#1 – Rainbows, as beautiful as they may appear, are merely an optical illusion that can only be cast at a distance. So they can never be touched, or even approached, no matter how hard you try or how long you walk to find the end of one.

#2 – Studies conducted by Live Science show that surgeries for male vasectomies increase by up to 50% during the month of March for some reason! Hehehe, so…if you were looking to have a little ‘snip snip’ to the old juice canal…now would be the time to do it! 😛

#3 – The month of March was named after the Roman god of war, Martius…more commonly known as ‘Mars’. Once the coldest months of Winter come to and end, it became a signal that this was the most opportune time of the year for countries and kingdoms to go to war. But this is not where the strange similarities end…as nearly all major wars and military conflicts between nations (With the exception of America’s war in Afghanistan) began during this time of year as well. Including Vietnam (March 8th, 1965), the invasion of Iraq (March 20th, 2003), and Libya (March 19th, 2011)! Well, at least it’s 2022 now. Maybe we’ve learned our lesson and…what…??? GODDAMMITT, Russia!!! >:(

#4 – Released in March of 1960, Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “Psycho”, was recognized as the very first ‘slasher’ flick in cinematic history. Starring Janet Leigh as the main actress. The slasher genre was later resurrected years later with “Halloween”…which also starred Janet Leigh’s daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis. Then resurrected AGAIN with Wes Craven’s, “Scream”…starring Drew Barrymore, and paying homage to both Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis in the opening fifteen minutes! I wonder who will resurrect it next?

#5 – Originally, my very first plan for the story “New Kid In School” was going to be a single, one chapter, story…but I was open to maybe doing a few more if people liked it. However, it was only meant to last for a few months…where Ryan and Randy would wrap everything up before their Summer vacation, and possibly go their separate ways after that. Just a two or three month fling. Thus the title of the very first chapter…”That Gloomy Day In March”.

#6 – Many archaeologists claim to have found evidence that those who built the ancient pyramids in Giza were actually paid in alcoholic beverages! (Hehehe! And you expect me to get up and come back to work in the morning???)

#7 – If the Sun were to explode right now, as you’re reading this…you would only have another eight minutes and twenty seconds left to live! And you wouldn’t even know it until at least of those eight minutes were already up! How’s that for daylight savings time? Hehehe!

#8 – The idea and study of ‘Polydactyl’ in science actually tells us that having extra fingers or toes is a dominant trait in human beings. So being born with five digits on each hand or on each foot is recognized as a recessive trait.

#9 – March is the month of the year when all wild animals begin waking up from their Winter hibernation. So…if you liked taking that hike through the woods like, “There aren’t any bears or bobcats out here…ummm…you may want to rethink that course of action. Because I’m guessing they’re gonna wake up hungry!

#10 – Alcohol consumption has been proven to be much higher in people with light colored eyes than those with dark colored eyes. In fact, due to a 2015 medical study, people with blue eyes and of European descent have the highest rates of alcohol misuse above all others. So be careful this year, party people! K?

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