Disclaimer: Okay, so I’m confused. If he’s talking about our absolutely bogus sponsor (what, we are all thinking it) and we all know where those are used. Then why is he pointing at his Vans? Is it because the laces are the same color as the packaging for the Brown Sugar Blastgasm? Is it because he wants the focus to be on his feet? Not sure the relationship there. Unless… Com-Doms are somehow affiliated with Vans, which isn’t likely because as we have mentioned time and time again, ‘fake product’.  Could very well be the fact that this picture was not taken with Com-Doms in mind. *Gasp* I know! Mind blown, right?
Now what was I doing again? Doesn’t matter, I’m gonna stare at him for a bit and then get back to work. Probably blow off what I was working on to check his IMDB and then not be seen for a few days as I stream everything he’s acted in, LOL!
Disclaimer Courtesy of: JeffsFort
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