Mentoring Brandon

My Brother, My Lover, and Me


Brandon was still licking the shaft of Mikey’s penis at the same time. I could tell that this wasn’t going to be a quick night, as I knew what both Mikey and Brandon wanted. Again the jealousy took a shot at me, but I also realized I wasn’t going to be left out of the equation. This was going to be one hot evening and one that I know that all of us would remember as the beginning of a great developing friendship.


The lights were off but I could see how my boyfriend was pleasing my brother as Mikey’s head was thrown back with pleasure. His hips were beginning to undulate with Brandon’s tongue slowly running up and down the veiny shaft. I stood in the shadows just watching and contemplating what the evening would bring.

As I had learned from school, I checked to make sure that Mikey locked the door so that any unwanted guest wouldn’t disturb us. As I turned back I could see Brandon slowly bringing Mikey down to the bed. The two of them embraced with their hard cocks meeting in the middle. I knew what Brandon wanted and I had told myself the entire day that I would not interfere with their making love.

Now, my brother and my lover were lying next to each other. Their mouths were locked together as their hands were roaming all over each other’s body. It was making me very horny and very excited to see this. Although I hadn’t seen any homosexual pornography I only imagined that this was what
it was all about. The visual stimulus that it would create could not have been any more erotic.

I moved over to the other bed and as I did, both Mikey and Brandon looked over to me. Their eyes were telling me to join them. “No, guys,” I said. “This night is yours. Well, at least the early part of it!” I said and laughed.

They both understood what I meant. I received a smile from Brandon that said thank you and a wink from Mikey that assured me that he knew what I meant. They then turned and continued to kiss very passionately.

I felt that Brandon would take the lead in this activity. He, not only being older, but also being a bit more experienced, I thought, would be the aggressor. To my amazement, I was wrong. Mikey pushed Brandon onto his back, straddled him and brought his hard cock to Brandon’s lips. Brandon’s
head rose, encircled the head of Mikey’s cock with his lips and began to suck him slowly and firmly. Mikey, his hand around his back had Brandon’s cock and was slowly stroking it in time with Brandon’s pressure.

I then noticed Mikey rise up on his knees and begin to move his cock slowly in and out of Brandon’s mouth. He was face-fucking Brandon which was driving me out of my mind. I found my hand moving faster and faster on my own cock. I didn’t want to cum, but this was so erotic that I had no choice. I shot my load and it was so forceful that the first spurt hit Brandon on the cheek. He turned his head and mumbled, “So now you’re the kid.”

We all laughed a bit, but that didn’t stop what my brother and lover were doing. Mikey continued to move his cock in Brandon’s mouth, but the movements were now becoming faster and quicker. I could see by the look on his face that it wouldn’t be long before he joined me in releasing his
boyhood fluids. I knew what it was like in that position, as Brandon and I had done this many times together. The suction and pressure that Brandon could maintain could bring me to the pinnacle of orgasm quickly. I knew that he was doing the same to Mikey as I saw my brother’s head fall back.
I knew he was cumming and it made me very pleased that Brandon had that effect on him as well.

As Mikey slowed down, I knew that Brandon would not stop. When we did this, he wouldn’t let me out of his mouth and with the sensitivity that an orgasm had with me, drove me wild. I could tell that he was doing the same with Mikey, as I saw my brother squirming and trying to pull his dick out of Brandon’s mouth. Brandon had this habit of biting down on my cock and using his tongue to continue to stimulate me. I realized he was doing the same to Mikey and I was glad, as the sensations it gave me were fantastic and Mikey was now experiencing the same.

Finally, Brandon let go. I saw Mikey sit back and take his hand, grab the head of his own cock and squeeze it to desensitize himself. I looked at Brandon licking his lips. “Well, Bob, I can tell you, he does taste very sweet!” We smiled.

Mikey had let go of Brandon’s cock during his orgasm. As he was coming down, he took his hand and again started to slowly stroke Brandon’s cock behind his back. He took his other hand, licked it and placed the moist hand onto the head of Brandon’s cock. He then slid down Brandon’s body,
sitting on his calves as he now took both hands and began to rub the head of Bran’s cock in both hands. He continued to moisten his hands during this process and it wasn’t long before I saw Brandon’s hips rise off of the bed. This was a tell-tale sign that he was very close to shooting his

As I watched closely and intently, I again started to wonder if this was the right thing to do. At this time in our relationship, I knew Brandon and I had not committed ourselves to be “a monogamous couple,” but I also knew that Brandon had very few experiences (none actually) other than ours
together. I knew that I had enjoyed playing with other guys and knew that it was part of the “growing process” in a guy’s life, especially a gay guy’s life. I hoped that something like this would not interfere with our relationship and allow us to grow, not only as a couple, but as individuals.

As my mind wandered, I could see that Brandon was now at the point of orgasm. He didn’t shoot like he normally did because of both of Mikey’s hands covering the head of his cock. But I knew his load was strong, like it usually was, because of Mikey’s hands being covered with sperm, and the
foam that it caused at the top of the head because of his continual motion. Mikey then continued the stimulation, paying Brandon back for his teasing earlier. But I also knew that Brandon enjoyed this and was not anywhere near as sensitive as I was, nor Mikey as it turns out.

I got up off the bed and walked over to my brother and Brandon. I took my hands and wrapped them around Mikey and held him close to me. I reached over his shoulders with one hand and brushed Brandon’s cheek with my right hand, smiling at him and letting him know that I was happy that that he had done something that he had fantasized about all day.

Brandon then reached around Mikey and pulled us both down toward him. We all lay there for a few minutes in each other’s arms. Our body heat provided all we needed for this cool autumn evening to keep ourselves warm. As Brandon and Mikey came down from their heavy breathing, kissed both of them to assure them that what had just happened was fine with me. I knew that both were a little unsure about my reaction.

Mikey was the first to break the embrace. “He’s yours Bob and I don’t want to interfere with you two. And besides, I’m tired,” he continued as he made his way to his sleeping bag on the floor.

I began to move upwards but was immediately pulled back down on top of Brandon. His lips met mine and we kissed a deep kiss. Although we had both just released our jism, we began to become erect again. His hand made its way toward my cock as mine to his. We slowly began to stroke each other as we kissed deeply and passionately. As I became hard, again, Brandon leaned over to my ear.

“You know he wants you, Bob,” he began. “To be honest with you I think it is time for you to give Mikey what he wants.”

“I can’t, Brandon, I really can’t! I exclaimed. As I did, I began to cry and Brandon just held me.

We both heard a rumbling on the floor and looked over as Mikey began to move toward the door. “Where are you going?” I asked.

“Didn’t you hear that?” Mikey questioned.

“Hear what, bro?”

“I heard Joe calling me. I’ll be right back, guys, so don’t lock the door or I’ll have to make a lot of noise and I don’t think that either of you want that,” he said as he opened the door, grinned at us and went over to his and Joe’s room

I sat up on the bed even though Brandon tried to keep me lying on top of him. He knew I was a bit confused and concerned, so he let me go. I kept hold of his hand, however, not wanting to break the bond entirely.

“Would you do something with Chad?” I finally asked, breaking the silence.

“Actually, Bob, I don’t know. What I do know is that if he wanted me as much as I think that Mikey wants you, I would definitely think hard about giving him what he wanted.”

“With you and Mikey, or for that fact with Chad and me, it is a different story. It wouldn’t be brothers doing each other. It would be two guys enjoying each other. Just like when I would do Justin or some of the other guys that I have had fun with. To bring it closer to us both, Dave and Tom and you and I playing around like we did. But brothers?”

He reached up and pulled my head to his. He kissed me gently, moved his head toward my ear and whispered, “Brothers have needs too, Bob and you know what Mikey needs and wants. Think about that.”

I lifted my head, smiled at him and bent down to kiss him again. I knew what he was telling me. I knew that he was trying to assure me of two things. First, that he wouldn’t mind at all if Mikey and I took our brotherhood to another level. Secondly, that by doing what Mikey seemed to
want that I would be cementing our brotherly relationship for life. I couldn’t argue with him on either point. He actually made me feel better about what might happen in the future.

As we lay there so quietly in each other’s arms, the door opened. I shot up from Brandon’s arms, not knowing who had opened the door. My heart fell as I momentarily thought it might be one of my parents. Fortunately, as I turned, I saw Mikey closing the door and locking it.

“What a weekend!” he declared.

“What do you mean, Mikey,” I asked not really wanting to hear the response.

Mikey related what had happened when he went into see why Joe had called him. He said as he walked in, Joe was looking at the magazine that I took the day before (how he got it from where I put it I will never know) and asked if he could talk. Joe asked Mikey if there was something wrong
with him looking at pictures and getting a boner. Mikey assured him that there wasn’t and that it happened to all guys, including him and me.

“Have you seen Joe’s dick lately?” Mikey asked. Of course I hadn’t and told him that. “Well, bro, he’s more like us than you would imagine. Here he is 12 years old and he’s at least 5 ½” when he is hard.”

Both my mouth and Brandon’s fell with that statement. I was well endowed when I was 12, but nowhere near that big.

“Bob, I am only 6″ myself, and my little brother is almost as big as me.”

“Well, you know how I feel now, I guess, Mikey,” I said, trying to add a bit of levity to the moment. “Just out of curiosity, how do you know that,” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Well, he said that you told him that if he had any questions about what he was doing to ask you or me. He did. Not only did he ask, but he showed me what he was doing and asked if he was doing it right.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. I could tell that Brandon was also holding back his laughter. Here was my 12 year old brother showing my 14 year old brother how he jerked off. I now knew what Mikey meant by `What a weekend.’

“Well I guess you don’t have to wonder if Joe is asleep when you need to jack-off,” I heard Brandon offer. “Will make things a lot easier, Mikey, don’t you think?”

We all laughed. “Well, Mikey, was he doing it right?” I finally asked.

“He knows what he is doing, Bob, believe me. He shot a load as he was stroking himself with me watching. It wasn’t very thick, of course. I think you know what I mean about a load at 12, but he did shoot.”

I was amazed on how matter-of-factly that Mikey was relaying this story. I think I would have stammered a lot and been a bit embarrassed telling the story. I guess that was a difference between Mikey and me. He looked at things as a growing experience. I guess I was more afraid of corrupting my brothers with any talk of sex, especially boy-sex. Why I had that approach, I don’t know, since I was more queer than Joe, especially, but in retrospect that is how I believe I felt.

“I notice you’re hard there,” Brandon quipped. “Did you want to join him, Mikey?”

“Actually, in some ways I wanted to show him, but to be honest, I mostly wanted to get back here to Bob and you.”

I got off the bed and walked toward Mikey. I took him in my arms and held him close. I kissed his cheek and then his ear. Our eyes met and I moved down, pressed my lips to his and we began to kiss. Again, not like brothers, but not like lovers either. Just kiss as friends, no tongue,
just a kiss that meant love.

I took Mikey by the hands and led him over to the other bed and we sat down. I looked into his eyes and saw a totally different person sitting next to me. Oh, he was my brother, but much more. We had shared the boy that I loved which was a bond that neither of us thought would ever

“Mikey, I know that dad is probably thinking about sending you to CBS next year. Did you know that?”

“I had a feeling, Bob, but to be honest, I don’t know if I want to. I have Justin and all my friends here,” he answered.

“Well, a year ago I felt the same way, Mikey. Believe me, I know what you are feeling about that possibility,” I said trying to reassure him. All the while Brandon was lying on the other bed, head in his hands just listening. He knew that this was a brother to brother talk and was not going to enter it, just yet.

I continued to tell Mikey that CBS was a great school with great guys. I confided in him that I had made better friends at CBS than I had when I went to school here in Chicago. I asked him to consider it with an open mind. I also told him that if he was that sure that he didn’t want to go that I would talk to dad about it and try to convince him not to pursue sending Mikey to CBS.

I got a smile from Mikey. He told me he would definitely give it some thought since I felt it might be a good thing for him. “And,” I continued. “You are out of school a week before we are at CBS. How would you like to spend that week with Brandon and me?”

As I asked that question, I quickly glanced over at Brandon. I wasn’t sure how he would react to that suggestion, but when I saw the big smile he had on his face, I knew that he agreed with me that this would be a good idea for Mikey. He also gave me a wink which I didn’t understand at
that moment.

“I’d love that Bob. Brandon? Is that okay with you?”

“Well, Mikey, I don’t know. Do you think you can sleep with a lot of noise from the bed next to you night after night?” Brandon asked with a big smile followed by a little laugh.

“I think I can,” Mikey answered. “As long as I can join in from time to time,” he added.

With that he looked at me. I gave him a smile. “I think that can be arranged, Mikey. As long as Brandon and I have some quality time together,” I added. “Oh, and by the way, one other condition,” I continued.

“What is that, Bob?” Mikey queried.

“That you and I have some time to spend together as well.”

He had a big smile on his face, threw his arms around me and hugged me and pulled me close. I looked over at Brandon and saw the smile on his face as well. He knew what I meant and was glad that I took his advice, for a change. He knew I always listened to him and took what he said as that of
a friend and lover. I knew by the look on his face that he approved of what I had done and was happy that he played some part in it.

I took Mikey’s head in my hands and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I whispered in his ear that it was time for bed as we had a big day ahead of us. He nodded and pushed me away, stood up, took my hand and led me over to the other bed with Brandon.

“Brandon, you have a great guy here. If you do anything to hurt him, you’ll have to answer to me,” he said, half jokingly and I do believe sincerely.

“Don’t worry, Mikey, I won’t. He means too much to me and those close to him mean a lot to me as well,” Brandon answered, standing up, hugging and kissing Mikey.

That was all that was said that evening as we all lay down to go to sleep. It wasn’t long before I heard the rhythmic breathing from Mikey and knew that he was asleep. I was lying there with Brandon, my arm under his head holding it close to my chest. I never could sleep on my back until Brandon and I shared a bed. It seemed so natural to lie on my back holding him close and falling asleep.

A rap at our door awoke us all at 8:00 the next morning. “Guys, it is time to get up,” I heard my father yell. “I need a ride to the train so you can have the car, Bob, so hurry up.”

I quickly arose and walked toward the door. I noticed, however, that my dad didn’t even attempt to enter the room. He didn’t try the door-knob or anything. Usually he would at least try to enter the room, but today, for some reason, he did not.

I opened the door, still naked as a jay-bird and told him I’d be ready in 5 minutes. I know he couldn’t help but see me naked with my typical morning wood. I saw him smile and turn and walk down the stairs. I hustled and put on some jogging pants and a sweat-shirt and met him at the car in the

“Sleep well?” he asked.

“Oh yea, dad I did. Not enough, but well,” I smiled answering him.

As we drove to the train station he asked a lot more questions than he had previously about Brandon. It seemed he was wondering about his family and about the invitation to their home in Florida. I can’t say that he was fishing, but he definitely was interested in our relationship, both on and off the field. I answered his questions as truthfully, yet carefully, as I could.

The ride to the train station took about 15 minutes, as usual. As he exited the car, he leaned back in toward me. “You and Brandon are best friends, I gather, Bob, not just teammates, am I right?”

“Yes, dad,” I answered. “We are the best of friends.”

“Well, your mother and I talked last night and decided that it would be all right with us if you joined Brandon and his family over the Christmas holiday. I think that will be good for both of you.” He smiled, closed the door and headed toward the platform. As he got to the top step, he
turned toward me, gave thumbs up and smiled. I was delighted, yet confused. Did dad know more than I thought about Brandon and me? If he did, he certainly didn’t seem too upset.

As I drove back home, I noticed Terry walking down the street. He waved to me and then motioned me over to the curb.

I leaned over and cranked the passenger side window down. “Hey there Terry. What’s up?” I asked.

“Today we have a special wrestling practice. I know that coach would love to see you,” he said. “And, why don’t you bring your buddy from school along with you. Maybe you two could get a workout before you head back to your school.”

“Sounds good, Terry. I just may do that. What time?” I asked.

“At 11 Bob,” he said. “Hope to see you there. Would like to get some suggestions from you about some moves I’ve learned this year and see if you think I should work on them.”

“Sure thing, Terry, I’d be glad to,” I responded. I was a bit unsure of what he meant, but then again, he and I were practice partners for a year and I knew his moves well and thought that I could give him some pointers, as well.

When I got home Mikey, Brandon and Joe were in the kitchen having something to eat. I joined them and told Brandon what Terry had asked. He said he thought that would be something we could do and that it would be nice to meet some of my old wrestling buddies. Mikey, however, had another

“You really think that would be a good idea, Bob?” he asked.

“Sure, why not, Mikey?”

He motioned me toward the dining room and I followed. “You know that Terry has always wanted you, Bob, don’t you?” he started. “And, from what I could see the other day at Jim’s, he has an eye for Brandon as well.”

“I don’t think that is what he has in mind, really, do you?”

“Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you, Bob,” he finished as he walked away.

I walked back into the kitchen and finished what breakfast I had left. Brandon was questioning me about the team at my old school and the guys that were still there. He knew I had been a sophomore champion the year before and was excited to meet my teammates. When we were finished we
talked with Joe and my mom for a while, as Mikey had left the house indicating that he was going out to play, not hang I noticed, with some friends. I couldn’t help but giggle and I heard Brandon do the same.

At 10:30 we left for my old school. As we pulled up into the parking lot many of the wrestlers were just getting there. They saw me and headed over towards Brandon and me. I introduced Brandon to my former teammates. I told them that he was also a conference champion at CBS the year before and they all were very impressed. The questions started flying, both to me and to Brandon about CBS, wrestling and particularly football, as they had all been informed about my being chosen as team captain. When they heard that Brandon was also announced as a captain, as a junior, they really were impressed.

We all headed into the locker room and got ready for practice. I had some practice gear at home and packed it for Brandon and me. We chose a locker area near Blake, the guy that replaced me in my weight class. He was a nice guy, not too hot though. He had a lot of acne and his face was not
really that cute.

He did, however, have one trait with which I knew Brandon would be impressed. That was his cock. Blake had the largest piece of meat that I had ever seen, and I’m sure that would be the same for Brandon. And, Blake wasn’t embarrassed to show it off, either.

As we undressed for practice, I motioned over to Brandon to watch Blake undress. He knew what I meant by just looking into my eyes. He kept an eye out as Blake took off his underwear. When it was completely off, Blake turned toward us both. He took his hand and released his balls from his
sweaty thighs. He played with it a bit and gave us a show, knowing quite well what he was doing.

And, there it was. He was soft, but at least 8″ long, bigger than either Brandon or I were when we were hard. I could tell Brandon was excited as he couldn’t take his eyes off Blake’s dick. And Blake, not being the shy one, was proud of the attention that he was getting from such a hot guy. He began to work it up and was becoming hard when the coach yelled for everyone to hit the practice mats. That stopped the action then and there. But I know that Brandon was excited by the bulge that was exposed in his shorts.

We both went onto the stage where the practice area was located. The coach introduced Brandon to the team, although most had already met him either outside or in the locker room. He asked Brandon if he would mind working with Blake who was about the same weight class as he. Brandon didn’t
hesitate to say yes, knowing that he might get a feel of the giant he had just witnessed in the locker room.

He asked if I would work with Terry, which I had anticipated anyway. We all stretched and got limber before practice and we broke up into practice partners. It was like old times, Terry and me, working together on the mats. We went through the drills that Coach Klako was putting the team through prior to working on individual moves. Coach had asked me to work on some upper body moves with Terry. He was great on the mat, but when he was on his feet, Terry was not that adept.

As practice was going forward, Terry began to take some direction from me. I showed him some of my better moves and he was beginning to understand some of the techniques that I was trying to teach him. We began throwing each other around which became the focus of the rest of the team. They were encouraging Terry to become as aggressive as I had been and it was working. I even saw Brandon smile as I brought Terry to the mat a few times.

After take-down practice, it was time for mat moves. I was on the mat as Terry mounted me (no double-meaning intended) and we began working on some break-downs. On the whistle, Terry broke me down and got me into a `pump-handle’ hold. This is where his right hand was through my crotch,
holding my wrist and his left hand was working for a half-nelson hold to turn me onto my back.

However this time Terry didn’t have his hand on my wrist, he had it on my cock. He was playing with me, in front of the team with his weight on me to hold me down. I don’t think anyone noticed what he was doing, but my reaction was as he anticipated. I grew fully hard as he rolled the head of my cock in his fingers through my shorts. I was breathing hard yet trying to get him off me in the process. Usually, I had no problem handling Terry from the bottom, but today, for some reason, he was much tougher than I had remembered. Or, maybe it was the fact that he was masturbating me as we were lying on the mat.

I turned my head and told him to stop, but he just laughed. “Just relax and enjoy, Bob,” was all he said. I knew I couldn’t and continued to try to break his hold and get him up off of me. Fortunately, the whistle blew which indicated that all wrestling was to cease. He let go of me as I
lay on the floor, face first so as not to expose what he had done to me.

As I began to soften, I turned on my side, jumped up and walked over to Brandon and told him it was time for us to leave. I know he was confused, but followed me as I told Coach K that we had to leave and that it was great seeing him again. He shook my hand and thanked me for helping Terry as we headed off the stage.

“So, what was that all about?” was all that Brandon could ask.

I told him what had happened as we got dressed and he laughed. “At least I wasn’t the only one that got a feel of hard cock today,” he stated.

I looked at him and smiled. “Did it grow a lot?” I asked.

“You couldn’t believe it Bob. He was a foot hard if not longer,” he finished.

“Did you want him?” I asked.

He shook his head no, which I had anticipated. I knew Brandon well enough to know that not even a 12″ cock would make him stray from me. Especially with Blake, who looked like he had had a run-in with a mortar shell. I don’t mean to sound mean, but it was the truth and I knew that Brandon wasn’t interested in just sex with anyone.

As we headed toward the car he took my hand in his. “Thank you, Bob,” he said.

“For what, love?”

“For letting me get to know some of your friends, even if they were hitting on each of us,” he said jokingly. Suddenly, the stereo-type of wrestlers ran through my head. Maybe it was true that wrestlers were more prone to being into other guys than other jocks.

As we pulled into the driveway, there was Mikey waiting on the front stoop. He had a big grin on his face like the cat that ate the canary. He didn’t come running to the car, like he had both the other times we pulled up. Instead he sauntered toward the car still with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Ok, what’s up?” I asked.

“Oh, just wait, Bob, just wait” is all he could say.

As we walked into the house, there was my mother with Mrs. Gill, Karen’s mother. There we sitting in the front room apparently waiting for me to get home.

“Hey, Bob, you remember Mrs. Gill, don’t you?” my mother started. “Well, we have a favor to ask of you which also includes Brandon.”

My heart sank as I had a sickening feeling what was going to be asked. And I was right. My mother and Mrs. Gill had set up a date with Karen and her friend Sherry for that evening. I looked over at Mikey who was hiding his laughter with his hands. I could see Brandon, now in the dining room, with
his head in his hands, but I knew he wasn’t laughing. He was definitely upset with what was transpiring.

I knew I had no recourse, however, since rejecting the idea would not only be rude, but might bring suspicion on Brandon’s and my relationship. “Well, I would be glad to go out with Karen,” I said, “but I think we better let it up to Brandon as to whether or not he wants to double tonight.” That was the best answer I could think of, still giving Brandon an out on this whole ordeal.

My mom looked toward Brandon who had pulled himself together. He told my mom that he would be glad to double with me and that he thought it would be a nice `climax’ to his visit. Oh, how he could use those double-meanings. Mikey couldn’t hold back the laughter and ran out of the living room into
the kitchen.

So there it was. The last night that we were at my home we were going to double date — with girls to top it off. What a very interesting end to a great week. The arrangements had been already made by Karen’s and my mother. We were going to go to dinner and then to a concert. I tried to be excited, but even my mother knew that wasn’t the truth.

Well, what a day I thought to myself. First, my former wrestling partner plays with my cock. My lover feels up a 12″ cock and NOW, he and I were double dating with my ex-girlfriend and her cousin (which I didn’t know a time, but found out that evening).

At least the concert would be fun. It was `The Buckinghams,’ a local group who had made it big. On top of it, one of the members of the band was a neighbor of ours who I had known since the band was formed.

“Well, we better get showered and ready for this evening,” I told my mom. “Come on Brandon; let’s get ready for this evening.”

He shook his head as we headed up toward the bedroom. As we got there Mikey was already in the room, lying on the bed. As we entered he couldn’t help but break out in laughter.

“So you guys gonna get some pussy tonight, I hear.”

I ran over to the bed and took a leap toward him. He was unprepared for this as I landed on top of him and began to wrestle him on the bed. I was punching him in the arms, rolling around the bed, but finally rested as my hand landed on his cock, which was already hard. Brandon was aware enough
to close and lock the door as he saw what was happening.

My hand worked Mikey’s zipper down and expertly worked his hard cock out of his pants. I began to move my hand up and down his shaft, amazed to feel how much like my cock Mikey was in my hand. I had forgotten that Brandon was in the room, but as it turned out it didn’t matter, since he was the
one that encouraged what was happening to begin with.

As I was stroking Mikey I could feel how dry he was. I knew, from personal experience, that this could be painful so I leaned over and began to lick his cock from the bottom of the shaft toward the head. I used my saliva as lubricant and returned my hand to his boyhood. I continued to stroke him
slowly, at first, just wanting to feel him in my hand. He brought his hand toward my pants, but I pushed it away. “No, Mikey, not today. Just let me do this, bro, ok?”

He stopped and just lay back and let me continue what I was doing. I had masturbated many guys in my short life, but none that I wanted more to do than Mikey at this moment. My strokes became quicker and quicker as I could feel his dick throbbing in my hand. His hips were beginning to move
and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would accomplish the results I had initially anticipated.

As he began to breathe shallower, I started pumping his cock even quicker. Although his balls were still in his pants, I could feel them rising as my hand reached the base of his dick letting me know he was about to shot his wad. At that very moment that was the ONLY thing that I had as a goal and
it happened very quickly. He shot more cum that I thought he would, being only 14. And, to my amazement, it was a nice thick load. I knew what I wanted and leaned down to take what I could in my mouth. I soon realized that Brandon was right. My brother was nice and sweet, at least to me, and tasted a lot like what I remember sharing with Brandon after I came in his mouth and he shared it with me.

I suddenly remembered that Brandon was in the room. I looked over at the next bed and saw a big smile on his face. I knew what it meant. He was gloating that he convinced me to do what he knew that both Mikey and I wanted. And I have to admit that he was right. It was a wonderful experience. It wasn’t like the loving that Brandon and I shared nor was it just the sex that I shared with other guys in my life. It was somewhere in-between. I now knew that my brother and I had now grown closer and the bond between us was stronger than ever.

Brandon threw me a towel and I began to clean up Mikey. His load had not only been all over my hand but all over his shirt and pants. I wiped it off and told him to go and change so that mom wouldn’t see the cum stains on his clothes. As he got up he kissed me and left the room.

“Are you okay, Bob?” Brandon asked.

“Yes, Bran, I definitely am all right. I don’t know what came over me, but when I saw him there laughing and presenting himself to me, I couldn’t help it.”

Brandon came over and put his arms around me. He held me close and kissed my ear and then my neck. “I love you Bob,” is all he said and we fell to the bed in each other’s arms. We fell asleep until Mikey came in to let us know it was time to get ready for our dates. Man, why did he have to
remind me.

I dreaded the evening to come, but knew that Brandon and I would soon be back in our room and be able to be ourselves. Brandon and I talked about the evening’s activities and what we might expect. We agreed to be gentlemen and to let things happen as they might progress.

“Beside,” I said. “This might just be the night you have sex with a female.” He hit me on the arm but had this look of fear in his eyes. I suddenly was sorry that I had brought that up, but whatever happened, I knew that Brandon and I would work it all out between us.


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