#1 – The American Anthem, believe it or not, is set to the tune of an old 18th century drinking song called, “To Anacreon In Heav’n”…and it came from LONDON! How’s that for irony? 😛

#2 – The Statue of Liberty isn’t American! It was a gift from France! Thanks, France!

#3 – Private Daniel Hough was the first recorded death in the American Civil War. This happened during the siege of Fort Sumter in South Carolina, where both sides surrendered without a single casualty on either side. However, when the flag was lowered…the troops gave a 100 gun salute in celebration. It was a gun discharge that killed Private Hough, and he became the very first fatality…purely by accident!

#4 – Teachers in Texas have officially submitted a proposal to lawmakers…to rename ‘slavery’…as ‘Involuntary Relocation’…for their SECOND GRADE classes! Slavery. Sighhhh…ok, first of all, I think it would be absolutely adorable to hear a seven year old try to pronounce the words, ‘involuntary relocation’…but second of all…that’s the most ridiculous fucking thing I’ve ever heard! What is WRONG with people? If your kids are going to any one of these schools…pull them out immediately. That’s just plain bullshit. Fine…you know what? I think we should rename male child sexual abuse ‘Chronic Intergenerational Semen Extraction’, how’s that? Does that soften the blow, Texas? Maybe if I angry lunged at them and started choking the living shit out of these people, I could just tell the police that it was simply an ‘Unrequested Physical Blockage Of Oxygen’. Maybe that would be more pleasant to a jury.

#5 – Even before the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the US government was already making plans to build internment camps for Japanese citizens here in America. President Roosevelt had already authorized his Chief of Naval Operations, William H. Standley, to clandestinely monitor all Japanese citizens and non-citizens for their interactions with anyone bringing in goods from Japan. And even created a secret ‘list’ of who to detain in camps first at the first sign of trouble.

#6 – While many people take pride in saying how fundamentally ‘American’ fireworks are…they were actually invented in 7th century China. So…yeah. No creator’s credit for you! 😛 Thanks, China!

#7 – July 29th actually marks the Islamic New Year, which began with the first sighting of the crescent moon after the new moon in the month of ‘Muharram’, one of four sacred months out of the year when all forms of warfare are strictly forbidden.

#8 – The deadly tragedy of ‘The Trail Of Tears’ took place in America in the 1830’s. It involved the brutal relocation of over 100,000 Indigenous people off of their own land and forced out West. Many people died from the Cherokee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and many other Native born communities. The act was passed by President Andrew Jackson, and when it was protested by all tribes, including a man named Junaluska…who had once saved Jackson’s life at the Battle Of Horseshoe Bend…Andrew Jackson refused to see him.

#9 – The Great Hunger, also known as the great potato famine of Ireland, caused nearly two million Irish to emmigrate overseas to America for a better life. But despite their many hardships, they were not met with open arms. In fact, many got together to create an anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant, that was simply called the “Know Nothing” party. They immediately vowed to ONLY elect native born citizens to any office holding power (Ummm…this is on STOLEN land, by the way!), and said that Catholicism was ‘incompatible’ with American values. Their words…not mine.

#10 – “Don’t allow your kids to be indoctrinated!” says the OBVIOUSLY indoctrinating video and series of books with that exact goal in mind! Hehehe, sighhh…really? Do people really fall for this stuff? Or am I to suspect that I’m smarter than most. Because I doubt the latter.


Change all the phrases and burn all the books you want…but ‘history’ has already happened. It’s documented truth. And the truth isn’t going to simply go away for the sake of your comfort. Deal with it. Teach our history to the youth, ALL of it, good and bad! And let’s all strive to be better! Together as one! K? ((Hugz)) Love always!


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