Matt Scott interviews the newest addition to Imagine Magazine!

Matt: Hi everyone! I know what you’re thinking, Comicality usually does these interviews. I was a little surprised myself. But, we all sat down and it was decided that I would take some time to get to know our new mascot, show him the ropes, get him set up in his new office and then, do his official interview for Imagine Magazine! Sweet, right? Since July will be my official last month, I think now would be a great time to pass the job to the new guy so…

Adam, we’ve spent a few days getting to know each other…

…What? It’s not my fault you can’t dance.

All jokes aside, to be honest I’m a little jealous that I won’t be here to see how this all comes together. Take it from me, it takes a few months to get settled into whatever it is we consider “normal” here and it’s a lot of fun getting there. So to start, could you introduce yourself to your new public?

Adam: Sure, um, so we decided that my first name was all that we would use for the magazine. Just Adam. My birthday is on June 15th, which is funny cause yours was on launch day too, right?

Matt: Yeah it is, and I turned 15 on the day my first issue was launched. I wonder if that’s some sort of a requirement or something. Oh, we should totally throw a party dude!

Adam: Yeah that’d be sweet! Anyway, I am also gonna be 15. I was given a list of things that I’m not allowed to say about myself. You know stuff like where I live, my last name, phone number, social security number, banking info..blah, blah. You know, all the stuff I’m just dying to share with the world.

Matt: Hahaha yeah, we learned a few things in the last 3 years and one of them, is that the mascot should just be a mascot. Let the adults do the work and interact with the people. It will keep you from being too accessible. I mean, most people are really nice but there was a small hand full that made the guys regret me going as public as I did.

Adam: That’s cool I guess then. I can probably say that I won’t be emailing people and stuff.

Matt: That was going to be one of my questions actually. Your job looks a little different from mine. Have they explained to you what you will be doing?

Adam: Well, I guess I can say that I will be doing some parts of your old job. I was offered a spot to kind of take the place of your “Letters to the Editor” section. I had no clue what I was going to do with it until I read an email that Comicality sent to Jeff teasing that I wasn’t really ‘focused’ on in my cover. So as a Joke, I had Jeff help me with an alternate cover and ACFan joked that it could be used as a back cover. So that’s what I’ll do, a back cover every month. It’s a rough idea but for now, it could work.

Matt: It does sound cool. I can’t wait to see what that becomes. I’ve had lots of fun with my “Letters to the Editor” section.

Adam: Can I ask you a question?

Matt: Why not <hehehe>.

Adam: Why did you choose to post the mean letters every month?

Matt: In honesty, originally it was to prove to the person who was being a jerk that I thought their attempt to ruin my day was a joke. I do that in real life all the time. But what happened was people would email me fake insults just to read whatever funny way I would respond to it. In the magazine, I would post the flip part of the email to respond to publicly but often would have a serious part of the message letting me know it wasn’t serious. I bet to a few people, that was a way to get noticed. Some were pretty funny I think.

Adam: Not all of them were real?

Matt: They were real just, a little bit of an act. Which is what we all do for the magazine anyway so, it’s all good. Anyway, I’m supposed to be interviewing you. So, care to share how you got the job?

Adam: Am I allowed to just say it?

Matt: Why not? I think it’s funny.

Adam: Okay then. Imagine Staff Imagined me. So here I am. I’m based on a real person but what you see is a character Imagined by you and Jeff from Imagine and “voiced” by me.

Matt: Well, that’s kinda what I did for the covers and stuff. ACFan had enough to keep my likeness in the magazine even if I wasn’t directly involved anymore pretty much forever but, they chose to not use my face without me being the voice behind it. ACFan and I were a real team every month kinda like I think you and Jeff will be soon, even if it’s a different kind of team.

Adam: I hope so, and I am me too but, it’s so confusing to try to explain. Maybe the best way to put it would be to say that “Adam” was created for the magazine and a real personality was adopted for the character that is me.

Matt: So you’re an actor then?

Adam: Oh cool, yeah! I never thought of it that way. Do I get an IMDB page?

Matt: Sorry. Unless it turns into a paying gig and you become a member of SAG, no. Did you ever want to be an actor?

Adam: Well, I did some acting in plays and stuff in school and for fund-raiser-type stuff. It can be fun to just be someone else sometimes but to do it for a living, eh. I don’t think so, no. I don’t want to be owned by the public like that.

Matt: Wow, I didn’t expect that answer, nice. So what are your plans outside of being “Adam” for Imagine?

Adam: Honestly, I’m constantly looking for things I like to do. I just need to keep finding ways that what I like to do and what I need to do are the same thing. I know it’s a lousy answer but, it’s a plan that works right now and hopefully will keep working.

Matt: Not a lousy answer, just a really confusing one <giggle>. So the public is going to want to know, are you single and if not, can you share any info?

Adam: Actually, I do have a boyfriend. His name is Maurice but he hates his name. We all call him Mo. I guess he’s allowed to join me now and then in the magazine. I’ll bring him with me tomorrow if you’d like to meet him. I think he’s free.

Matt: Duh! Of course I want to meet him <hehehe>. How’d you two meet?

Adam: Skate park near my house. He wiped out hard one day and I caught his deck in the gut when it went flying. We still kinda laugh about it. We started hanging out and I kinda had a crush on him that I hid for months. Turns out he felt the same way and finally just asked me out. I don’t hide that I’m gay but I don’t bring it up either so it kinda shocked me that he just asked me how I felt about dating, then how I would feel about dating HIM. LOL! Probably one of the coolest conversations I’ve ever had. 

Matt: That’s awesome, I can’t wait to meet him. How does he feel about this job? Have you told him?

Adam: He thinks I’m nuts. I mean you guys put a ton of work into all this. Comicality and the whole staff do all of this work for nothing, every month. Some of them have been writing stories for years and years and they still do it because they really care about how it impacts their community. I think that is really cool and I can’t wait to be a part of it but, Mo doesn’t get what the attraction is. I mean I like sharing the stuff that I think is fun. Now that Jeff has given me something to work with, I can’t wait to make something of it. It sounds like fun and that’s what I’m all about, you know?

Matt: Do you and Mo have any special plans for Pride Month? 

Adam: Not really no. What about you?

Matt: This year I plan to head out to Boston again and go to the big Pride parade they are finally restarting since the pandemic shut it down. You think you guys wanna come with us? It’s lots of fun!

Adam: I’ve never been to Boston and I’ve read their Pride events go forever. Yeah! I’ll ask Mo. That’d be awesome! Thanks!

Matt: Yeah, it’ll be fun. Anyway, to be honest I’ve had a lot of fun doing this job for the last three years and if I had to pass it all on to someone, I’m glad it’s going to be someone who really wants to have fun with it. I wish you a ton of luck and can’t wait to see what you do with it.

Adam: Just remember that I’m not taking over your section. You can always come back and do it whenever you like. I know everyone feels that way.

Matt: Thanks, I just might do that once in a while. Anyway, thanks for being a really cool first interview and a lot of fun to hang out with. Do yourself a favor and make it all your own. Don’t follow in my footsteps, at the very least try to stay out of trouble.


Matt: Yeah, right <hehehe>! Good luck!

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