Mike Reviews: The Locker Room by Amy Lane

Themes: Romance/Drama/Sports

Format: Audiobook (also available on Kindle and paperback)

The story starts when Xander and Chris meet each other, when they are fourteen years old, and the story follows them through their lives until they are adults playing in the NBA.

The two lovers have a very different childhood. While Chris lives surrounded by love, money and safety, Xander’s family consists of his drugged up mom and her frequent short term lovers, who mistreat and beat Xander whenever they feel like it.

Eventually, with the help of Chris, Xander flees his broken home and manages to overcome the odds and obtain a decent education and a position on a major basketball team, along with his boyfriend.

But homophobia is rife and their coach is a bigot, so they have to keep continue living the lie, until a serious accident changes everything.

My verdict? Honestly, I didn’t love this one, but it was OK. I didn’t really connect with the two main characters. But it was rated quite high on Goodreads, so maybe it was just me. Which is why I am still reviewing it here.

Goodreads rating: 4.1

Mike’s rating: 3.2

Page count: 250

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