Sometimes you see a young actor ‘off set’, and they just come off as being really sweet, you know? There’s like this…hidden something that makes you feel like you could immediately trust them with your car keys and not stress about it…even if they’re not old enough to drive yet! Hehehe!

For some weird reason, that’s the vibe that I get from actor, Dean Petriw. Maybe it’s something in his aura, but to me…it shines through, clear as day. Between that and being exceptionally pretty to look at, as well as talented and dedicated to his craft…has definitely earned him a spot in the halls of Imagine Magazine’s centerfold boys! He deserves it! And he’s just getting started!

Dean may only be fourteen years old right now, but make no mistake, he has been doing this for quite some time already. Coming from the Canadian territories up North, Dean Petriw began acting in commercials when he was only four years old! And he hasn’t stopped advancing forward since!

From roles in the series, “Once Upon A Time”, “Sonic The Hedgehog”, “Harvest Love”, and doing voice work for the popular animated show, “StarBeam”…to “When Calls The Heart” for the Hallmark Channel, it’s clear that he’s rapidly positioning himself to be one of the next big things out there as he gets older and more experienced. Evidently, casting directors and producers are seeing a bit of that cheerful aura as well as we can.

“It feels like you have an entire person’s personality in your hands,” Petriw says. “You don’t want to abuse that power. I’m just trying to portray the character’s personality to the best of my ability.” Which, I guess is both the gift and the burden of being an actor, right?

He handles it well.

It’s definitely an art that takes effort and practice to get just right, but even from a young age, Dean Petriw seems to be a natural when it comes to putting himself in the mind of the characters that he plays on screen. Which means that it’s simply a matter of fine tuning that instrument from here on out. That’s a blessing!

While not much has been said about his aspirations for his future work and opportunities in the film industry so far, he’s already shown that he has a real knack for creating his own content when he wants to. With a growing presence online with his social media outlets, as well as a podcast that he began a while ago…Dean Petriw also put together a short film called “Unexpected Popcorn” with, what I’m assuming, are his friends and family.

D’aaawwwww! Hehehe, he’s so little! Look at him! He wrote, directed, and edited, the film all on his own! Which is amazing! Go for it, dude! I love it! XP

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“I read a lot and always have. My dad told me when I was little that reading was breaking a secret code to someone else’s thoughts. Read a book and you’re an instant mind reader! How cool is that?“ He says. But admits to being a very harsh self critic of his own work. Ugh! Been there, done that! So I totally get it, dude! But hang in there…you’re doing great.

“Personally, I think of all the little mistakes in my scenes that others probably don’t care about.” Dean tells reporters. “I learned that having fun with your cast and crew between scenes is a great way to keep the energy up on some long days.“

We’ll see in the near future, as he has new projects in the works as you read this. Some that he’s said that he couldn’t talk about yet. Does that mean something big budget is coming soon? Only time will tell!

But, until then, you can see Dean’s latest work in the crime/mystery TV drama, “Home Before Dark” and “My Life With The Walter Boys” on Netflix! Just more building blocks in the structure that I hope will lead to a very fun and successful career for the boy with the super cute aura and undeniably heartwarming smile! Hehehe!

I’ll be honest…

I’m kinda curious as to what he might be getting into next. The lead role in a Netflix series, maybe? A horror flick? A tear jerking drama? Maybe a Marvel movie? I think that I could honestly see him doing any one of those things. And, who knows? Maybe we’ll have some of his own self made movies to look forward to in the not-so-distant future. Anything is possible, right? Either way, I’ll be waiting! Impress me! 🙂

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“I’m a hockey fan. Also a soccer fan, and I play on a local team. I keep up with the big stories in baseball, basketball, and football…both Canadian and American. I actually like dancing every now and then and am almost pretty good too!” Yes! More dancing! I wanna see that! Congrats, Dean! Welcome to Imagine’s bestest boys ever! We’ll be keeping our eyes open to see what you do next! The sky’s the limit, bud!

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