#1 – It was a German immigrant by the name of Henry Gerber that founded the very first documented gay rights organization in the US back in 1924. A World War I veteran, he brought awareness to the unfairness and inequality of the situation. And it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the movement really began to pick up some momentum and have an impact. This happened in Chicago…and in 1961, Illinois became the very first state in America to get rid of its anti-sodomy…thus decriminalizing homosexuality in general. The government made Gerber’s house in Chicago an official national monument, and you can go and visit it to this day. 🙂

#2 – ‘Pride Month’ takes place in June of every year to commemorate the Stonewall Uprisings from the gay community in 1969. It wasn’t chosen at random. Not by a long shot.

#3 – Sexual attraction and desire is a natural part of the process of growing up…mentally, emotionally, and physically. Suppressing sexual urges through secrecy and shame has proven to bring about bouts of depression, isolation, and even suicidal thoughts. Not only that, but young teens are much more likely to have sex at a younger age, often before they are ready to do so, and without proper protection.

#4 – When you look at real life violence on the news, there will be a lot of loud mouth pundits that will try their hardest to blame the current day culture, and ‘rap music’ to explain the reason why all of society is so fucked up, due to its vulgar and violent content. Rap music? Really? An extensive study was done on music in general, based on mentions of violence, mentions of drug use, sex, guns, and alcohol. Do you think that rap music came up as number one? ::Shakes head:: NOPE! “Well, it MUST be that hardcore, drug fueled, rock n’ roll music, right? NOPE! Rock n’ roll actually came in THIRD! What kind of music was number one? Guess! It was country music! Yep! There are more guns, drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence, mentioned in country music than any other music being played on the radio! Going back to Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, and Conway Twitty! Gee, TEXAS! Maybe it’s not rap music that you should be fucking focused on right now! Ya think?

#5 – While Abraham Lincoln officially released all slaves out of bondage on January 1st, 1863…word didn’t travel to the Southern states until six MONTHS later, where their captives were still forced to toil and labor for free until officers set things straight. And even then, slave owners in Texas refused to let their ‘property’ go. Anyone trying to leave were savagely beaten, lynched, and murdered, for months afterward. It wasn’t until 1980 (1980????) when Texas became the first state in the USA to declare ‘Juneteenth’, the 19th of June, as a state holiday. Did it really take that long? GOD…people suck sometimes!

#6 – Being transgender has absolutely no affect about a person’s sexual orientation. At ALL! That is a huge misconception that is forced more through media ignorance than anything else. Gender identity or expression is an entirely different ballgame.

#7 – My story, “On The Outside”, was the very first time that I wrote a story on the site that contained a main character who was openly gay from the very beginning. It’s also the very first story that didn’t have a sex scene, or even a kiss, in the very first chapter.

#8 – To be non-binary can be as simple as deciding to live one’s life as free and true to oneself as possible. But for each individual, it can mean something much more personal. For some, it involves changing pronouns, changing names, changing wardrobes, or, sometimes, changing nothing at all in order to feel like the truest version of oneself. Some non-binary people experience body dysphoria and some do not. The non-binary community is diverse and each experience is different and nuanced.

#9 – The German film “Anders als die Andern” (English: “Different from the Others”) is one of the oldest surviving movies with a gay protagonist, and it was made during a rare period when German film censorship was relaxed after World War I. It centers on a violinist who takes his life after getting blackmailed for his sexuality and ends with an appeal for gay tolerance by German gay rights activist Magnus Hirschfeld.

#10 – More advanced studies have shown that all of our earliest sexual attractions don’t disappear over time. They don’t go away, they expand. And while many attractions have been made socially unacceptable for a number of reasons…they haven’t gone anywhere. Think back to your very first love. Your first crush. Your first kiss. How old were you? How old were they? Eleven? Twelve? Older? Younger? Yeah…you may subconsciously suppress and block out those tingly feelings without even knowing it, but…male or female, gay or straight, they’re still there. So the next time you hear somebody screaming about some kind of weird pedophile MENACE…whether it’s lying dormant and you’re completely innocent of any wrongdoing at all…that insult applies to you too. Human nature’s a bitch, isn’t it? Deal with it. 😛

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