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Actor Michael Banks Repeta (Now just going by ‘Banks’ Repeta) is a talented young teen who has been working hard to pursue his passion for acting since he was still a youngster. An effort that is definitely paying off as the roles he’s been nabbing lately have been getting bigger and bigger over time. His career is definitely moving in the right direction, and it’s so cool to see him getting recognized for his abilities, as he’s really good at it. There’s something about his performance that really makes you feel for him. He has a quality that really makes you want to protect him, you know?

With many roles in recent movies like “The Black Phone” and “The Devil All The Time”, his star is definitely on the rise! No to mention his roles in a Sundance favorite, “Uncle Frank”, and other popular streaming series like “Lovecraft Country”, “Gone”, and “Manhunt”, there’s nothing stopping this teen actor from reaching the top!

And nothing is better proof of this that could be better than the fact that Banks was chosen from a long list of young teen actors to share the screen with legends Anne Hathaway and Sir Anthony Hopkins in his soon to be released movie, “Armageddon Time” next month! I mean, you’ve gotta be pretty damn talented to score a gig like that! Am I right?

I would really love for him to show off more of his acting talents in the near future. Already, he’s proven to be quite an actor, and he’s seriously cute to stare at blankly at the same time. So how can you go wrong with a formula like that? It’s perfect just like it is. Hehehe! And you can catch him on the beloved TV series, “Welcome To Flatch”, the Stephen King helmed series, “The Outsider”, and the upcoming short film “Mercy”! So he’s definitely been busy lately, and since he’s only fourteen years old (I believe), that is a LOT to accomplish at this age!

Coming from Wilmington, North Carolina…Banks has quickly become one of the members of young Hollywood to look for in the near future. And not only that, but he is also an avid skateboarder, an open water swimmer, a surfer…who plays guitar, AND is an accomplished black belt in the art of Tae Kwon Do! Jesus!

I mean…this kid can catch, clean, and cook his own fish! He’s a self proclaimed outdoors man who is seriously skilled in a bunch of different crafts and abilities, and he looks cute doing it. Hehehe, how many folks out there can really say that? So it’s crazy that he can still manage to maintain an impressive acting career on top of all that, and still have passionate interests of his own.

(How many hours are there in a day again? Apparently, I’ve been wasting 80% of mine! Geez!)

Either way, Michael Banks Repeta…you may have to look him up in certain movies, as that was the name that he originally used before changing it recently to just ‘Banks’…which is actually kinda cool, is definitely going to be one of those child actors that sticks around for a long time to come. From what I’ve seen so far, he’s only scratching the surface of what he’s capable of in an acting sense. Stand back and stare in awe as his future roles get bigger and heavier with the emotional weight that’s sure to come with them.

He’s a diamond in the rough, for sure. And I’d love to see what he brings to the table some time soon!

All of us here at Imagine Magazine are looking forward to you taking giant leaps and bounds towards a promising career, Banks! Keep your head on straight, and keep making us proud with your talents in the years to come! I know that you’re just getting started, and you definitely need to take time to be a normal kid every now and then…but if you keep going strong the way you have been so far…I expect great things from ya, dude! So stay beautiful! And we’ll look for you up on the big screen soon! 🙂

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