Have you ever just looked at a really really cute boy…and been like, WOW! The angels above definitely got this one right! Hehehe, it’s like they’re just showing off at this point. That’s the exact feeling that I got when I got my first look at Dmitriy Kovalevich…or Kovalevich Dima. Or perhaps, as he’s now simply going by the name ‘Ko.Di’ online…which is super cute in its own way! Hehehe!


Born in Russia (You’ve got a lot of cute boy competition now, Australia! Hehehe…keep your eye on those Russian beauties!) this young boy model is charging forward and building himself an amazing career that you guys should all be looking out for in the near future.

He quotes Konstantin Karikh in saying “To do what you love is freedom, and to love what you do is happiness.” And it would be difficult to imagine truer words that have ever been spoken. An absolute lovely boy, both inside and out, Ko.Di sems to already have his head on straight and moving in the right direction.

A popular pick for many namebrand clothing lines so far, you can expect to see him modeling many more fashions for young boys as his fame and familiarity increases with every new gig that he books. I mean, let’s be honest here…how can anyone look at that face and not instantly fall in love with him? I did! Hehehe!

What an excellent way to end the Summer, am I right?

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Now…if you’ve been looking closely (As I’m sure many of you have) you may notice a rare enhancement when it comes to his beautiful eyes! It’s not a defect. I believe it is simply an uncommon trait that affects very few people, worldwide. It’s a form of Heterochromia, that causes one of Ko.Di’s eyes to appear as dark brown with a bright blue halo around it. It is simply magical to look at it, and he is blessed with something that most boys will never ever have! Wow!

Heterochromia doesn’t cause any visual problems. It’s simply a genetic quirk that sometimes gets passed down through the parents that affects the eye color while it is being formed. Apparently, it’s much more common in some animals, but in human beings…it’s very rare. Possibly six people out of one thousand will carry this trait, and it often creates two eyes with completely different colors. Ko.Di’s, however seem different. As his eyes are both brown…one of them just has a bright blue ring around the pupil. It’s so COOL! Hehehe!

When asked about it, he says, “Everything is fine. It’s like a birthmark, it’s been this way since birth.” And he seems to be ok about it. I’m glad. Because I find it fascinating, personally. As if he wasn’t already gorgeous enough already! ::Giggles::

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So the very best of luck to Kovalevich Dima and all of the projects that he pursues from now until forever! Do good things, cutie! And please stay away from the bad stuff! We’re rooting for you! And I’m excited to have you join some of the most beautiful boys ever created in the Imagine Magazine Centerfold family! Take care! 🙂

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