Questions, comments, or just want to get my thoughts on something? I want to hear from you! Please drop me a note at, and I’ll either answer it myself or find somebody who knows something about it. The lawyer guys say that I’m supposed to warn you that submissions are subject to editing for spelling, language, and protection of personal information. Meh!

Hi Everyone!

This is it, the last normal Letters to the Editor segment. Next month I’ll include a letter from me… or something. LOL!

Be sure to check out my very first interview! Yeah, Comicality felt since I was leaving he was going to personally put me to work. jeesh! I got to do a one on one interview with Adam, our new Mascot. He’s a great kid, you guys are gonna love him. Just not as much as you love me 😛 Anyway… Let’s wrap this present!

I’ll see you one more time next issue;

~ Matty

Jorge G. Writes: Hi Matt! Was wondering if I could audition for the mascot position. I’m funny.

Matt’s Reply: Hola Jorge! Unfortunately, the position has been filled already. I’m not sure if they will be looking for anyone else though so, I’ll drop your name and contact info on the boss’s desk. Thanks for the pic, I don’t think you are funny looking 😉


MonMupe Writes: Is it possible to have my story posted in this magazine? I think it might fit.

Matt’s Reply: Oh yeah, anyone can submit stuff. Just send it to with a brief description of what you are submitting. They are usually pretty good about responding.


MartyMadeMeDoIt Writes: I bet you wouldn’t be such a wise guy in person.

Matt’s Reply: That’s where you’re wrong my ‘easily made to do stuff’ friend. This wise guy attitude gets me in trouble lot. That’s how I learned to fight. It’s like my mouth thinks it needs to take the first swing always. I was told the Navy would break me of that (AC says it will help me perfect it, hehehe). So if you want to get a smart response from me, you better do it quick… Oh wait, no… it’s too late! LOL!

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