In a Galaxy Far Far Away, and a Long, Long Time ago, Cannon Bosarge on a planet full of Giant Spiders, Ghouls, Ghost, Goblins, Vampires, and Jack O’ Lanterns may have uttered the words attributed to him. However, since we don’t exist on that planet let alone live there we never saw those words. But please don’t forget that (Insert Name Here) does exist on our Planet Terra. Also, remember that Pumpkins especially Jack O’ Lanterns aren’t a cover for you johnson when you dip it into steamy warm dark places.

Oh and don’t forget that Com-Doms don’t really exist, [If you do find some, please let us know so we can stock up on them!] so get some Condoms before you dip your wick!Happy Halloween PNG

Disclaimer Courtesy of: The Story Lover

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