So as many of you know, this will be the fourth issue of Imagine Magazine with me officially as mascot. When we decided that I could do a little work to help out, I thought it would be more like “Oh, isn’t that cute” kind of stuff but, now that I’ve seen how some months can go…

To understand what I mean, you would need to understand some of the “jokes” that have been thrown around in a cute way in issues while Matt was on watch. As it turns out, some of the weird, crazy, hectic, demanding, and even insane stuff that he wrote about isn’t as far off as you would think. This month proved that to me big time.

The first thing I noticed is that it is organized in an odd way; it just doesn’t look like it is.  Let’s not focus on what Comicality does for this example because let’s face it, none of us could ever understand what is going on over at that desk. Let’s focus on the guy I see every day, Jeff. Now, you would think for a guy who is now in his fourth year working for Imagine, he’d have a plan. A schedule. A system… Yeah, no. He deals with what is tossed at him when it is tossed at him around his other uncoordinated jobs. I mean, the guy is involved in the behind the scenes stuff for Imagine, the company he works for, a community he helped to found, a few commercial websites, and has some really odd but cool hobbies. I mean, when I first saw how he works, I figured he was nuts. Nothing he does is like, credited work. He does write but, never seems to have the time.

Anyway, he starts out by grabbing his phone before he even gets out of bed to see if there is anything he needs to deal with before anything else. More often than not, it would be his paying job that has something pressing that they needed him to deal with about 15 minutes before the message was sent. If there is something life threatening, he falls out of bed and wakes up the computer. If nothing is that bad, he wanders to his office and makes coffee. Typically rushing through the small stuff that can be taken care of quickly. Once that is done, he goes back and gets the “work” email started. Paying job first, Server maintenance second, Imagine Magazine stuff… for days! Hehehe!

I could get into detail but it’s mainly just him at a desk, not talking to anyone for hours. Well, he does swear at the screen now and then but for the most part, it’s lots of typing and clicking. Once he has everything in place, and the work from everyone else is done as well, he adds the new issue to the main pages and we all get to see what all the swearing was about 🙂 Then Jeff takes a break:

Not an actual photo of Jeff, Not very far off though 😉

That’s about it. It all comes down to about two weeks of insanity and then two weeks off… then it all happens again and again. I respect what they are doing here but, also wonder what kind of person would do this to themselves repeatedly, Hehehe!

Is there something about Imagine Magazine that you are curious about? Why not ask Adam and see if he’ll give you another “Behind the Scenes” tour. Just send your requests to and we’ll pass it right on to him. When he’s not so busy, I’m sure he’ll jump right on it…




…maybe. 🙄

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