#1 – A cockroach-inspired robot is now being developed for use in disaster zones! (Ewww!!!) A cockroach can fit through spaces just a quarter of its height and move 20 times its length per second. The equivalent for a person would be someone running at 70 miles an hour! Inspired by the cockroachesā€™ flexible exoskeleton and speed, researchers have made a search-and-rescue robot that can recoil its legs and compress its body to get through rubble and quickly find survivors after natural disasters or bombings. I guess that’s a good thing? But, if I’m trapped under a building, and the ONLY way you have to save me is to send in a giant robotic cockroach to dig me out of the rubble…ummm…PLEASE don’t! Please? ::Shivers::

#2 – On April 26th, 1986…the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened, where the reactor exploded and showerd every living thing within a three hundred mile radius with radioactive materials. I vaguely remember this happening back when I was a little boy…and to this day, it is STILL not fully safe to be inhabited by human beings. And that one incident was decades ago!

#3 – The month of April originally only had 29 days. The 30th day wasn’t added until Julius Caesar established his own year calendar for others to follow.

#4 – April 6th is officially considered ‘National Pillow Fight’ day! So…you know… ::Wicked Grin::

#5 – Non-LGBTQ students struggle most with school classes, exams, and work, their homosexual and questioning peers say that their biggest problem they face is unaccepting families.

#6 – After re-editing some of the earlier chapters of my story, “Agenda 21″…I actually chose to stop writing any further chapters for the time being. At least until all of this ‘anti-vax’ nonsense was over and done with. What I wrote was for a different time, and it was nothing like it is now. It was a personal choice, but I felt it would be irresponsible for my story to fan those particular flames. Maybe it’ll return in the near future so I can finish the story…but common sense will have to prevail before that happens. Sorry to the fans. šŸ™

#7 – The real ‘Snow White’ is believed to be a Bavarian Baroness from the 18th century. A big part of the story being the ‘talking mirror’, which at the time was believed to capture and store everything that it reflected for later use. (Ummm…use for WHAT? That’s creepy as hell!)

#8 – In South Africa, being a gay man was absolutely illegal until 1998! However…it was NEVER made legal to be a gay woman, even to this day…and can land you in jail.

#9 – As bee populations continue to decrease, worldwide, and they are necessary for the ecosystem to survive, studies at the US Department of Agriculture lab in Fargo, North Dakota are attempting to remedy the problem by using…frozen SPERM! Hehehe, so if you need some extra cash and want to maybe have a giant ‘bee baby’…start saving up your reserves people! Awwww…I’m gonna name mine ‘Bee-tlejuice’!

#10 – While nothing new or original, going back to the first and second World Wars…the very term, ‘America First’ was a slogan that was adopted by white supremacists, the Nazis, and the Ku Klux Klan. And many people already know that. In fact, the Anti-Defamation League approached the Donald Trump campaign and urged them and not run on that bigoted, homophobic, and anti-Semitic, trope for his bid for president. They were turned away.

So…when you hear ‘America First’…know what it means, and what it stands for. Look it up for yourselves. Try Charles Lindbergh and see what he had to say about it at the time. It’s not an accident. The worst atrocities of mankind rarely are.

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