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Keep asking yourself…and always be honest with your answer…

…What is so damn THREATENING to your well being or the well being of those around you to simply ponder questions and discover the truth of the world around you? Seriously. Why is it seen as such a menace by some, and such an opportunity for growth by the many? This isn’t just a rhetorical question to be dismissed and be casually tossed aside as soon as you finish reading this passage in the Book of Comsiology, or to be treated as some sort of a joke or parody that leads you right back to the confines of the life you were living outside of this webpage.


Take a moment.

And really think about this.

Why can’t you explore life for everything that it is? Good parts and bad? Why can’t you learn about both and make your own decisions about which is which? Why are there people trying soooo hard to keep you from discovering and contemplating your own humanity without their personal oversight and control? Who ARE these people? And who put them in charge? Was it you? Was it people who think and feel like you? Or did they just kidnap your thought process and hold it hostage without your consent.

The Church of Comsiology will never push the idea that we have all of the answers. I don’t. What I do, personally, is present questions. The kind of questions that we should all be asking ourselves. I have nothing to gain, and nothing to lose, by each and every single one of you finding your own path towards reaching fulfillment and discovering joy on your journey. To tell you that it’s raining outside is not ‘pushing forth some radical pro-rain agenda in an attempt to indoctrinate you and your children.’…that’s ridiculous. And you KNOW it’s ridiculous! So why are you doing this to yourself? And to the people around you? You’re not that stupid. I know you’re not. I believe in you. Just stop.


…Any group, any gang, any political party, any religion, any subculture, any society, or family, or website, or institution…that actively discourages learning, exploring, questioning, or challenging that institution…is a CULT! Plain and simple. And you need to get away from there as quickly as humanly possible. For me, personally…the second someone tells me that I can’t know or experience something in my life, I want to know why, and I want to know who is in charge of making that choice for me. It’s a dangerous place to be. You are being manipulated and controlled by forces that will HURT you if you dare to go against them. Or they will command you to hurt someone else to protect their stranglehold on the rest of the flock. And you may not even know a damn thing about them. Please see this for what it is. Please?

Nobody is asking you to accept and experiment with all of the evils of the world. Nobody is asking you to allow yourselves to be corrupted. Even if that’s what they’ll try to convince you of. (For your own good, of course) But the denial of their mere existence? The inability to make your own choices…to experience life…to feel peace within yourself and love yourself for who you are? If that is seen as a sin and a blasphemy by those who claim to be guiding you towards the light…then you need to turn your back on them immediately and go find your own truth.

They have NO right to hold you back! Learn. Contemplate. Rationalize. They don’t want you to be too intelligent because it’s like a corrosive acid to their bullshit. I don’t need someone to tell me that robbing a bank is bad. That that drugs are bad. That unprotected sex with strangers is bad. But my moral compass was built on knowledge and awareness…not from being sheltered and suppressed to the point where isolation and denial is my only way to deal with it. I have a true thirst for knowledge, in all of its forms. I want to learn about different ideas, different cultures, different arts, different sexual preferences, different hobbies or passions, different genres of music or film. Why can’t I know that? Why can’t I learn? I’m not saying that I want to know what it’s like to drown a BABY, snort two whole handfuls of cocaine, or drink a gallon of bleach! I mean, if I have a question about the transgender community…why are people trying to make that illegal? Why can’t I acknowledge that gay people exists, or that gangs exists, or that cops can be crooked, or that a killer virus could possibly wipe out all of humanity at any moment, or that Slavery happened in this country, or that the Holocaust was a real moment in world history? Who are the guardians at the gate when it comes to these things, and what threatens them so much about having people know and learn about it? What are they protecting?

What are they so scared of?

If you want to do yourselves a favor…think about one thing every day that you know absolutely nothing about…find it online, and study it. Learn about it. Take time to hear it from a variety of credible sources, and gather enough info to form some genuine thoughts of your own. Not celebrity gossip, or movie box office scores…but something real. Learn about the moon and the stars. Learn what all of those plugs and wires mean under the hood of your car. Figure out how the stock market works, or how to publish your first book, or how to mix the perfect martini. What are the deeper meanings behind Stanley Kubrick’s version of “The Shining”? How many countries can you name in Africa right now? How many territories in Canada? What kind of sea creatures exist in the Mariana Trench? Find something that you’re interested about, and look it up. Figure out how it works. Gain that knowledge, and share it with others who might want to know as well.

Start there, and make it a habit. Find a cooking recipe. Learn about the history of your favorite comic book characters. Read about the life and influences of your favorite author or filmmaker or songwriter. And once you’ve expanded you knowledge of the world around you…use those same tactics to avoid the simplicity and utter ridiculousness of a cult mentality. We are living in an age where we have access to anything and everything, and can study it from a variety of different angles. If you believe in truth and freedom of choice, as well as believing in your own ability to determine right from wrong in some sort of sane and rational way…then that’s AWESOME!

But to people who want you to only follow their law, their rules, and only the actions that benefit them in some way…it’s the greatest threat that they’ve ever faced in their lifetime. Because you have access to the truth. They can’t just lie and manipulate and control you unless they train you to be one of two things…

…Lazy….or afraid.

The Church of Comsiology doesn’t have any reason for you to be either of those things. I encourage the challenge of my ideas. Growth, evolution, debate. I might be able to learn something too. And if we end up simply agreeing to disagree…we can move forward, and leave the discussion as friends. Partners. Maybe even family. Isn’t that more satisfying than constantly worrying about whether you’re controlling somebody else’s ideas or allowing them to control yours?

Sounds exhausting.

And life’s too short for that.

Expand. Learn. Gain wisdom and experience. And the people in your life who are constantly trying to convince you that the only way to get you to make the right decisions in your life is to snatch away any ability you have to choose at all? That is one of the biggest, brightest, red flags that psycho narcissist or control freak can display to you. Navigate your way around them, and find the information on your own. Learn how to seek truth, and use it to build yourself a moral compass that actually works for a change.

From the Book of Comsiology…stay beautiful, and embrace the light within you.

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