With his dark brown eyes and soft curly hair…it would be easy for Mason Thames to kick open the door to Hollywood on his looks alone and become the next big teen idol for youngsters to hang on their bedroom walls and stare at all night before bed. But he’s got much bigger and better plans in mind, and he’s already showing that he’s got the talent to pull it all off without even breaking a sweat!

And now that he’s officially been signed to the WME Entertainment Agency (Who already represents talents like Jessica Alba, Ben Affleck, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Garner, Matt Damon, Jake Gyllenhall, John Krazinski, Joaquin Phoenix, and many MANY more big names), he’s going to be pouring some serious rocket fuel into his career from here on out!

Born in Los Angeles, California…Mason began diving right into his skills at a very young age, being the youngest member of an international touring ballet company.(He does ballet too? That’s awesome!)

He didn’t start acting until the age of eleven with a short film called, “After Omelas”, a fantasy outing about a couple of children who are trying to escape the misery of their dystopian life but running away from home together. Which…I mean, that sounds like it would make an awesome movie, if I had to be honest. But I haven’t seen the short film, so who knows?

Still, his success hasn’t stopped there. He’s done a lot in the few years since then. Including a limited series called, ‘Evel’ about the life of famous stuntman, Evel Knievel, opposite actor Milo Ventimiglia. And from there, he was cast in the science fiction series, “All For Mankind” (Which I believe is about what would have happened if Russia had won the space race to the Moon). Which is special, as it was the very first fully recognized series to launch the Apple+ streaming service! How cool is that?

Those accomplishments kept coming his way, eventually leading him all the way up to his newest soon-to-be-released movie, “The Black Phone”! Which I can’t WAIT to check out, personally!

You guys all know how much I LOVE my creepy ‘boy horror’ flicks! 😛

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I can remember a time when the very concept of being freaked out by Ethan Hawke was just…not a thing. Hahaha! He wouldn’t have had to chase me anywhere! Believe me! Weird…

Mason Thames plays the role of ‘Finn’, a teen boy who has been kidnapped by a notorious child killer in the neighborhood and is being held in his basement until the spirits of the other kids who have fallen prey to Ethan Hawke’s deadly game can hopefully help him to escape, and bring his reign of terror to an end once and for all. That sounds like it’s just the kind of spooky good time that I’m looking for.

Actor, professional dancer, with a love of film from a variety of different viewpoints, Mason has expressed a real interest in wanting to direct something himself someday. And he seemed pretty confident with his answer, so it looks like he may actually be pursuing that in the near future. He’s only fourteen years old right now, but if his heart is in it, and he keeps his passion for it…then why not give it a shot. I’d love to see what he might come up with in the future!

Drama? Horror? Action? Sci fi? He’s pretty much done it all as an actor a this point. I suppose that all he has to do is pick a favorite genre at this point and try to bring his own particular brand of expertise to it from the director’s chair. I wonder what he’d like to put out there once he gets a chance to do his own thing, you know?

You can, next, find Mason Thames in Mel Gibson’s coming of age mystery thriller ‘Boys Of Summer’ with a bunch of other teen cuties, as the neighborhood kids have to hire a detective to look into some of the strange incidents happening there in Martha’s Vineyard. Date to be determined later!

Whichever alley you decide to travel down…go do it, dude! And do it well! Don’t let them simply make a cute heartthrob out of you if you truly want to reach for more! BUT…hehehe, if you want to play the teen romantic lead every now and then, you could definitely do that too. You know…for a quick paycheck! Ahem! You’ll get no complaints from me! Good luck, man!

Hehehe! Scared of Ethan Hawke locking me in his basement. And to think…I still remember when he was that age! Sighhhh….

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