This up and coming actor started out so young that I doubt he even remembers his earliest roles with any sort of clarity! Hehehe, but he’s definitely grown into quite an amazing blond heartbreaker since then! And I’m all for it! ::Snuggles::

Coming from Bakersfield, California, Christian was most recently cast as “Ten” in season 4 of the wildly popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things”! Acting as the predecessor to Millie Bobby Brown’s, “Eleven”, he has a smaller role, but one that I’m thinking will show up again later if we’re lucky! And, if not…no worries!

This isn’t Christian’s first rodeo!


Has it really been that long since this Subaru commercial came out??? I remember thinking that this was one of the most adorable advertisements ever when it first aired on TV!


Yeah, I can promise you that I’ve lived through that exact same day myself, kiddo! Get used to it! 😛

Well…he’s about 13 or 14 years old now, and he’s got more accomplishments up under his belt right now than I’ve had in my entire life! So…damn! Way to go, dude!

With credits that already include acting jobs on shows like “Wish Man”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Driven”, “The Bay”, “About A Boy”, as well as a recurring role on the “Days Of Our Lives” daytime soap opera…getting the role of ‘Ten’ on “Stranger Things” is a huge bonus! And is already being labeled as his break out role, leading to bigger and better things in the future!

But who wouldn’t want to play a kid with the mental ability to read your thoughts and possibly snap your neck like a friggin’ twig if he ever got it in his mind to do so? Hehehe!

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Talking about the filming process, Christian says, “We had to protect our wardrobe from paparazzi because a lot of people outside of the set, would just sit there waiting for paparazzi and they would take pictures of people for wardrobe which was like a really really big issue, because they didn’t want people spoiling stuff.” Which had to be difficult. “Stranger Things” has a rabid fanbase that wants to know everything ahead of time. So that had to be rough. But he made it through, and I wish we could have seen more of him.

With his mother being an accomplished screenwriter, and his father being a successful producer and director…there’s no way that Christian and his four older sisters can miss out on being famous in their own right, if that’s the path they choose to follow.

In fact, Christian has already expressed fond memories of being able to work with both his mom and his dad on a few feature films such as “Rekindling Christmas” and “No More Goodbyes”. Something that I imagine must have been an awesome family experience, you know? 🙂

When asked if he ever thought of writing anything of his own in the future, Christian giggled, “Yeah, I definitely tried writing in the past. I’ve pitched my mom a couple of ideas. They were pretty broad! I will say that! I’ll give you one of them, I was like…’Mom, I had a genius idea! What if…the WORLD ended…and then we had to go to the moon!’ And my mom was like…’Anything else? Do you know the main character? Do you know why it’s ending?’ And I was like, no…that’s…that’s just it. And I didn’t realize how, like…TERRIBLE of an idea it was back then, but I think I’ve gotten a little bit better now.”

Hehehe! Don’t sweat it, dude! A lot of people think this writing thing is so easy! So I’ve been where you’ve been myself! Stick with it! It gets better with practice. Then again…doesn’t everything?

Christian Ganiere is already building himself one hell of a foundation for himself, and if his career keeps going the way that it’s going now…we’ll be seeing much much more of him in the near future!

(MARVEL!!! Get that ‘Power Pack’ movie up and running! He’d make an awesome ‘Alex’! Let’s get in gear! ::Giggles::)

And with his past successes, his talented family, and those pretty teen heartthrob looks…you can’t lose! Not to mention that Christian already has the record as one of the youngest presenters ever for the for the Daytime Emmys! Go for it, cutie! We’re cheering for you!

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When asked if anything has changed for him in his life since getting a bigger profile, Christian laughs, “It’s really fun to go and just…meet up with my friends again. And then they’re like, ‘Wait…you’re…are you…wait! You’re in ‘Stranger Things’ aren’t you?’ And I’m like ‘Yeah. I am.’ and they’re like, ‘DUDE! That is so cool! Can I get a picture?’ And I’ve been like, “Dude, we’ve been friends for, like, THREE YEARS and now you want a picture???” Hehehe! It takes some getting used to! But hang in there! You’re gold, dude!

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