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It’s the wonderful Halloween season again, and that means that Imagine is back with more short horror films to give you guys the shivers now for the holiday season! Embrace the darkness! It’s good for you! Hehehe! These were all of my favorites shorts from this year that I stumbled upon at one time or another, and I always come back to share it with you all! So have yourself some good natured Halloween fun! And I’ll seezya next year with even more! I love ‘em all!
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To find all of my other favorites from the past SIX years now, feel free to click on any one of the spooky links down below! Ejoy flicks from the previous issues and remember to keep the lights off! It’s my trick or treat gift…from me to you! And it’s all boy candy and razor blades, so tread lightly!
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Happy Halloween 2022!!!
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ALSO…if you want to read a compilation of horror stories from me personally…drop by the Comicality Ebook Section and pick up the completed 4-story horror anthology, “Darkness Waits”!!! This is only Volume One, but Volume Two with the next four stories will be ready to go before you know it! Sweet dreams!
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