn’t know what to say, but felt that any further denial was fruitless. “Well, I guess we had a voyeur, huh?”

“Well, I did see you guys there. I was on the other side of the lake, my usual spot for pre-game thought. And,” he continued, “you two look like you were having some fun!”

“Man, what can I say?” I stuttered as I felt my face get very blushed.

“It’s cool! You both are very cute,” he said and winked at me.


“I guess that is why I asked about Tom and Dave,” he continued. “When I got in last night and they weren’t in the room and then when I went into Brandon’s room this morning, it all fell together. You and Brandon are obviously sleeping together on one bed and that left the other for my brother and Dave. You see, I also have a bit of a secret.”

My heart was pounding rather quickly at this point. Jon had a secret?

“Back at college, Bob, I have a roommate, too. But we are more than roommates. We are a couple. I’m queer, my friend, just like you and Brandon.”

“Ah, Jon, can we talk somewhere else,” I said knowing that chances were that others would be coming into the bathroom.

“Sure, let’s take a walk,” Jon said as he made his way to the door. “Maybe we can hit the lake and talk.”

There was a very bright glimmer in his eye as he said that. I wasn’t sure whether that was a good idea, but getting out of the washroom was. I followed him as he made his way down the stairs.


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