#1 – Despite being ‘Patriot’s Day’, a commemorative for those who were lost in the 9/11 attacks of 2001…September 11th is also ‘Grandparents Day’. So be sure to give them some love when you get a chance.

#2 – The very first Labor Day parade wasn’t actually a parade at all! It was a giant mass of workers on STRIKE! Marching from New York City Hall to Union Square with a protesting army of like minded workers against the Industrial Revolution (Including children as young as FIVE years old!!! JESUS!), they railed against horrible working conditions, extended hours, and unsafe factories and mills…often working for twelve hours or more a day, without breaks, food, or clean drinking water. Wow…

#3 – There is an artificial intelligence experiment developed at Stanford University that has an amazingly high success rate when it comes to guessing whether someone is gay or straight! For men, it is 81% accurate! For women, 74% accurate! (I know what I want for Christmas now! Hehehe!)

#4 – In Sierra Vista, Arizona…it was once considered forbidden for any members of the US military to be seen in public while wearing their uniform. So, to handle the problem, seeing an opportunity for more business from the near Fort Huachuca installation, the manager cut a hole in the side of his restaurant and began to bring the service straight to their driver’s side window instead. And that’s how McDonald’s invented the first ever Drive-thru!

#5 – The series, “Stranger Things”, was originally called “Montauk”…which is actually a real island in Suffolk County, New York, and the home to many conspiracy theories about the experiments that go on there!

#6 – It was an eleven year old boy, Frank Epperson, that accidentally left some soda powder and water outside overnight while forgetting about it, along with a small wooden stick that he used to stir it with. The next day, it had frozen in the chilly weather, and he had to use the wooden stirrer to eat it. He called it the ‘Epscicle’ and sold it to his friends in the neighborhood, and later at a nearby amusement park. The name was patented…and it was changed to the ‘Popsicle’! So you have a forgetful eleven year old boy to thank for that! Hehehe!

#7 – The birthstone for the month of September is the Sapphire. Once believed to guard against evil and poisoning…they are often a mesmerizing color of blue, due to bits of titanium and iron in their make up…but not always. Sometimes, Sapphires can turn red…and that’s when we call them Rubies!

#8 – One of the masters of horror, Alfred Hitchcock, had a fear that some might consider strange. Eggs! It was a 1963 interview where he was quoted as saying, “I’m frightened of eggs, worse than frightened; they revolt me. That white round thing without any holes, and when you break it, inside there’s that yellow thing, round, without any holes…Blood is jolly, red. But egg yolk is yellow, revolting. I’ve never tasted it.”

#9 – The 25th of September, 1690, was the date of the very first newspaper ever printed in the USA!

#10 – According to Symantec and their extensive studies…your laptop is more than THREE times more likely to pick up Malware or a destructive computer virus from a religious site than anything having to do with pornography! Religious sites, on average…contain at least 115 security threats that can seriously wreck your computer, while adult content has an average of 25. So remember that, Jesus freaks! Hehehe!

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