I feel like we all live in an era right now where kids and teens can not only pursue their dreams by indulging in their own individual talents to the point of excess…but they can actually see the fruits of their labor and experience the cheers and acknowledgment that they deserve. It’s so incredible to witness, you know?

Enter our newest cutie for the month of April…Madison Rojas!

An actor, dancer, writer, voice actor, and online social media star…I mean…it’s beyond cool that kids don’t have to find an agent, and rehearse, and compete with a billion other kids, and wait fifteen years before you even get noticed, much less famous for the incredible things that you’re able to do! I’m proud of the boys who are going out there and giving it their all, and can have their talent appreciated in this way. Especially those who have a variety of talents to choose from!

I think I first saw him as a young dancer, attending an awards show with up and coming pop star, Stefan Benz (Sighhh…::Swoons::), and even though he was really young at the time, it was clear that he had the kind of skills and charisma to really captivate people’s attention right off the bat! It was like, “Whoah! Who IS this kid???”

And after videos like this one…how could anybody deny that there was a certain magnificent ‘spark’ there in everything that he does that was certain to grab more and more fans by the thousands once they were exposed to him. Even at this young age.

The fact that he’s so darn CUTE was really just a bonus at that point! His star quality was already chiseled in stone!

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It was, around this time, that Madison became a part of the ‘Vibe Crew’, known for many different versions of entertainment from dance to music to acting…as well as maintaining a rather aggressive social media presence for young hopefuls who were pursuing a career in the arts and looking to kick the door open as soon as they got their big chance to do so.

Madison Rojas was definitely one of the first ones in line to take advantage of that opportunity! Jumping in with both feet and letting the world see what he was made of without even breaking a boy sweat! Hehehe! Lucky for us all, right?

But dancing skills aside, he’s actually a good actor on top of it all. Beginning his career in advertisements and television commercials like most who are just breaking into the industry at such a young age, This charming beauty was quick to move on to short films and TV shows as well, including roles in shows like ‘American Housewife’, ‘Fish Head’, ‘The Teachers’, and a recurring role on the show, ‘Jane The Virgin’..and later, ‘Cucuy: The Boogeyman’!

And to think…he’s just getting started!

Also, Madison Rojas played the lead role in one of my very FAVORITE short horror films that I’ve seen so far this year! It’s called, ‘Just Ignore It’, and you can definitely expect it to be included in my annual wrap up of my favorite scary short films to watch before bed this Halloween in October’s issue! Hehehe! Because I was kinda creeped out by this one!

And with my extensive history in loving horror flicks, I don’t get creeped out very easily! The gorier and the creepier it is…the better, as far as I’m concerned. It’s like a roller coaster ride for me, personally! Hehehe, so great job, Madison and crew! 😛

By the way, check out the previous selections from years past! This one deserves a spot! Besides…mostly really cute boys and creepy horror films…how can you go wrong with that combination? ::Giggles::


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There are rumors floating around that Madison is one of the fan favorites to possibly play a new version of “Percy Jackson” in a brand new series that will be popping up on Disney+ in the not-so-distant future! (Running up against some of my other favorites, Jackson Robert Scott from “It” and “Prodigy”, and Iain Armitage of “Young Sheldon” fame! Ugh! Hard choice!) But if you make it dude…that would be awesome! So best of luck on that one! I’llbe waiting ith baited breath to see what you do with the role if you nab it!

Madison may have only turned 13 this year, but he’s building quite a bright future for himself in the industry already, and that’s saying a lot! Not to mention the fact that he just cracks me up. Hehehe, there’s nothing like a sweet and humble actor that can truly pry a genuine smile out of you when you need one!

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Best of luck on all of your many endeavors, Madison! I really think you would be an excellent child actor, if that’s the route you chose to go! But I, personally, think that’s your golden ticket, right there! That’s just me! But if you can dance, model, and do Youtube and Tiktok at the same time, you’ll get no complaints from me! Hehehe! Go for it! Live life to its fullest, and do it all! K? Kudos, cutie!
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