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All of the rewritten, re-edited, ebook versions can all be found HERE! So be the first to grab your copies today! Cool? 🙂

“On The Outside” (Book Five) (NOW Available) – The fourth Book in the “On The Outside” series is now available if you’re a fan of the series! I’m working on bringing the story of Ethan and Drew to a close, and I hope to get the last book out by the end of the year if possible! So grab the newest addition, or grab all of the previous editions if you hadn’t gotten any yet! I definitely want to take the time needed to make this story everything that it needs to be, and I appreciate the love you guys have given it over the years! I think it has something special to say, and just knowing that you guys appreciate it means the world to me. So THANK YOU for the purchases, and for helping me to keep my head above water. No purchases or donations mean that I don’t eat. So every day is crunch time for me. You guys are the only reason that I get to keep writing. So thanks for that.


“Safe Haven” (Available On 8/19) – The fourth “Shelter” prequel is now finished, and coming out as a completed ebook at long last! The story of officer Logan, ex-military, going out to save his sick son from the hospital during the initial zombie outbreak is finally going to be told, tying into the “Shelter” ebook series as a whole. There is much more going on with that, and “Shelter” will be released too in a short series of ebooks…but more on that later! Keep your eyes glued right here to Imagine Magazine! You may be surprised what I’ve got coming next!

More ebooks to come VERY soon, as I work through the editing process to make them as close to perfect as I possibly can! And that always takes time…but I definitely put a lot of effort into making it worth your time! Promise! Hehehe! But there ar more ebooks coming! Including exclusives that you can’t get anywhere else, like “Boys Of Widow Lake”, “Always”, and a new addition, “Popstar”! So stick around! There’s so much more to come! Mwah! Seezya then!
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Be sure to spread the word! And, if you can, please leave a comment or a simple star rating on Amazon to let people know what you thought! Make me look cool in front of the cooler kids, will ya??? Hehehe!
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Every ebook purchased, every penny spent, helps to keep the site running! This is a big part of my bread and butter since the pandemic! And it makes me feel awesome to know that you guys are still with me! Ebook purchases ensure a perpetually cheerful Comsie, and that means more FREE stories and fun material for you guys on the site in the long run! And HUGE thanks for the direct donation to the https://paypal.me/Comsie account! That has really helped me out a lot! You rock for that! 😛 Consider any of these things an act of kindness as well as an investment that will only end up benefiting you guys with new material in the long run! Win/Win, right? The better off I am, the better off you are. Easy!
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