Hehehe, is it really that easy for me to fall completely in love with an entire group of boys these days? OMG…I need help! ::Giggles::

As we are all rapidly approaching the next big surge of pretty pretty boy pop…as we do every seven years or so…Japan is already throwing their hat into the ring to take part in the massive amount of money and attention it’s sure to bring them! And this won’t be their first time, either! 🙂

So be sure to keep a look out, as they’ve already got an entire ARMY of seriously cute and unfathomably talented boys coming your way soon! Assuming that they haven’t already captivated your biggest ‘crush-worthy’ affections already! Hehehe!

This young boy group, CZ’21 (Short for ‘Code Zero-21’…which, ummm…I don’t know what that code stands for! Hehehe! Sweeties on premises, I’m guessing?) is the newest addition to the EbiDAN NEXT project, and even after such a short time on the label, and only a couple of months worth of exposure, they are already becoming one of the most popular and sought after groups in the program!

And, let’s be honest…is there really any question as to why? They’re friggin’ ADORABLE!!! Hehehe!

The amount of time and effort that these boys put into their singing and dancing, as well as complex dance choreography, is absolutely mind-blowing to me! I mean, and they still find time to just be kids on occasion, sure…but just imagine what they much sacrifice in the process of following their dreams and taking a path like this that demands such discipline and self control! It’s insane!

They’re SO young! But they’re all in step! They’ve got the whole routine worked out, and they’re incredible! So…wow…

…The highest praise goes out to every last one of them!

The EbiDAN NEXT project is basically like a ‘boot camp’ for the next generation of boy wonders in Japan. And I believe they have a branch in South Korea now as well…for all of you K-Pop fans out there. They have a selection process that is primarily limited to late elementary/early junior high school students, where they come in and learn to dance, sing, and explore their talents to their fullest for about six months or so…at which point, the teens will graduate and then move forward to pursue solo or joint careers of their own. So if you decide to become a CZ’21 fan as they are now…keep in mind that they may only be around in this configuration for a limited time! And then you may see them elsewhere next year, changing and switching teams until they find a good group to fit them, I suppose.

Hehehe! Too bad! I kinda like them the way they are now! 😛

EbiDAN (An abbreviation for Ebisu Gakuen Danshi-bu…or ‘Boy’s Club’) has a typical turn around of about six months before grabbing the next collection of cute young hopefuls to promote and bring into the spotlight. And with Stardust Productions behind them, ‘Code Zero’ is racing towards greatness. The group is already made up of boys who are singers, actors, and employed in either modeling or commercial work, some doing screen acting, and more. They’re just being brought together to see if they could be even more. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you can do it all…then do it all! I applaud you! Hehehe!

I mean…is there a convincing disguise that I can wear or something? I wanna go to Japanese boy band boot camp for a few weeks! ::Giggles::

With eight group members, Atora Soji, Hojun Shimada,Kiyoshi Fujiwara, Masayuki Takakuwa, Haruto Ohno, Kuroda Shine, Ryusei Miyamoto, and Keitatsu Koshiyama…these boys are certain to gain attention from screaming girls and boys alike in the year to come! Especially now that they have their very first single out there, released for their fans’ approval!

How cute is that???

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I know that we only have you as a group for a short while, ‘Code Zero’…but I hope a bunch of you stay together and create some more stuff of your own as a legacy! I don’t want to let any of you guys go! Hehehe! So keep jamming, and I wish you all the best in the future, boys! I know you’ll be something amazing! Love you lots! And I hope to hear more from you all later on! 🙂

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