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Hi Everyone!

Sooooooo… just June and July left to go. I’m stressing a little now but I have had a little time to get in some fun. A couple days ago, I got to hang out with my replacement. Yup, we found our guy and I have an exclusive picture of him for you:

Hehehe! He better get used to people taking pictures of him. LOL! Anyway, his name is Adam. He’s absolutely mascot material and I had fun hanging out with him and doing my best to not scare him off. hahaha! There will be a few differences between his responsibilities and mine. That’ll all be explained when he officially gets to work. I think he should get his own cover like I did 🙂

So, if he doesn’t start work yet why am I bringing it up this month? Because I didn’t have any real emails again. Not that I’m complaining. Less typing for me! Muhahaha! Well, maybe one really quick one 😉

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Who4m1 Writes: …And stay out of trouble 😛

Matt’s Reply: Sorry, can’t hear you. My monitor won’t focus or something. Hehehe! Thanks for looking out 🙂

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