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I believe that one of the most corruptible activities that anyone can involve themselves in…is the dark act of living by comparison. Nothing sours the heart more than believing that there is any mythical standard…mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual…that a single one of us is expected to live up to, or to fundamentally change ourselves for, in order to fit in. The true question in Comsiology is…”fit into what?”

To live is to seek and find inner peace with yourself. To be able to find the courage to look at yourself in the mirror and to be truly satisfied with what you see staring back at you. To know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that no matter what people may say about you, or what mistakes you’ve made, or how many times you have failed in this life…you did it the best that you could. That you have accumulated fewer regrets than you have losses. And that, when you eventually leave this world behind…it will be just a little bit better than it was when you entered it. And you can’t get to that point trying to mimic the life of somebody else, or attempting to fit into some standard that you didn’t create. It’s simply not possible.

To live by comparison is to look at someone else’s good fortune and to envy it…thinking that you’re lesser than them.

To live by comparison is to look at someone else’s misfortune and to bask in it…thinking that you’re better than them.

Neither of these are true. These texts teach an ideology that places all of humanity on the same level…where we can aspire to gain the good fortune of others, and use our own good fortune to help those in need. It’s not a complicated virtue to recognize within oneself and develop over time.



There is no big conspiracy coming to ruin your life or put those you care about in jeopardy. There are no advanced privileges. There are no curses or undeserved stretches of bad luck. These are illusions. And there are people out there who will always target and manipulate those illusions for personal gain. Everything that you understand about the person standing at your side is an opportunity for bonding and shared affection and respect. Everything you do not understand is an opportunity for personal growth and an expansion of your inner potential. The rest is all a game. And the easiest way out of that game is simply not to play. Decide, here and now, that you want to be your best self. Let the people you think are above you…inspire you to be even better than you ever thought possible. There’s no weakness in that. Help to elevate the people that you once thought were beneath you to reach their own higher levels…and be their light in the darkness as you lift them up stand at your side. There’s no weakness in that either.

Weakness is born when someone has to desperately depend on the views and the whispers of others to define them. To give them value or purpose. An outer shell with an immature and underdeveloped treasure inside. If you ever find yourself looking at someone else’s life…their popularity, their skills, their charisma, their material possessions, their physical beauty…and you find yourself in a constant state of judging whether your better or worse off than they are…then you can know for certain that you are trapped in the illusion.

Let it go.



These are all difficult concepts to grasp and break free from…but only because you’ve been trained to think this way from the very beginning. I’m not saying anything revolutionary or unique here. It’s not the world at large that you have to break. It’s merely the addictive habit of thinking the way you think. Nothing more.

Everything that you work sooooo very hard to demand and steal from other people…you can create these things all on your own. Pride, and joy, and validation, and a sense of wonder and beauty. You can learn to heal and self soothe. You can look inside yourself and see the treasure for what it really is. Nobody has to ‘lose’ in order for you to win. Nobody has to ‘fail’ in order for you to succeed. Why would you ever think that you had push everyone else down on their knees in order to feel taller? Why do you have to be so angry over someone else’s joy? If you have to mock or make fun of somebody else, or try to ruin their appeal in front of other people in order to feel better about yourself…then you’ve already lost your way. You’ve already missed the point. And eventually, when the people you’ve abused and taken advantage of for your own selfish reasons get tired of you and decide to leave you behind…

…What then?

Who will you be when you’re all alone and have no one else to compare yourself to? What will you do when your only means of feeling a level of self worth and purpose has to come from somebody else…and that ‘somebody else’ is no longer willing to have anything to do with you?

Don’t alienate yourself from the rest of the world by trying to steal something that you could easily create for yourself. Something that others would give you willingly if only you gave them the same love and friendship in return.

If you have to tear other people down just to keep your head above water…then you already know where this path ends. Chances are, you’ve already experienced it many times over in your life, and are now desperately trying to find it again some place else.

You will never get what you want. You will never appreciate what you have. And even when you’re blessed with some good fortune of your own…you will be anxious for it to suddenly crumble and fade away…always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Live according to what you can give to others. Not according to what you can take from their attention. That well only goes so deep, even for the best of us. And when it runs dry…you’re just going to have to start all over again. Do better. BE better. And let’s all take the right road together.

From the Book of Comsiology…stay beautiful, and embrace the light within you.

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