#1 – The birthstone for the month of May is the emerald. A green gem the represents both love and success.

#2 – The surface of the Moon is actually very dark! Without the reflected illumination of the Sun, the entire moon would look more like asphal or black pavement!

#3 – In Old English…May pretty much was a way of saying ‘Three Milkings’. This is because, during this time of the year, most cows need to be milked three times a day. (::Giggles:: I had a boyfriend like that once!)

#4 – A desert locust swarm can be 460 square miles in size and can consume 423 million pounds of plants in a single day.

#5 – Justin Bieber had already started drumming and keeping time by the time he was two years old! And by the time he was TEN…he was already at near child prodigy level! D’awwww!


#6 – No US President in American history has ever been an only child with no siblings at all.

#7 – May 1st is also, traditionally, known as ‘May Day’. And it marks the last day that Fairies are allowed to travel between Earth and their fairy world. So there should have been some kind of mass migration thing going on that day!

#8 – Any animal’s yawn apparently depends on how big their brain is. The bigger the brain, the longer the yawn.

#9 – Elvis Presley, believe it or not, was actually blond! He only dyed his hair black for an edgy look, sometimes even using black shoe polish to do it!

#10 – According to manufacturing records…there are more Lego mini figures than there are human beings on planet Earth!

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