Hi everyone!

So, I was playing around with the idea of blogging some of the stuff that goes on in the IM office when stuff is being created for the magazine. For obvious reasons, I work very closely with Jeff so, I figured ask him and he said why not get a little Behind the Scenes info about me first. (It actually wasn’t what I had hoped for but, I can roll with it…)

As you should be aware, the image you see in the magazine is what is called a 3D render. Jeff uses some program to create them, I think it’s called Jazz or something like that. ACFan used to work with Matt in this software to take his likeness and do something really similar. The main difference here, there is no photo session that needs to happen with me.

I start out totally naked on a blank field for every single image created for the magazine. Jeff is really cool about it and generally lets me wear some shorts or something. For “decency purposes” Jeff was kind enough to let me put on my underwear before catching me off guard and just taking this screen capture:

Then we play with some poses, just to get an idea of what we want to do. We never really agree on what each of us wants but we are learning to compromise:

Sometimes it takes lots of planning, experimenting, and thought. Most of the time, Jeff comes up with something really cool. Other times…

Yeah, real funny Jeff… Anyway, once the pose is chosen, we decide on the wardrobe and any props that are needed. This is where a real scene is often born.

Then when the pose and everything is just the way we need it, the actual render begins. It takes a while as the software looks at everything that was selected, all the work that went into each parameter of the image, the positioning, facial expressions, lighting, even the small details that we don’t even consider, and it redraws everything to make it all look more like you would expect in the magazine. Trust me, before it does this, I do not look pretty. Looks like I’m beaming off of the Enterprise to Jeff’s computer or something. LOL!

But when it’s done, we have a new image to use for the magazine that is ready to tackle anything! (Wow, I actually look kinda hot in this one, I should ask Jeff for a copy to give to Mo. LOL!)

The last thing that needs to happen is to add my surroundings and other elements like the magazine logo and stuff. Most of my images are created with the intention of just standing directly on one of the magazine’s pages. So then the image is actually completed right after being rendered. Even the new banner was done this way.


The logo Jeff has mastered on his computer and simply mirrored for this shot to make it look like I was hiding behind it. What? You actually thought there was a real ginormous IMAGINE out there somewhere. That’d be cool but…  no. Maybe we’ll do a “Behind the Scenes” on how the Logo is created every month or something. That’d be cool I think.

Anyway, that’s it! A new me for you is ready to go. There are lots of times when an image is needed on the fly, or to flesh out a new idea, or simply to send as a gag to other staff members, Right Comsie? <giggle> Sorry, inside joke.

Is there something about Imagine Magazine that you are curious about? Why not ask Adam and see if he’ll give you another “Behind the Scenes” tour. Just send your requests to submissions@imagine-magazine.org and we’ll pass it right on to him. When he’s not so busy, I’m sure he’ll jump right on it…




…maybe. 🙄

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