Hailing from the West Coast, this San Diego California beauty is making a huge splash in the modeling world, and it’s really not hard to tell why! Hehehe! That magically smooth skin, delicate features, and deep, dark brown eyes, are certain to turn every head that comes into contact with him! Something that I’m sure he’s going to be using to his advantage in the future as his career hits full speed and rockets him forward from one booked project to another! Good for you, cutie! 🙂

Only eleven years old and growing up fast, Jan is quickly snatching up as many quality modeling gigs as he possibly can this past Summer, and while he will probably be going back to school this Summer…I’m quite certain that there will be many more waiting for him for the Fall and Winter fashion roll outs as well!

Already, even at his young age, Jan has nabbed photoshoots and engagements with Armogear, Guess Kids, Flapdoodles, KidzLane, PeekKids, Miniphant Kids, fashion lines…and even Lego!

So…to say that he’s been busy this past year is an understatement. It’s hard to look at his current resume and think that he’s just getting started! That’s crazy!

It could just be me, but Jan Cepni just seems like he’s going to be one of those boys who going to be gorgeous for the rest of his life! Hehehe, you knot the type, right? And if he can keep his heart in tact and stays sweet like he is now…there’s no limit to what he can accomplish in the future. So I’ll definitely be cheering him on, and I hope that he can keep going strong while avoiding all of the inevitable pitfalls that are sure to cross his path along the way.

“Weekends are made for fun! Spending time outdoors, hanging out with family and friends, gaming!”Jan says, his youthful exuberance shining through as he goes out there to have fun and enjoy just being a cute young boy for a while. Whether it be on the beach or in a virtual boxing ring! Hehehe!

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Agreed! Enjoy your weekends, kiddo! Relax when you can! Follow oyur passion and all of oyur ambitions, and make the best out of every moment that you’re given, dude! It can fly by you SO fast sometimes! Believe me! 😛

I think if Jan decides to keep up with this part of life…it’ll only be a year or two before he becomes one of those recognizable beauties that every clothing line and fashion front runner will come chasing after once they see what he has to offer. And that’s a good thing! So go and support him and his efforts, and give him that much needed boost to really go out there and do something special. Cool?

I haven’t seen anything about him having any aspirations as of yet (Acting, singing, sports, etc)…but who knows? He may have some hidden talents that even he hasn’t discovered yet. But whatever it is that Jan has to share with us…it’s even half as beautiful as he is…then he’ll be an ace at it! And I’m behind him, 100%! Get out there and show them what you’re made of! And I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

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For Mother’s Day last year, Jan wrote, “No matter what your age, you always need your mom. You may not be aware, your mama needs you more than you need her. Here’s to selfless mothers who love her children more than anything in the world!” Awwww…so cute! Gotta love a boy who loves his mom! That’s the rule! Great job, sweetie! And welcome to Imagine Magazine’s Centerfold of the month!

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