Hi Guys!

This is it, my last issue of IM and I’ll be honest, I’m both sad and excited to be taking the next step. I mean, life has changed so much over the course of four years and we have been through so much together since this:

It’s been awesome being your mascot and friend for the last four years and I hope you all look back now and then at some of the fun that the staff packed into that time period and before. I received a ton of email after June’s issue went live asking me to answer some questions; which I wasn’t planning on doing this issue but a few were asked too many times to not answer so, I’ll give you the top 5…


#5: Can I still email you?

Answer: Yes, but I may not be able to respond right away. Jeff let me know that my email address was not being deleted or anything and my mother stopped screening them so it could be a long time before they get answered if an answer is needed.


#5: Could your little brother keep us posted with how you are doing?

Answer: Preston did read how many people asked if this was possible and promised to let the staff know if there is anything happening that everyone needs to know about. Of course I’ll check in when I can myself but, my family and close real life friends are my priority when I’m on leave.


#3: Why won’t Adam be taking over the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section?

Answer: I touched on this a little when we introduced Adam as our new mascot. The short answer is, because he is not an editor. Adam is our new mascot, like Tony the Tiger is for Frosted Flakes. After we learned what issues could arise from having the mascot be interactive, the decision was made to not have a 15 year old be as accessible to the general public. So many awesome people out there but, there are those who took it a little too far. Keep in mind that Adam was created by me and Jeff and everything he does is still coming from one of us. (Even his boyfriend Mo, and for those of you who said Mo is cute… I take full responsibility for forcing Jeff to include him. Hehehe!) So, Adam will not be taking on more responsibilities but, could speak for me now and then. You never know 😉


#2: Did Trevor and you end up together.

Answer: I can’t believe how many of you have held on to that crush I had/have. If he ever said he was interested I would date him in a heartbeat. He is still the most loveable, caring, thoughtful, beautiful person I have ever known. But he likes girls. That isn’t gonna change, and I’m okay with that, sort of. The funny thing is, he has always known that I feel this way and it made our friendship even more awesome I think. So, I will wait for him to come to his senses. LOL! Love ya Trev!


#1: Will you ever come back to Imagine?

Answer: In a few ways, I’m a part of the magazine, we all are. I was once asked if “Matt” was a character and to be honest, I think we are all characters when it comes to entertaining, in any form that should take. You all know a part of me, the part that I put out there. Just like you all know a part of Comicality or any other person who has contributed to IM in any way. That part is given to you to give you a smile, keep you company, be a friend, or simply to let you know that you aren’t alone out there. I was a fan of IM way before I became involved and in doing so, I added more to each one of those characters in my mind. Knowing any of these guys for real is not the same as getting to know the characters that they portray as content providers, entertainers, authors, and community leaders. Getting to know the real people behind the scenes has changed how I see each and every one of them. So, I learned to be a character, just like them. My mom says I wear too many hats sometimes, and I like that analogy. We all wear so many hats when we get involved here. So I like to think of it like I’m just changing my hat for a while. I’ll hang this one on the wall and remember how much fun I had while I was wearing it for you all. Maybe even put it back on for fun once in a while, who knows.


Thanks to all of you for making this one of the most fun jobs I have ever worked and for being my friend through it all. I have so much to hold on to and one of my favorites right now is one ACFan made for me when I was a brand new mascot and editor with no idea what was to come. I keep it on my desktop to remind me that my past wasn’t just the path I took to my future, it also played a large roll in making it my present:

Love you all, be good to each other… wish me luck!

~ Matty

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