You know…it wasn’t long ago that I was talking about my particular weakness when it comes to a really cute boy with braces! A shiny smile and a pair of big bright eyes…they make me melt each and every time. Can’t help it! It’s just the way I’m built, I suppose. Hehehe!

But that’s not my ONLY weakness! Not by a long shot!

I can’t lie…a gentle smattering of freckles is, like, one of God’s true works of art! Hehehe, I’m telling you, it’s TRUE! Often called little kisses from angels, they’re just so damn CUTE when sprinkled on a pretty boy face! And if you add bright red, ginger, hair on top of it…I may actually start to feel faint at first glance.

Bringing us to bear witness to the young perfection of model, Alvaro Mulet, as Imagine Magazine’s centerfold heartthrob for the month of May! How beautiful is he? He’s so pretty! ::Giggles::

At the tender age of thirteen, Alvaro has already built up a rather impressive portfolio of modeling shots that even some of the popular boy models who are years older than he has yet to amass in such a short period of time. But it has a lot to do with his unique, and undeniably sweet, look. His build, his eyes, his hair, his freckles…how can he help but to make any outfit look absolutely amazing?

Modeling for many big name companies and still gaining the attention and support from more…Alvaro Mulet is certain to keep climbing his way to the very top of the industry. And at the speed that he’s traveling now? I doubt it will really take him any time at all.

So more pretty freckles for all of us! Omigod…can you imagine what they must look like when he’s blushing? Hehehe….wow. It must be a religious experience for anybody who gets to witness it firsthand.


But he’s still a youngster at the moment. And, from the few vids that I’ve seen of him, I believe he’s speaking Spanish (Or perhaps Portuguese), and I don’t know if any plans to bring him to the States are in the works or not. So despite his already eyebrow raising achievements so far…he’s really just getting started. And it will be cool to learn a little bit more about him as he begins to promote himself even further, showing us all what he’s made of by the time he begins high school!

It should definitely be worth the wait! Just saying! 🙂

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Welcome to Imagine’s collection of some of the most beautiful boys on Earth, Alvaro! I hope that you keep going strong and that you become a dominating force in your modeling career, or in anything else that you choose to do later in life! But for now? Just flash me a smile every now and then, and enjoy watching me fall all to pieces! Hehehe! Do good things, dude!

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