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Hi Everyone!

It’s EASTER! I just finished watching my little brother try to eat an entire solid chocolate Easter egg that was as big as his head. Seriously, he really put a dent in that thing too.

So, as the main page of the site said before we updated, we were a little late this month. The holiday coupled with a few updates and upgrades online held everything up and we just thought it was better to be a little late than rush and make a mess. Not that Jeff would ever allow mistakes to slip through… Yeah, we all know mistakes are found almost every month. I blame that stupid turkey…still! How long do those things live anyway? Actually, we don’t even really know how old he is now. Could be the world’s oldest turkey for all I know. I just hope Pres doesn’t try turning my room into a new room for Gary while I’m gone.

I did spend the better part of this week throwing stuff out. Both in the office and at home. My best friend Trevor was a huge help getting it all done while helping my mom and brother with all the daily stuff. It’s gonna be weird leaving my house for such a long time but, Trevor is working locally so he promised to help out when needed. He’s like family so it makes me feel a little better about leaving. Preston is making out like a bandit too. He got a ton of my old stuff and clothes and junk… he’ll be busy for a while trying to stuff it all in his room. Hehehe!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Howie S. Writes: Hi Matt! Was going to write to wish you luck but remembered everyone did that last month leaving you with nothing to put on the magazine so: Who’s taking your place? I mean has anyone been looked at or can we all start auditioning or something? oh, and good luck bro!

Matt’s Reply: That’s awesome, thanks Howie! I’m not sure how much I can talk about the mascot position or if it’s like classified or anything. I guess I can say that yes, we did have someone in mind for it and he has been approached. I’m not sure if he’s gonna take the job yet or how much of my current job he’ll be doing. I know Jeff told me that he won’t be as interactive as I am…whatever that means. Hopefully, we’ll have solid answers before July 🙂


DewBandito Writes: I might be a little slow but I just learned that there are like tons of story sites supporting your magazine. I found Imagine in a google search when looking up pictures of Stephen Gogolev <3 and had no clue how big this group was. Are they all gay story sites? Do you have a favorite? Can anyone join them?

Matt’s Reply: I had to search to find the article you mentioned. He’s a cutie, and talented! Def crush material. Hehehe! I’m no different, I found a small piece of this community before I realized how huge it actually is. It’s like a combination of three huge communities that have been around since the old days. It’s like thousands and thousands of authors and most having dealt with growing up gay in times when being out meant you risked losing everything. I mean, sometimes that can still be the case, and it shouldn’t be but, all these people pulled together to give that group of people a real voice and a face. If you have a favorite site in any of those hosting communities (Gay Authors or The Fort Family) most have links to submit your work. Gay Authors has all these stories archived in one monster forum like site and The Fort Family has this cool Hub site that used to be their forum that shows news and newest chapters from all of the networked hosting sites, all accept story submissions and offer hosting. You can literally pick your favorite site and  show ’em what you got 🙂 I don’t have a favorite site but love so many stories and lots of them written by people right here in the magazine. I’ll share that I’m currently reading a story called “Losing Kevin” by Ronyx at The Mustard Jar and so far everything I’ve read from him has been really emotional and meaningful. If you write and you want to share it, get to know the sites and approach one of the owners. They are all friendly!


AbeddaTheMan Writes: I have searched 2 years and can’t find the dirty pictures of you. Where are they???????

Matt’s Reply: Holy crap, I remember you. They’re all up there still. You just gotta know where to look, and what my real name is. Ask your mom where they are, she knows. LMAO! (I’m impressed, they don’t usually come back for more. Hahaha!)

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